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MKO Xbox Community

1. Introduction
2. The MKO Period
3. The MKAC (And UltimateMK) Period
4. The MKC Period
5. The MKU (And TYM) Period
6. Game Server alpha nerds
7. The MKO Xbox Community - The Cancer In The Community


This community began life on MKO and posted there for quite some time, (hence their name).

This is the community that the likes of MKF30, Bobby Blaze, Gerchap, L0rdoftheFLY, Maverick3176, DNC Protoman, DarkTrax, Pig of the Hut etc. come from.

Out of all the MK sub communities, the MKO Xbox Community ranks as the absolute worst.

Although there have been a few decent members in this community - people such as mastermalone, PuffxPuffxPass and Raidenwins for example, most community members are utter filth.

When most of them got banned from MKO for their Xbox server trash behaviour, they moved onto MKAC and UltimateMK.

When most of them got banned from UltimateMK and they got MKAC shut down they moved onto MKC.

When they then got MKC shut down, prominent community members stole all the hard work that went into MKC and reproduced it as a crappy, inferior site they called MKU, then tried to pass it off as their own work.

Xbox communities have a reputation as being the scum of the Internet - full of pathetic, keyboard warrior, North American alpha nerds who can't bear losing at a video game and who spend all their time 'trash talking' and being disrespectful to everyone else. Multiply this by 100 and you have the MKO Xbox Community.

On every site they even stayed on, they displayed the exact same mentality and the same behaviour pattern.

1. First, they'd go onto a site and start breaking the rules, acting like they owned the place and the rules that applied to everyone else didn't apply to them

2. They'd get warned by the mods for their behaviour and told to stop

3. They could never bear being told what to do so they'd ignore warnings and carry on back-chatting the mods when they are told not to reply or continue an argument

4. They'd then get muted and/or banned

5. The others in the community would then start opening loads of threads complaining about the mutes / bans, they'd attack the staff for upholding the site rules and act as though the site rules which applied to everyone else shouldn't apply to them.

6. They'd carry on like this until most of them got banned en masse or they got the site closed down

7. They'd move to another site and claim they've been hard done by and were the victims of cruel and dictatorial mods.

8. They'd spend their time trash talking the mods on the old site making them out to be the unreasonable ones

9. They would start the cycle again on the new site.

This is what this community has done since the beginning.

People like this can't be rationalised with - they can only be removed from the community for everyone else's benefit.

Maverick the Internet Nigger   L0rdoftheFLY the anti Christ   PLAYING TO WH1NE - the pathetic crybaby scrub

Atari the Internet Nigger   Gerchap the fraud and the thief   Trax the obsessed liar and fantasist

Pig of the Hut the rock star wannabe server trash   MKF30 the most hated loser in the community   G-roy the dumb shit

Let's examine this community in a bit more detail...

The MKO Period

This community started life posting on the Xbox forum at MKO, the main place for players of online 3D MK games back in 2004-2006.

During that time, their Xbox forum experienced high levels of bans and huge amounts of locked threads due to the disrespectful keyboard warrior nature of the community.

Although MKO would come to have a reputation as a poor site with poor mods, that applied equally to all the forums and all the communities on the site. However, out of all of the communities on MKO, the one single forum to become a wall of locked posts and have most of its members banned was the Xbox forum. All the other communities, such as the PS2 community, the general community, the fan art community etc. had no such problems.

From a gaming point of view, the MKO Xbox Community was always seen as something of a joke by the other communities during MKD and MKA. The MKO NTSC Playstation community was viewed as the one with the high level players while the MKO Xbox server community was viewed mostly as a community of scrubs who made up little rules in their head like 'no repicking characters' and who pulled, cheated and 'trash talked' when those rules weren't followed.

The fact that much of this community is made up of inbred rednecks who live in rural parts of America where a 2Mb connection is considered fast also contributed to the shitty online playing experience one had with many members of this community.

