Other JTFs

The Internet is full of JTFs. In addition, as you can appreciate, making MKST has made a lot of server trash angry at me telling the truth about them and no doubt there are sites and profiles using my name all over the web made up to make me look bad.

I only have one profile on the web at present – a YouTube account. This is my YouTube account – http://www.youtube.com/user/EnglishJaguar.

Any other account you find on the web in the name of JTF or EnglishJaguar is not me unless specified here.

Below are some of the accounts on the web which are not me.

There is this fake Twitter account which uses my YouTube name:
https://twitter.com/EnglishJaguar. The only part of it I find offensive is they think I come from Liverpool.

A friend went online to play MK9 one day and found a room called JTF. Inside were what appeared to be JTF clan members.

I’d like to think I have adoring fans.

Probably though, they were clan members of the game Joint Task Force.

Trawling through YouTube myself one day, I came across this guy – a hacker on Xbox called jtf. Here’s his Xbox Live Gamertag.

Now I don’t mind people thinking I’m a hacker but I don’t want anyone believing I have a horrible, whiny, American accent. Guy looks like an idiot anyway.

There is this profile at TYM. It’s clearly an attempt to mimic me by the description but it certainly isn’t me. I have not signed up as JTF on any website for years.

I don’t post on any MK website as JTF and I don’t have any JTF game tags.

Unless otherwise detailed here, any JTF or EnglishJaguar tags you come across online are other people.


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