My Contributions To The MK Community

There should never usually be the need to preach about the ‘good things’ you do for other people. You should do good things simply because you are a decent human being or you enjoy helping others.

Doing good things only because you want to get patted on the head and told constantly what a great person you can make one a tiresome person.

Unfortunately for me, I have been placed in a position where I have been made out to be some kind of demon by some of the scummiest people on the planet and so I have no choice but to remind (or highlight to new people) what exactly I have done for the MK community. Both on a community and an individual level.


The first website I helped to create called MKAC was the very first ‘high level’ site for members of the 3D Mortal Kombat community. This is the community that the likes of Storms, KrayzieBone, THTB, Dancock, Gerchap, Bobby Blaze, DarkTrax etc. come from.

Up until MKAC, these people and the rest of the community were stuck posting on MKO, their posts submerged in a sea of threads about which MK character has the best outfits and who the coolest ninja is.

Although I had the idea to create MKAC and paid for it, I did not run it. That duty belonged to someone else who eventually got weary of the server trash behaviour of the community and the site was eventually closed down.

After this I decided to give the community one last chance and re-opened MKAC as MKC – it improved on MKAC in pretty much every way and started to attract people from the 2D Mortal Kombat community too.

Up until MKAC, community members had just posted on websites – when MKAC came along, they started to ‘live’ there for many hours a day, mostly in the chat box.

I worked hard to give people whatever they wanted on MKC but just like with MKAC, the server trash community got MKC closed down as well.

When MKC was closed, it was cloned by Gerchap and Bobby Blaze and MKU was formed. Then TYM was created as a split-off from MKU.

Argue all you like about what might have happened if I had never had the idea to create MKAC. The fact is, I did and the fact TYM exists at all today is because of the chain of events I started all those years ago.

Neither Storms nor KrayzieBone nor Gerchap nor Bobby Blaze showed any initiative or desire to start their own sites back when they all posted on MKO.

Just me.

If you have enjoyed yourself on MKAC, MKC, MKU or TYM in the last 7 years you can thank me for it.


The MKO Xbox Community – I saved this wretched little community from self destruction when they all got banned from MKO. Without me and MKAC, the likes of Gerchap, Pig Of The Hut, Bobby Blaze, Trax etc. would be long forgotten now. There would certainly be no MKU.

The MKO Playstation Community – Until they moved to MKAC / MKC, this community was stuck posting on MKO where the likes of THTB and KrayzieBone spent their days quoting Sirlin to online scrubs who pulled their cord out if people spammed ‘cheap’ moves. My sites gave them positions of power for the first time in their lives and allowed them to indulge in their fantasy of being ‘serious gamers’.


During the MKAC & MKC years, I gave cash and gifts to many community members.

Here are just a few I remember:

KrayzieBone – Bought him a Gold XBL account so he could play online as he couldn’t afford one himself. He would go on to repay me by refusing to obey site rules when mod, by attacking me and the MKAC Admin personally and by trying to tear MKC down when he was asked to show simple respect for site rules.

G-roy – Bought him an extra Gold XBL account so he could trap MKF30 under it who kept dodging him. He would repay me by trash-talking me after his punk buddies got MKC closed down.

Booya – Bought him a copy of MKA and posted it from England to the USA so he could play the game. Repaid me by talking crap about me when I left the community.

? – A certain prominent member of the community was going through a hard time and needed money for food etc so I gave him a rather large sum of money. If he wants to make public who he is, that’s up to him.

These are just a few – there were many more.


There are so many here, I’ll just name a few of the more prominent ones.

People like Shogun, m2dave, Jaden and Dancock all faced cyber bullying or harassment of one sort or another and relied on me to sort it out.

Check – If you’ve enjoyed any Check video in the last 4 years, you can thank me. For those who don’t know (or who have forgotten), Check burned his bridges with the whole community back on MKC when he insulted everyone and revealed his true psychotic nature. He was exiled from the community and played no further part in it. It was thanks to me working to get him back on MKC that he returned and became integrated again into the community.

People like Bobby Blaze, REO, Gerchap, Pig Of The Hut, KrayzieBone & THTB all received positions of power for the first time in their lives thanks to my sites, whether given by me or the MKAC Admin.

Bobby Blaze was only admin of MKU because I made him that on MKC and he just carried the role over to MKU.

All of these people would go on to repay me by attacking me, my sites and my memory, seemingly forgetting that they were literally nothing until they met me.

I don’t wish to sound arrogant or boastful – things may come across like that on the Internet. I am simply recounting factual history.

I have always striven to be a fair and considerate person and my actions bear that out.

I simply haven’t done anything to anyone but give to them in a positive manner. You can’t remove history or deny it when so many people were there to see it.

But in a community of scum who, if you give them everything they want for years, then on one occasion when you stop them breaking a site rule, they start attacking you and make you out to be the devil, such kindness and consideration is wasted.

I will not have my memory tarnished by filth who embody everything that is bad about the Internet.

I will not have people banned from every MK site and who are the cause of MK sites being closed down, try and make ME out to be some sort of bad person when history shows that the opposite is the case. – this is where many of you who posted on MKAC, MKC, MKU and TYM would still be posting today if it wasn’t for me.

Please keep that in mind…


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