The reason why the MKO Xbox Community could not exist peacefully on MKO is simple. They simply could not bear the fact they had to follow rules or were unable to get the last word if mods closed threads or told them to stop arguing. When that happened, they would just continue back-chatting mods or carry on their Internet wars in another thread which would ultimately lead to warnings and bans.

They believed that they were somehow special and rules that applied to everyone else on the site should not apply to them.

This pattern of classic Xbox alpha nerd behaviour would go on to become the hallmark of the MKO Xbox Community and would be repeated on every site they ever visited.

By late 2006 / early 2007, most of the MKO Xbox Community had been banned and their forum was virtually deserted. You can see what the MKO Xbox forum looked like then below.

(Look at all the locked thread symbols to the left).

These animals couldn't have open a single thread without attacking each other, 'flaming', talking trash or being otherwise anti-social and obnoxious. No other forum on MKO had this problem.

MKO Xbox Live Losers

MKO Xbox Live losers

After 75% plus of the community got banned, neither Gerchap nor Bobby Blaze nor anyone else from the community created another site for these scumbags to post on. No one did anything. As a result, the Xbox community fell apart.

It was up to someone from the PAL PS2 server, JTF, to rescue these people from cyber oblivion.

If JTF and his PAL friends had not come to the rescue by creating MKAC, the MKO Xbox Community would have ceased to exist online as a community and MKU never would have existed.

The MKAC (and UltimateMK) Period

As stated, around this time, a player from the PAL PS2 server, JTF and a few of his friends started their own site - (MKAC) as they were tired of the poor quality of MKO. Mass PMs were sent round to members of MKO asking if they would like to join. Most responded saying it sounded good but they couldn't really be bothered to change site.

A few of the MKO Xbox Community who weren't banned told the ones who were about MKAC and the community moved there so they could be together again.

Neither JTF nor his PAL friends knew much about the Xbox community or their reputation otherwise they never would have been allowed to join MKAC. But they were unaware so the Xbox community was welcomed with open arms.

People like Pig of the Hut and Gerchap were made mods and given positions of responsibility on a website for the first time in their lives and the site was customised to cater specifically for them.

It became obvious quickly that they were an obnoxious community yet it was made clear that so long as the site and site staff were respected then rules would be pretty relaxed so that everyone could enjoy themselves.

Everyone loved the site so much and comments were constantly made about how much better it was than MKO, how much more freedom everyone had etc..

Freedom at MKAC

But despite all the freedoms and attention given to their desires, the Xbox community still managed to screw things up within the first few months.

Gerchap abused his position as moderator and allowed his ID to be used by nutcases DarkTrax and MKF30, seeking revenge for being banned and flamed off the site respectively, to concoct some ridiculous conspiracy theory about the site's chief admin (known as MKAC Admin) and JTF being the same person.

Although there was no valid reason to think this was the case, Quest2be1 sent round PMs to everyone saying they should all leave the site because of it. To this day, neither Quest nor anyone else has ever come up with a reason why on earth the MKAC Admin and JTF would pretend to be the same person (or even what harm it would mean if they were), but for the MKO Xbox Community, things like 'proof' or 'reasons' aren't necessary for hating someone or making up lies about them.

They live for ludicrous conspiracy theories and firmly believe the whole world is out to get them. Just the fact they get threads closed, get themselves banned, are made to follow rules or are forced to shut up and stop arguing is enough.

Even worse was the way those involved tried to justify their behaviour during this episode as 'defending' their community - as if destroying your online home and smearing the names of good, decent people with lies is defending anything, but that's the twisted nature of the MKO Xbox alpha nerd community, where they view their destructive behaviour as perfectly normal and rational while everyone else is out to get them.

So, led by Quest and a couple of others, most of the Xbox community marched back to MKO, where, seizing an opportunity to bury the upstart MKAC, the MKO mods lifted all the bans so the whole Xbox community could post there again.

They lasted less than 2 weeks back at MKO.

Used to the freedom and superior technology of MKAC, the strict rules of MKO and their inability to keep those rules meant most of the MKO Xbox Community got warned and then banned again less than a fortnight after coming back. It was a reminder for the MKO mods too why they had banned them all in the first place.

