My Personal Grievance

I would like to take this one opportunity to highlight why I personally feel badly treated by the Mortal Kombat community.

I have illustrated my contributions to the MK community here. If you haven’t read this article, you might want to.

When Shock closed the UltimateMK forums due to the mentality of the users there, the 2D community mostly thanked him for his work and supported him.

When I closed MKC for exactly the same reason, the Mortal Kombat 3D community attacked me, tried to make out it was somehow my fault and spent the next two years portraying me as some sort of hateful demon.

I guess Shock is grateful he didn’t have the misfortune of looking after the 3D MK community for so many years…

Not only was my site stolen and cloned by the very people who got it shut down, not only were my gifts, my time and my contributions forgotten or thrown back in my face but these lunatics actually tried to blame me for their behaviour.

It is not my fault that 90% of the Mortal Kombat Xbox community got banned from MKO before they ever met me, due to their their disrespectful punk mentality. It’s not my fault that most of them as individuals and together as a community have been banned from almost every site they have ever settled on.

It is not my fault UltimateMK closed down its forums for so long due to the nutcases who made up that community.

It is not my fault that Storms and KrayzieBone split the community in two to start their own site because they couldn’t work out their differences with the MKU staff.

It’s not my fault that less than 2 weeks after the release of MK9, threads were being created on every major gaming board all over the Internet calling the MK community the ‘saltiest’ community ever. It’s not my fault that when Injustice: Gods Among Us was released, people were saying things like this about the community.

The MK / NRS community

It’s not my fault that MKF30 is an obsessive, lying, rambling coward.

It’s not my fault that Check is a hyper-sensitive lunatic who gets hysterical every time someone says they don’t like one of his videos.

It’s not my fault that Tim Static is a fat-faced douchebag who abuses his powers as mod to censor people he doesn’t agree with and to get the last word on every site he’s a mod on.

It’s not my fault that Juggs is a skinnier version of Tim Static.

It’s not my fault that DarkTrax is a raving lunatic who threatens to hack sites and take them down when he is simply told to stop spamming and show respect for site rules. It’s not my fault he frames people for hacking and makes up lies and smears their reputation to make them look bad.

It’s not my fault that Tom Brady is an emo drama queen who tries to compensate for his limited ability to win majors by posting a lot of attention-seeking posts on community websites and ‘helpful’ videos on YouTube.

It’s not my fault that fighting game communities in general and in fact online gaming communities in general, (especially Xbox Live communities) have themselves a reputation as being full of pathetic little keyboard warriors who hide behind monitors to act tough.

And so on and so on…

I will not be held responsible for the fact that this particular community (the ‘high level’ MK community) is made up of mostly sick-minded human filth, who, in the last 6 or 7 years as a community have gotten most of their community sites closed down and generated for themselves a reputation as a joke community in greater fighting game circles.

I will not be held responsible for the fact most individuals in the MK community can’t bear the fact they have to follow a few simple rules on someone else’s site and show minimal respect for each other and site staff.

I will not be held responsible for the fact that most of the MK community ‘rage-quits’ online and cries about ‘spamming’ on every site they visit, including the so-called high level sites like MKU and TYM.

I will not be held responsible for the fact these people have proven they cannot get along with anyone who doesn’t agree with them or who has a different opinion to them.

I will not be made out to be a bad guy for not allowing these people to ruin sites I helped to build and for speaking out about them when they tried to do so.

And I most certainly will not be made out to be some sort of evil person by people whose only purpose in life is to prove why Internet message boards have their shitty reputation.

MKST is proof of what these animals have done and to be honest it only really scratches the surface – the site could be a thousand times bigger and it still wouldn’t cover all that members of this community have done.

But the fact this community is full of sub human filth isn’t the issue.

The issue is how they have treated me.

By now, most people will have read the articles on MKST and learned that MKU was a clone of the site that came before it – my site MKC.

If, after MKC was closed, the community had simply thanked me for MKAC and MKC, shown simple appreciation for giving them homes to live on 24 hours a day for the best part of 3 years then that would have been the end of it.

Instead, the very people who the MKAC Admin and I looked after when no one else would have them, took my site, my code, my graphics, my ideas, my everything and reproduced it, passing it off as their own work – MKU.

Then, for years these people sat on a copy of my site (made infinitely worse by the server trash atmosphere they gave it) and surrounded by my design, my code, my graphics, my ideas, they spent that time… attacking me!

