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Why This Site Exists

This site exists for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, simply to detail the history of the MK community to those who may not be aware and to remind whose who were there of what they were a part of.

Secondly, there is such a thing in the world as a sense of fairness and justice. Many key members of the MK community, (some of whom now run community websites or are worshipped as tournament players) portray themselves as helping or benefiting the MK community when as this site documents, they are the ones responsible for breaking it up and tearing it apart. This state of affairs is morally wrong and this site helps address that injustice.

Many of the people responsible for sites such as MKU, TYM, UltimateMK, Classic MK etc. have exhibited (and continue to exhibit) the worst elements of server trash behaviour. Most have demonstrated total disrespect for rules on sites belonging to other people, yet expect everyone to respect them on their site. Like corrupt politicians, they attack and censor anyone who doesn't think the same way they do and they spread lies and hate about those people, while trying to portray themselves as innocent and virtuous community leaders.

Like corrupt politicians, the truth about them and their deeds invariably comes out in the end - and that is what MKST is all about.

This site is not about 1 person or 1 incident. It's about the behaviour of a group of people over the best part of a decade and the nature of a specific fighting game community as a whole. It's about why so many MK related sites have been closed down due to the hateful, disrespectful nature of the people who posted on them.

Users of MKU and TYM should be aware of what the owners of these sites did to other sites and how MKU and TYM came into being at the expense of the sites which came before them.

Most of the people examined on this site embody all the worst aspects of Internet filth - power-hungry, obsessive, intolerant, nasty, cowardly, incapable of being with other people who don't share their opinions.

These are the types of people which offline communities, clubs and organisations get rid of to allow decent people to enjoy facilities. There is no reason for online communities to tolerate the types of people described within these pages and there is definitely something very wrong with community sites being run by people like this.

Communities should consist of decent human beings who respect others and should be run by people who themselves are respected, fair-minded and tolerant of other people's opinions. It is simply wrong to have the crud elements of a community dictate the overall tone of that community with their over-bearing, obnoxious, intolerant mannerisms.

Most web communities have a large number of 'lurkers' who never post because they don't feel like having their opinions ridiculed, their beliefs insulted, or their viewpoints attacked by a load of keyboard warrior turds with shitty personalities. However, this site is not about the general state of the Internet and its inherent problems. It's about one particular, specific community - the Mortal Kombat one.

The Mortal Kombat community has earned its reputation in the greater fighting game community as the lowest of the low and it is a reputation well earned. This site simply explores why.

You do not have to understand or even be interested in all the actions and incidents involving specific people detailed within these pages to appreciate what this site is about. You don't even have to believe anything you see on this site, (although it's hard not to with all the proof).

If you simply have a pair of eyes and have been around the MK community for any length of time then you will appreciate this site because you will know from your own experiences, what the MK community is like.

The inspiration for this site comes from the MKO Xbox Community, the worst bunch of server trash filth to have ever existed in the MK community. Specifically such individuals as DarkTrax, L0rdoftheFLY, Gerchap and Bobby Blaze etc..

If you have a problem with your profile being on this site, then it is suggested you take it up with one of these guys.

The events described within these pages are not opinion or made up. They are historical facts carefully documented and screen-shotted where applicable. The one good thing about living your life on the Internet is that there are plenty of screenshots to take.

If you spot any errors or omissions anywhere on this site then be sure to contact us to let us know.

As almost all the individuals on this site with any moderating power on an MK website edit people's posts, delete comments which they don't like and abuse their power to mute or ban anyone they don't agree with, all comments on this site are moderated and only those who meet the approval of site staff here are authorised.

People should be treated as they treat others. Those who seek to censor anyone who disagrees with them, those who have no tolerance or acceptance of other people's viewpoints or who cannot abide facts they don't want to acknowledge, are not deserving of the voice they work so hard to deny others.