Now the MKO Xbox Community had nowhere to post again and in the cold light of day, they realised what asses they had been to abandon the best site they ever had over some nonsense conspiracy theory that made no sense.

The MKAC site staff should have closed the site there and then and let the MKO Xbox Community rot in cyber oblivion, but out of the kindness of his heart, the MKAC Admin forgave the MKO Xbox Community and let them back on the site. In even more amazing acts of kindness, the MKAC Admin even let Gerchap have his mod position back and later even made Quest a mod as well.

JTF and the MKAC Admin even went further than that. Instead of just ignoring the idiot, they both offered to meet in person one of the banned members responsible for making up the conspiracy theory, DarkTrax, who was over from Canada for a little while and living in the UK a few miles away from JTF and the MKAC Admin. That way he could meet them both and see they were different people. Of course he refused to meet them because he knew he had made up the lies just to try and smear the site and like all keyboard warrior twats, he wasn't brave enough to face people eye to eye, just insult them from behind the safety of a computer screen.

Around this time, UMK3 became popular amongst MKO Xbox individuals like L0rdoftheFLY and Pig of the Hut and they started posting on UltimateMK as well as MKAC (mostly to attack MKF30). They lasted less than a week there before they were banned on that site as well for not shutting up when told to by mods and they were so bad they had their IP addresses blocked.

They came back to MKAC once again whining about how the mods closed their threads to 'get the last word' still unable to grasp the simple fact that when you're told to shut up and stop flaming / breaking site rules by a mod you do so or you face punishment.

Various members of this community also displayed their alpha nerd mentality on sites like GameFAQs and the official Midway site, where there were then banned just like on all the other sites.

Back on MKAC, the toll of caring for the worst community in the MK world was great. They never changed or became anything approximating decent human beings. They continued being the same sick-minded, disrespectful web alpha nerds who, despite being given everything they could want and more, would turn hateful and nasty and attack the site or the site staff if they ever got a thread closed or were told to shut up arguing or were forced to follow the few site rules there were.

So eighteen months after MKAC first opened, the MKAC Admin had finally had enough of the disrespectful, ungrateful behaviour of the Xbox community and, due also to his recovery from cancer, he decided to close the site and leave the MK community.

Now, the Xbox community hadn't just screwed up their own community, they had screwed up the PS2 3D MK community too who also now called MKAC their home. Not to mention they had gotten the best site devoted to MK closed.

The MKC Period

JTF decided to give them one more chance and opened up a new site called (MKC) which built on the success of MKAC. He gave Bobby Blaze a chance to redeem himself and made him the admin, even though he had done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Gerchap kept his moderator position and a few others were made mods too.

Before MKC opened, JTF did a final post on MKAC warning the Xbox community that this was their last chance. Any more repeats of their alpha nerd behaviour would result in MKC closing down for good. Everyone moved to MKC which became the undisputed best site for players of 3D MK games online. There was also a good sized UMK3 community there too.

JTF tightened up rules and took a firmer hand against flaming etc. as the other MK communities who had joined the site weren't as keen on it as the Xbox community.

MKC offered everything that MKAC had but better and a whole lot more. Despite this, it took less than 6 months before L0rdoftheFLY, Bobby Blaze, Pig of the Hut and other members of the wider MK community once again displayed their alpha nerd mentality causing JTF to keep his word and MKC was shut down, just like MKAC had been.

You can read more about that here.

The MKO Xbox Community had ruined yet another site.

The MKU Period

In undoubtedly one of the most disgusting acts of disrespect and plagiarism in the MK community even for these server trash scum, several of the main characters from this community re-opened JTF's site MKC a few days after they got it closed down, renamed it MKU and passed it off as their own site.

For those who aren't aware, MKU was a complete visual and functional clone of the site that came before it, MKC. (Although thanks to the people who ran it, MKU was a far, far worse site than MKC in terms of quality, tone and usefulness).

