Why MKC Was Closed Down

I’ve seen quite a lot of people speculate on why exactly MKC (the site which came before MKU) was closed down as, it happened so suddenly. So I’ll use this article to clear up exactly why.

Some people are under the impression that MKC was closed because one of the worst pieces of server trash in the MK community, L0rdoftheFLY aka MEsoFLY aka Michael Edwards was being his usual disrespectful self to site staff in the MKC shoutbox.

This is of course ridiculous. No site gets shut down because a single idiot is breaking site rules or being disrespectful to site staff.

The most simple reason why I shut down MKC is because of a promise I made back on MKC’s predecessor – MKAC.

When the MKAC Admin announced he no longer wished to run the site and MKAC was to be shut down, I decided to give the community one last chance and open up MKC.

Before everyone moved to MKC, I did a final post on MKAC warning the Xbox community (and everyone else) that there was to be no repeat of their server trash behaviour which had gotten them banned en-masse from every other site they had ever been on.

This post was rather long – here is the relevant bit paraphrased,

I want people to know that if we have a re-occurrence of some of the events of last year, with people making drama over nothing, fuelling conspiracy theories, throwing tantrums because they have to follow a few simple rules etc., followed by people going back to MKO in ‘protest’, then I won’t be fighting to get those people back. I will just quietly close the site and walk away.

This ‘final warning’ post I did on MKAC was signed by me and counter signed by my admin-to-be on MKC, Bobby Blaze.

To cut a long story short, they didn’t listen to the warning, they carried on behaving as they had always done and I kept my word, closed the site down and walked away as I said I would.

The events of the last day of MKC are as follows.

L0rdoftheFLY was hassling me to play MKA (online) – I had already beaten him numerous times and didn’t really want to play him any more as he wasn’t much of a challenge and always whined and made excuses when he lost. Plus, being the kind of person he is, he only wanted to play until he eventually won a series then he wouldn’t want to play any more.

But I said OK, I would play again so long as when he lost he just said GG and didn’t make excuses.

But he said he would blame lag if he lost so I said there was no real point in playing then and told him to just leave it.

Far from leaving it, he went on to attack me, (the site owner), in the MKC shoutbox for the next 20 minutes. Mostly I ignored him, but eventually I told him to quiet down, as per the rules of the shoutbox where flaming was not allowed.

He didn’t and kept on insulting me, kept on being abusive and demanding I play him. Under normal circumstances I would have given him a couple of final warnings before muting him, as per the site rules.

But I could see that Bobby Blaze, my admin, was also in the shout box and I was curious to see if he would do his job and deal with the troublemaker L0rdoftheFLY or not.

I sensed he would not because L0rdoftheFLY was his friend and Bobby had already shown many times he had no desire to discipline his friends and would show them favouritism.

As expected, Bobby did not discipline him and L0rdoftheFLY continued being abusive.

At one point I even walked away but when I returned 30 minutes later L0rdoftheFLY still carried on with his insults.

Without exaggeration, I told L0rdoftheFLY something like 50 times to drop it and stop flaming in the shoutbox.

Can you imagine on any site including MKU or TYM, site staff allowing some piece of scum to continue to break site rules for so long and disrespect a mod let alone a site owner like that? Funnily enough, when these guys got their own site, suddenly the concept was abhorrent to them

L0rdoftheFLY was only doing what he has done on ever other site he has ever been on. When he went to UltimateMK and acted the same way, the mods there permanently banned him and blocked his IP after less than a day – yet I put up with this behaviour for months as did the MKAC Admin before me.

So after all these warnings, it was clear to me that Bobby was not going to do anything. If it had been someone like Booya, you can bet he would have banned him in a minute but not L0rdoftheFLY or Pig Of The Hut or any of his little clique.

So I was more forceful and told L0rdoftheFLY to shut up which he finally did. I should have banned him – I expect users to listen to mods the first time, not the 50th, but on this occasion I was just going to move on and speak to Bobby privately.

But L0rdoftheFLY came back yet AGAIN and carried on, at which point I simply muted him in the shoutbox.

That should have been the end of it, but a score of other server trash chimed in as usual acting like L0rdoftheFLY had been the victim and he shouldn’t be muted.