These people not only mocked the MKAC Admin’s cancer and ridiculed his very existence…

They not only harassed and abused one of the females responsible for starting MKAC with me, Jasmin Jade, trying to force her to put up pictures of herself…

But they spent those early MKU years attacking and disrespecting me, making up lies and trying to smear my name, after everything I did for them.

If someone takes you in, looks after you and gives you a home for years, gives you everything you ask for, gives you positions of responsibility and treats you like family….

If someone does this and in return you show them no respect, attack them, insult them, vandalise their ‘home’ and get it closed down then you do not deserve to be part of a community.

And if after doing that, you then continue to bad-mouth and make up lies about the very people who took you in and cared for you, people who never did anything but be nice to you… Then not only do you not deserve to be part of an ‘Internet community’. You don’t deserve to be part of any community.

You simply don’t treat other people like that.

I have never done anything but give to this community – money, sites, help.

I will not have a ‘community’ of proven, sick-minded, lunatic psychos somehow try and twist things round and portray themselves as decent human beings while at the same time, try to make me out to be some kind of evil person.

When you live your life on the Internet, everything you do is recorded.

Not just on websites (which can be closed down).
Not just in PM or IM conversations (which can be faked).
But in people’s memories.

I am one of the few people to have played on all 3 game servers (PAL PS, NTSC PS and NTSC Xbox).

I have played tens of thousands of games under known IDs all told and there isn’t one single incident of me every ‘rage quitting’ or pulling.

I am the one who has spent months creating MKST, a site which speaks out against keyboard warriors, e-Thugs and server trash.

I respect the rules of other sites and site staff – I have never been banned from a site for not shutting up when a mod tells me to. I am not obsessed with getting the last word, I have never been warned on anyone else’s site for being a ‘keyboard warrior’. Speaking out against people who are all these things certainly doesn’t make me one.

Back on MKC, I had a zero tolerance policy for cyber stalking or bullying as people like m2dave, Dancock, Jaden and Shogun can testify to.

Yet when I finally had had enough of the sickening punk mentality of this community and decided enough was enough and walked away, they choose to vilify my memory and everything I have done for them.

Not just with simple insults, not just with lies, but even with faked emails and messages to make me look bad.

I’ve seen messages and emails supposedly by me threatening to make up websites calling people child abusers and terrorists etc..

Has anyone ever in the last 7 years ever seen such a site? Anyone?

Have we not learned from the likes of MoRpH, Mr Igotbass / Sans Power, L0rdoftheFLY, MKF30 and Vainqueur (from the PAL server) that people lie and make up stuff on the Internet to make others look bad?

I’m the one who speaks out passionately against such things – how much of a hypocrite would I look if I did things like that?

If I make up a website about people, it contains the truth and only that.

I’ve just made one such website – it’s called MKST. Check it out and be sure to email the contact address if you spot any errors.

Shame on the few decent people in this community for not standing by my memory and at the very least speaking up when these lies were told about me.

My contributions page is the proof of only some of the good I have done for this community.

People like Gerchap, Bobby Blaze, Pig Of The Hut, L0rdoftheFLY and DarkTrax for example, may think they can get away with their behaviour because they are on the Internet, but that is not true.

For a start, their names are not Gerchap, Bobby Blaze, Pig Of The Hut, L0rdoftheFLY and DarkTrax.

Their names are German ‘Noel’ Fuentes, Robert Cowling, Brant McCaskill, Michael Edwards and Luke Babarinde.

They are not avatars on a screen, they are human beings who live at physical addresses.

You are not anonymous on the Internet and the rules of human interaction are not different.

I would suggest that those of you who categorise yourself as decent human beings take a good, long look at the history of this community and decide if you want it to continue down the same path.

One of the reasons I waited so long before coming back was because I wanted people to see for themselves what the community is like.

If I had only left for a year then come back and said all of this, people would have been sceptical.

But now we have the last 4 or 5 years of MKU and TYM. Years of keyboard warrior and e-Thug behaviour. Hundreds of threads of bickering, arguing, people attacking each other, people showing their true personalities.

I don’t need to tell anyone now what Tom Brady is like or Tim Static is like or what MKU or TYM are like. Everyone has seen for themselves which is why I have peace of mind to an extent.

If you give these people enough rope, they will always hang themselves. Sadly, that’s just a metaphor…

As for MKC, for those wondering why exactly it was closed down, read this.


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