Nothing about MKU was Gerchap's work - it was all JTF's. From the design, to the functionality, to the site rules concerning the flaming forum, to the very same graphics, to the unique timer that counted down to the release of MK vs. DC that only JTF had on his site - all stolen from JTF, the MKAC Admin and the PAL people who created MKAC and MKC.

You can read more about this disgusting act of fraud, plagiarism and theft here.

To make things even worse, after getting MKC shut down, then stealing it and opening it up as their own site, Bobby Blaze etc. continued to trash-talk MKC's owner JTF and tried to make out it was somehow HIS fault THEY had got MKC closed down.

At least the scummy community that posted on UltimateMK didn't try to blame the UltimateMK mods when the server trash behaviour of the community there got the site's forums closed down.

JTF closed his site for exactly the same reason that the UltimateMK owners closed their forums. He was no longer prepared to spend his time and money giving sick-minded, disrespectful alpha nerds everything they wanted and in return receive constant abuse and disrespect.

JTF would go on to be proven right about the MKO Xbox Community (and the community as a whole) as even on this, their 'own' site MKU, they couldn't even get along with each other.

As time went on it became clear to everyone that Gerchap was a petty little tyrant who only cared about his little MKO clique and everyone else could go to hell. He actually said as much himself in the secret staff forum they had there - something that was revealed when one of the mods Crystalcage left.

In fact, at one point, every single mod left MKU and had to be replaced by someone else and the main reason was that most of those mods disagreed with the nasty way the site was being run.

Then after the site had been open for only a little while, several mods broke away to form their own site, MKE (later name-changed to TYM) because they couldn't bear the fact they weren't getting exactly what they wanted on MKU.

Oh how ironic the name 'Mortal Kombat United' would turn out to be...

In choosing this name, the community would portray themselves as uniting the community when, as history shows (and this site documents), the MKO Xbox Community is most responsible for tearing the greater MK community apart on every site it has ever been on.

They tore the community apart when they all got banned from MKO.

They tore the community apart when they got MKAC closed down.

They tore the community apart when they got MKC closed down.

Even on their own site, it still split in two and divided the community with Gerchap being labelled a 'cancer' by those who left to form TYM.

There is no group of people more responsible for tearing apart the high level MK community than the MKO Xbox Community. In a world where people think their opinion equals fact, this is one fact that cannot be disputed.

Game Server alpha nerds

The attitude on the online game servers from most members of this community was as bad as on the websites. They could not bear losing and could not control their anger when they did. Throughout MKD and MKA (which were totally played online), they would rage-quit, throw tantrums, send nasty messages and insult people if they got beaten and make excuses for their losses or send 'trash talking' messages to make themselves feel better when they did.

In other words, normal behaviour for your average Xbox community.

They would lie and make up imaginary friends who they'd claim were playing instead of them to try and get out of a loss.

They'd get hysterical if people put up videos of them losing or mention scores in a series.

They'd make excuses about lag when they lost but attack anyone who mentioned it if they won.

They'd make up little rules in their head such as 'no repicking characters' and expect people to follow those rules, insulting them if they didn't.

Many of them pulled their cord out to avoid a loss or manipulated their connection to try and get an advantage.

Again, all stereotypical online server trash traits, especially on Xbox servers.

People like PLAYING TO W1N, MKF30, Maverick3176, L0rdoftheFLY and Bobby Blaze had their reputation as cry-baby, scrub losers for a reason. While Gerchap couldn't even play MKA after a while because he threw his pad at the wall and broke it after he lost one match.

Is it any wonder that decent people quickly took these losers off their Friends Lists? Who is going to want to play idiots that behave like that all the time?

Most players from this community were very low level which is why during MKD they were considered a joke compared to the NTSC Playstation players.

Nothing has changed even today and most are still very low level. Pretty much every member of the clan 'Outworld Gods' which comprised all the worst scum in this community could be beaten by any half decent person playing just with his feet.

This is about as far as you can get from a 'high level' community.

