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I found a bunch of MKA videos on an old hard drive. These games were played 5 or 6 years ago and were recorded with a fairly primitive card, hence the less than perfect quality.

I don’t really have any worthwhile videos of later NRS games. I don’t like Injustice: Gods Among Us at all, I didn’t think MK9 was that great and the less said about Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe the better.

So I’m left with this bunch of MKA videos of me playing online against people like REO, Pig Of The Hut, L0rdoftheFLY, PLAYING TO W1N etc..

I’m going to share those videos here because to be honest, I find it hilarious that I used to beat these guys on a regular basis and now they’re mini celebrities – taking part in high profile offline tournaments and winning prize-money.

Now I know you’re all saying, ‘JTF, do you really think you’re some kind of hot shot because you beat a few people online at a shitty broken 3D MK game?

And the answer is no.

No I don’t.

I think I’m an average to good online player with an affinity for cheap, broken fighting games, (which is why Mortal Kombat games appeal to me).

The point is, that is all the above-mentioned people are too.

Which is why none of them will ever achieve anything of worth in a decent fighting game in a community with true high level competition.

And for what it’s worth, it’s not valid to say that games played online don’t count. For one thing, we had no offline scene during MKA (and MKD) – online was all we had.

Secondly, a great player is a great player online or offline.

If you play someone like Daigo or Chris Gonzalez online, they may drop combos or be affected by lag or even lose games to lesser players, but you know you are in the company of a genuinely superior player by their reflexes, their reads, their inherent skill and so on. It’s easy to watch them and see that they are genuine quality by how they play.

If you played basketball against the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson on a crappy outdoor playground with winds and a bumpy surface, could you really not tell you were playing with greats?

Environment has never diminished greatness in any field.

For 2 years I played with these guys in an online only community that was tighter and more intense than anything that exists today. At no point during that time did I ever feel that any of the people in the videos below were anything special.

Having seen their offline tournament exploits over the last few years…I still don’t.

Each link below will take you to a page where I give you my thoughts on that particular player. There’s also a page for some MKA glitches I recorded.

I know people will mock MKA for the brokenness and the poor netcode etc. but I loved it as I loved MKDA and MKD.

To hate these games because they are not tournament-viable is ignorance. They were not created to be tournament games. They were created to be fun, competitive, novelty video games and that they were.

I hate what the MK community has become now, with its SRK-like vibe, with every other word being ‘salty’, ‘hype’, or ‘free’, with tiresome, boring arguments about frame data and match-up charts.

I liked it better when we played.

I would also point out that back then when we played, we played like men. Real men who didn’t scream and cry hysterically at the sight of a tele-punch or a quick projectile. We didn’t spend more time complaining about over-powered characters than actually playing the game like the regulars at MKU and TYM do today. (Apart from Red Saleen and m2dave of course who always complained about everything).

When we played there were no patches, no quick-fixes. You were stuck with what you got and what we got would give most of the drama queens today in the NRS community a heart attack.

MK9 Kabal? Injustice Deathstroke or Scorpion? THIS is what you cry about?

I laugh at these characters.

We had Bo and Dairou for MKD.

We had Sareena for MKA.

What passed for 3rd tier characters then were more broken than the worst that modern gamers have to put up with.

We had one-button, mid-screen infinites, not convoluted block-infinites which require the nimble fingers of Chinese children to pull off.

Anyway…as MKA on PS2 was region-locked I had to buy an NTSC PS2 to play against the North Americans. After a while it started over-heating and breaking down after a few games. That’s why some of the matches you see below are first to 5 and not 10.

That wouldn’t matter today as people today only seem to play 2 or 3 games, even in a tournament. I think it was better when we played first to 10, or even 7 or 5, but not 2 or 3.

2 out of 3 is feeble and one reason why I don’t rate the big offline tournaments that much. That and the double elimination format.

One final thing – back when I played, I used to put up my videos on YouTube whether I won or lost but soon noticed that other people were only putting up videos when they played me if they won. So I have returned the favour with those people here. For decent people, that doesn’t apply.

Anyway, the videos…



Pig Of The Hut






MKA Glitches

I have more videos of me playing other people. I might put them up if there is enough interest.


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