I am English and in my late 30s.

I helped to set up and maintain 2 Mortal Kombat websites for higher level players which came before MKU and TYM. They were called MKAC and MKC. Without these sites, MKU and TYM would not have come into existence.

Generally speaking, I enjoy fighting games and play mostly online.

I used to live in London but now I live about 40 miles away in the country so my Internet connection isn’t as good as it was. But it’s still decent enough to have quality games with other people who have good connections, if the netcode is reasonable.

The only console I have at the moment is a PS3 although I have had pretty much every one at one point or another. I no longer have my PS3 or any console.

I enjoy my privacy so I do not have any social media accounts. No Facebook, no Twitter, nothing like that. There are no pictures of me anywhere, no profiles on any site. Anyone looking for personal information about me on the web will be disappointed. There simply isn’t any.

I do have a YouTube channel with a few videos of me playing MKA and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Please note that this is the only YouTube channel I have. Any videos you may see on MKST from other YouTube channels are not mine.

In general, I don’t approve of attacks on people because of who or what they are. But I also don’t approve of political correctness and militant minorities who look to get offended at every little thing that someone says or does.

I believe in freedom of speech for decent people. Sadly, most individuals in this community, especially those on MKST, have shown that they censor, mute and ban people (if they have the power to do so) who say things they don’t like. They delete people’s YouTube comments and ban them from commenting again. If they have mod powers on a site, they delete any site posts which don’t break site rules but which they personally disagree with. Etc. etc.

People should be treated according to how they treat others. I have no intention of allowing these people the freedom of speech they seek to deny others. I spent too long pandering to militant fanboy types obsessed with trying to get the last word back on MKAC and MKC. I won’t do it any more on this site.

As such, all comments are moderated and those from undesirable people will be deleted. Comments from worthwhile people are of course welcome.

You are free to copy any images from this site and put them on your own web page.


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