It should be noted that many members of this community played properly when facing other known members of the MK community, but when they were playing random people or people they thought weren't part of the community, then they'd reveal their true colours and pull, trash talk, act like scrubs etc.. (shujinkydink is a good example of this).

It was thus possible to trap these idiots under secret IDs and show them in their true light.

The MKO Xbox Community - The Cancer In The Community

This community is so full of sick-minded server trash of the worst kind, one could write volumes describing their attitude problems and still not scratch the surface. It's worth detailing briefly exactly how sick-minded they are as a warning to other users and site owners why these scumbags have ruined every site they have ever been on.

As detailed above, they have never shown any respect for anyone else's site or site rules.

This community is made up of the worst types of keyboard warrior and alpha nerd / e-Thug. They highlight precisely why Xbox communities have their reputation as the worst communities on the Internet.

No one has ever done anything but give to this community.

Yet like all their kind, they act like they are the victims when they are muted or banned after repeated warnings for not shutting up when told to by a mod.

This twisted mindset is typical alpha nerd / e-Thug mentality.

Hysteria every time they can't get the last word

Probably the single biggest reason why this community has never been able to stay on any website for any length of time is their total hysteria every time they couldn't get 'the last word' which most of them are obsessed about.

They feel so dominated and beaten when they are forced to shut up and obey site rules or when they didn't get the last word in a thread or in the shoutbox that they get hysterical and carry on back-chatting mods elsewhere until they eventually get warned then banned.

This is the reason they all got banned from MKO and from UltimateMK and ultimately why MKAC and MKC closed down.

Any individual who won't shut up when told to by a mod or who keeps breaking rules that apply to everyone else won't last very long on any website and that is why this community never has.

One of the biggest scumbags in the community with this mentality is MKF30 (known on MKO as mkflegend). At one point, the mods of MKO made up the following graphic to warn other users not to behave as MKF30 did and carry on trying to get the last word when told to be quiet.

MKF the joke of the MK community

Although this graphic was made up about MKF30, it could also have been made up about the likes of L0rdoftheFLY or Maverick or in fact 90% of this community to some degree.

These alpha nerds seriously believe that mods and admins should just allow them to ignore site rules and carry on talking shit or even insulting site staff. And everyone should just let them carry on until they have got their last word and won their Internet wars.

If they are not allowed to do this then they start hate campaigns against the mods, call them power-hungry Nazis and act like they have been victimised. Every time one of them got rightly muted or banned or even just got a thread closed, they'd open up multiple threads all demanding site staff 'communicate' more with them when what they really meant was that they should be allowed to carry on flaming or arguing until they decided when to stop.

An attitude that of course no website staff is going to tolerate.

This pattern of alpha nerd behaviour has been repeated on every site they have ever been on since MKO.

Despite the fact they have got themselves banned both as individuals and as a community from the likes of MKO, UltimateMK, MKAC, MKC as well as places like GameFAQs and the official Midway site they still never worked out that it's not everyone else who was the problem - but them...

Pretty much every mod in the community from ~Crow~ to Shock to the MKAC Admin to JTF has had to shut these idiots up repeatedly.

No website is going to allow a bunch of pathetic alpha nerds with attitude problems to violate the rules of the site that everyone else has to follow.

No site mod or admin or especially a site owner is going to allow some disrespectful prick to continually back-chat or insult him when he's told to abide by a site rule or simply shut up arguing.

The job of website staff is to uphold the rules of a site and if someone doesn't obey those laws, he will be warned, a final explanation given, then the thread closed or the miscreant muted in the shoutbox.

Normal people understand this and respect site staff and site rules.

MKO Xbox alpha nerds like L0rdoftheFLY, Maverick, MKF30, DarkTrax, Bobby Blaze and all the rest never worked this out even after 5 years of their shitty little community being banned from site after site for their same alpha nerd-like behaviour.

Their belief that they are more important than everyone else

One individual from this community, Omerta C, highlighted the alpha nerd mentality of this community well when he spent an hour one day in the MKC shoutbox with Bobby Blaze claiming that just because a few of them had gotten together to form a 'community', that meant they should be allowed to insult site staff and do whatever they pleased and no one should stop them.