This mentality of the MKO Xbox clique that they are above the rules and no one should ever tell them to stop behaving like server trash or mute / ban them when they deserve it was the reason their whole community got banned from MKO in the first place, got MKAC closed down and got them all banned from UltimateMK. Unbelievably hypocritical when you consider what people get muted / banned for at MKU…

So having been muted in the shoutbox, L0rdoftheFLY then tried to carry on and went and started a thread personally attacking me, doing the normal Xbox community thing of crying that mods are ‘power hungry’ whenever one of the server trash acts like a twat and gets himself punished.

I should have banned him from the site as he would have been on pretty much any other site, but I did a polite reply to his thread, reminded him of site rules and closed the thread.

At which point he started harassing me via PM and wouldn’t stop…

At which point I gave him a temp ban from the site as I had finally had enough of him and his pathetic, obsessive, punk mentality.

Meanwhile Bobby Blaze (my admin) was insulting me in the shoutbox for banning his friend (in other words doing his job for him) and it was then that I had the sad epiphany that this shitty little community was never going to change.

They were a pathetic bunch of disrespectful Internet twats who believed the whole world should revolve around them, they should never have to obey any rules, they should be given whatever they liked and they shouldn’t have to show respect towards anyone.

The moment anyone disciplines them for any reason, they become hysterical and hateful and start attacking the site and site staff – which is how they have behaved on every site from MKO to UltimateMK to MKAC to MKC.

Please tell me why anyone, not just me, should spend their life, their money, their time caring for people like this and get nothing back in return but hate and disrespect?

Would you?

Of course, I could have simply banned the Xbox community like everyone else and the other trouble makers but the truth is, the MK community was (and still is) so full of these people, that if I had banned all the scum and only kept the decent people, I would have been left with about 12 people on my site.

So, after helping to give these guys a home for 3 years on 2 sites and catering for their every desire, I finally had had enough of their disrespectful, ungrateful behaviour.

I kept my word made all those months previously on MKAC and closed MKC down.

As for L0rdoftheFLY, I knew that in time, he would reveal his true colours to the community without my help. He would show himself to be, not only repugnant server trash, but a bald faced liar as well.

The following screen shot shows some comments from one of the few decent members of the community GigaDukeBUG (The Duke) telling newcomers to MKU why MKC was closed down. He doesn’t get it quite right but he’s close enough.

It’s a shoutbox screenshot so you need to read the whole thing from bottom to top. Look for comments by ‘The Duke’. You can click on the image to read it more clearly.


There you have it – simple proof from a respected member of the community why MKC got shut down.

Yet 6 months earlier, when someone asked L0rdoftheFLY how he managed to get MKC shut down, this is what he told them. (Click to enlarge)


He just flat out lies and makes up a total BS story about me ‘editing and deleting posts’ for no reason, trying to make me out to be a ‘snake’ and a bad person when he knows full well I speak out about those sorts of things and despise people who do that.

His story isn’t even ‘his version’ of what The Duke says – it’s just a totally unrelated, made-up story to make me look bad and him look like the decent one.

The MK community is full of people famous for doing this – people like Sans Power, MoRpH, MKF30, Vainqueur (from the PAL server) etc.

Again, I ask you, why would any decent human being spend his time and money looking after people like this?

Can you imagine looking after a whole community of L0rdoftheFLYs for years?

Giving them everything they want, giving them positions of power, a place to live online, helping to keep them together as a community then being faced with hate and disrespect every time they are made to follow the simplest rule?

Myself and my colleagues responsible for MKAC and MKC did that for 3 years and let me tell you – it’s not a rewarding experience.

The funny thing is that L0rdoftheFLY, nasty, hateful little man that he is, claims to be a dedicated Christian. I’m pretty sure in Christianity that lying is a sin, as are all the other things he does. He better hope his Christian notion of hell doesn’t exist, or he’s in for a pretty fiery after-life…

People may wonder why I waited so long before coming back and creating MKST. It’s because I knew that my words would be powerful, but people need to see things with their own eyes to truly believe them.

L0rdoftheFLY doesn’t need me to highlight who and what he is. On MKU, he quickly established a reputation for being what he is – a whiny, excuse-making cry-baby who can’t take his losses. That’s a reputation which has grown over the years and which he now has throughout the community.

Feel free to check out L0rdoftheFLY’s profile on MKST and see what a piece of work he is. A PM conversation between him and an MKU mod is particularly enlightening.

Also have a look at the MKO Xbox community profile on that site and learn for yourself what these rodents have done in the last 7 years or so and see why everyone always ends up dumping them.


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