They are / were of course not 'the community'. They are just a few individuals in a far larger community - in fact these are the kind of people removed from communities to make them better for everyone else.

They truly think that they are special and that the whole world owes them a favour and they should all be looked after, offering nothing in return but abuse and disrespect.

They have no problem with everyone else in the community getting muted or banned etc. for breaking rules but they get hysterical every time one of their clique is punished for server trash behaviour.

After years of being thrown off sites for this mentality, it still hasn't dawned on them that a website is someone's home - a free gift to the public. If you make use of it, you are a guest and you treat it with respect. You have no 'rights' and certainly no right to break the site rules that everyone else obeys.

Whilst on MKU, Gerchap proved their clique mentality when he posted in the secret staff only forum there that he didn't care about anyone else on the site, only him and his MKO buddies and everyone else could go to hell.

They want to be the ones in control

In mind-numbing hypocrisy, when these retards cloned MKC and made their own site MKU then they had no problem closing threads or muting / banning OTHER people who did exactly as they had always done (refusing to shut up when told to by mods).

In short, they want to be the ones in power giving orders but they can't bear having to follow them on other people's sites.

Every time one of their number wouldn't shut up and stop answering mods back and got banned or muted on another site, they would get hysterical and attack the mods and make them out to be 'power hungry'. But on their site MKU, they muted and banned people for those very same things.

They even did posts telling people not to answer back and try and get the last word. Truly sickening hypocrisy from a community that has spent its whole life doing that and a perfect example of their alpha nerd mentality.

They even had shoutbox mods to mute anyone they felt like it, yet once again, they got hysterical whenever one of their little clique got muted for not shutting up when told to by a mod on another site.

On the day MKC got shut down, Bobby Blaze instead of dealing with L0rdoftheFLY who was breaking rules and not shutting up in the shoutbox, sided with him and attacked the site owner JTF (Bobby's boss) who had to step in to deal with him.

You can read more about that here.

In short, they feel they can break whatever rules they like and keep answering any other mods back on any other site but no one should ever do that to them.

People like that need to be forcibly removed from society. They are not capable of respecting anyone else - they are certainly not deserving of any respect themselves.

Lies, paranoia and obsessive revenge

Another part of their alpha nerd mentality was their lunatic paranoid conspiracy aspect. If they ever got rightfully told to shut up by mods and obey site rules or they got muted or banned, they'd go to another site and start making out that everyone is out to get them as part of some great plan to keep them quiet.

They'd sit and make up crap that is so laughable it's embarrassing but it's classic Xbox alpha nerd mentality. They wouldn't just whine about stuff that actually happened, they'd sit and make up nasty lies, just to get back at someone who had dealt with their disrespectful behaviour. In this community, people like L0rdoftheFLY, DarkTrax and MKF30 did this all the time - nothing these guys say should ever be believed.

Funnily enough, even they haven't yet managed to explain how Crow from MKO, the MKAC Admin, the UltimateMK staff, JTF and all the other website owners all banned them for the same reasons or closed down their sites because of them. Maybe they are all secretly the same person?

You can be sure that DarkTrax is working on finding a link.

Bottom line is, if these guys aren't allowed to do whatever they like whenever they like, be in control, be as rude as they like and break whatever rules they like then they forget everything that has ever been done for them. They start trying to destroy whatever site they are on, they make up lies and smear the reputations of the site staff and all the time they portray themselves as injured victims.

You cannot deal rationally with sub-human scum like this. The only thing you can do is to remove them from a site to improve the community as a whole.

Love of 'drama'

This community would go on and on about how much it loved 'drama' - which is just a codeword for people attacking each other. They wanted to be able to sit and attack each other all day for no reason like animals - typical American Xbox community.

But, highlighting their snivelling, cowardly alpha nerd mentality, they'd only like it when the drama was about someone else. When it was about them as a community or as individuals, then they suddenly didn't like it and they'd whine, cry and show amazement they could be treated in such a fashion and generally try to vilify the person highlighting their alpha nerd mentality.

In a community of decent people, it may spice things up to have a bit of 'trash talking' every now and again. With these animals, all they'd want to do is sit in a clique and insult / attack everyone else for no reason. This drives worthwhile people away from communities and gives Xbox Live communities their retard reputation.

Their treatment of JTF

Perhaps the best example of the server trash mentality of this community is in its treatment of JTF. This community was single-handedly rescued from self-destruction by JTF when it fell apart on MKO and 75% of them got banned. It is thanks to JTF and his friends that for the last 5 years, these guys have had somewhere not only to post, like on MKO, but to live, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - on MKAC, MKC, MKU and TYM.

Without the creation of MKAC, these guys would be history, long forgotten, because neither Gerchap nor anyone else did anything when they all got banned from MKO.

JTF was the one to give them not just 1 site, but 2, when no one else wanted anything to do with them. And not just a site, but a home. And so much more. They were given positions of power, every forum feature they wished for, a place to be their obnoxious, flaming selves and not get banned, yet how did they repay this kindness?

In the same way they have treated everyone else who ever gave them anything. Not just with ingratitude or apathy, but with hate, venom, lies, personal attacks, lunatic conspiracy theories and theft of his site - all for no other reason than they had to abide by a few minor rules that everyone else took for granted.

There is no proof of JTF ever doing 1 single unpleasant act to anyone from this community, yet documented proof of so many good things. Yet the twisted filth in this community would somehow have it the other way around with their constant lies and history revision.

The fact that these people are so twisted, they can take someone giving them a beautiful gift and make it out to be something evil is truly sickening.

If JTF had given them a single blank page with 1 line of text that simply said 'Hello', it would have been a free gift.

As it was, this community was given 2 beautiful sites for free with no strings attached which they both ruined with their shitty personalities.

If someone invites you into their home, looks after you for months or years and gives you everything you want; then you trash the place and attack the 'home owner' for putting his foot down when you don't respect the few house rules there are, you are no better than an animal.

And if you then spend years insulting his memory, making up lies about the guy who gave you everything, making out he did things he didn't, all to cover your own sickening alpha nerd behaviour then you aren't fit to be called anything other than scum.

This community has behaved like that on every site they have ever been on from MKO to MKC as this site documents.

No one has ever done anything but give to these people, give them a place to be together, give them sites to live on 24 hours a day, yet they act like they are hard done by victims when their server trash behaviour gets threads closed or even sites closed.

There is a reason every site owner who has ever allowed these vermin on his site has ended up banning them. They are sick filth and should always be treated as such.

Their treatment of the MKAC Admin

A friend of JTF as well as the admin of MKAC, it's surprising he stayed as long as he did considering what he had to put up with.

When 2 of this community's sickest nutcases DarkTrax and MKF30 got banned and flamed off the site, they plotted revenge by making up some nonsense conspiracy theory that the MKAC Admin and JTF were the same person.

They persuaded Gerchap to give them his mod ID which they used to log in and see that the IP addresses of JTF and the MKAC Admin were the same.

Not surprising really seeing as not only were they friends but JTF was looking after the MKAC Admin who was recovering from cancer and had only taken the job as admin to get his mind off the pain.

No one ever explained why they would pretend to be the same person but things like logic don't matter for sick little web turds who get rightfully banned from websites and who then spend the rest of their life plotting revenge.

If they HAD of had even the tiniest bit of logic they would have realised that all staff on MKAC could see IP addresses. (Which was why they needed Gerchap's ID).

The fact that neither JTF nor the MKAC Admin had anything to hide meant that their IPs had been on show to all MKAC mods (such as Gerchap and Pig of the Hut) for months. There is an option to turn that off in vBulletin so only the admin can see IPs but that wasn't done as there was nothing to hide.

JTF and the MKAC Admin even told the lunatic DarkTrax they would both meet him in real life (as he was over from Canada and living near them in the UK). He of course declined as he knew he was just making up shit to try and give JTF and the MKAC Admin a bad reputation, being the sick piece of scum he is.

These scumbags would go on to mock the MKAC Admin's cancer and make fun of it over time - anyone who does that 1 thing alone deserves what they get. There are some things you simply don't do.


This community is not only bad by Internet terms but by Internet server trash terms. It is comprised of sick-minded, sub-human filth - repugnant, disrespectful alpha nerds who typify the worst type of Xbox Live stereotype. They destroy every community like a virus then blame everyone else for their mental problems.

Most of the low-lifes in this community simply have no frame of reference as to what is normal and try to make out that online their behaviour really is fine. Even though deep down they know they couldn't behave like that face to face with people.

When you read in the paper about some alpha nerd on Xbox Live being tracked down and shot or stabbed for his alpha nerd mentality, these are the type of people who are being talked about.

They have been the online equivalent of chavs or niggers or street thugs who gang together and think they own the world and who have the right to do as they please and show no respect to anyone in the process.

If these guys behaved like they do on the boards or on the game servers in any real world community, they would be thrown out by security, expelled from school, sacked from the work place or dealt with harshly on the streets.

Yet thanks to the anonymity of the Internet they have spent much of their life sitting safely behind their computer screens, acting like disrespectful alpha nerds to everyone else, free from retribution.

Very recently, some of these people have started going to offline tournaments where of course they act in a far more respectful manner because like all online server trash, they know they will get their arse kicked if they ever spoke to someone face to face the way to do online.

Despite every single site and mod/admin banning them, both as individuals and as a community, they were never able to realise that it is THEY who were in the wrong in the way they behaved and not everyone else.

To sum up, this community is a typical Xbox Live community full of niggers, wiggers, white trash, trailer trash, server trash, scumbags, douchebags, maggots, faggots, lying turds, alpha nerds, misfits, psychos, lying, crying, hate-filled, anger-filled, tantrum-throwing, rage-quitting losers.

They call themselves a 'community' but these are the people removed from communities to make communities worthwhile.

For a 'community' so obsessed with getting the last word, it's fitting that the last word surrounding who and what they are is this website permanently on show for the rest of the world to see what they've done and how they've behaved.

And thanks to TYM getting SRK involved in the MK scene, now tens of thousands of fighter gamers from the wider fighting community know about the MKO Xbox Community and the people in it.

Nothing on this page is made up or exaggerated about this community. There is no debate, no 'opinion' about what they have done.

When you live your life on the Internet, everything you do is there for all to see...and screenshot for posterity.

Some of the worst trash from this community includes (but is certainly not limited to), MKF30, L0rdoftheFLY, Maverick3176, DNC Protoman, DarkTrax, PLAYING TO W1N, Pig of the Hut, Bobby Blaze, Gerchap and Atari2600.

The MKO Xbox Community - site by site

  • MKO - turned their forum into a ghost town of locked threads and bannings preventing the decent Xbox users from having a community to post in. No other community on MKO had this problem.

  • MKAC - after they got banned from MKO, they moved to MKAC where the site was tailored to cater for all their desires. They tried to sabotage the site, attacked the admin, tried to smear his name and were so obnoxious, they eventually got the site shut down.

  • UltimateMK - many of the members of this community like L0rdoftheFLY and Pig of the Hut who went to UltimateMK got themselves banned and their IP addresses blocked within days. Amazing considering this site had such server trash of its own, it eventually got shut down yet the MKO Xbox alpha nerds are so unbearable, they couldn't even last on a site with people like that without being banished almost immediately.

  • MKC - after they got MKAC shut down, they moved onto here where their disrespectful keyboard warrior alpha nerd behaviour yet again got the site shut down.

  • MKU - Prominent members of this community opened an inferior clone site of MKC (after getting it shut down) and tried to pass it off as their own work. The site would become synonymous with the worst elements of online communities.

In short, this community comprises every element of the alpha nerd mentality, keyboard warrior mentality and scrub mentality associated with the worst elements of online server trash.

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