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UltimateMK Community

This community used to post mainly at UltimateMK as well as Classic MK before moving onto TYM. Although this page specifically focuses on those who once formed a community on UltimateMK from mid 2006 to Jan 2009, it does in many ways apply to most self proclaimed 'high level' players from the 2D MK community.

In January 2009 the server trash mentality of this community got the forums at UltimateMK closed down. It stayed that way for a long time before one forum only was opened up again. For many months the site ran with this one forum until May 2010 when the site fully reopened giving everybody one more chance.

(Eventually UltimateMK and Classic MK forums closed down for good to redirect everyone to TYM.)

When the forums at UltimateMK were initially shut down due to the server trash behaviour of the community there, Shock (senior mod) wrote the following to explain why.

The important parts have been bolded.

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

After two and a half years of persistent effort on the part of the people who run and moderate this site, we feel it is time for an indefinite close. Unfortunately, the MK community more often than not attracts a very specific type of mentality that just doesn't facilitate a positive attitude towards creating a real gaming community where people can interact with each other. There are of course exceptions but it is impossible to watch what could be a successful and fun community deteriorate because of people who do not wish to see the same result.

The intention of creating from the beginning was in memory of a friend who passed away and agreed whole-heartedly with the idea of people getting together and participating in the various tournaments that happen all over the country on a regular basis. This site was created before the release of UMK3 on XBLA and the strategy guides and information were published before that as well. This was also before many of you even picked up UMK3. Virtually everyone who plays UMK3 on XBL has learned something from our site and that is a good thing, as this was the main reason for creating it. We appreciate the effort put forth by any members who have contributed to the growth of the community and the spread of knowledge about UMK3 and all other MK games.

With the release of MKvDCU, the final nail in the coffin of competitive MK, it has become painfully clear that Midway, Ed Boon in particular, does not wish to attract people who want to play a real fighting game so any further attention received by this game would be negative in the long run. The existing players who have been continually disappointed with, but faithful to, the more recently released MK games are always helpful and supportive but there is a constant uphill battle.

The inherent issue here is netplay. Netplay has played one of the most influential roles in ruining MK games because of the imposed lack of real, personalized confrontation. The level of respect between players in general is incredibly low, with the barrier of the internet between two or more people. You can just sit at home and play against people in a watered down version of a game's true potential, and not even know it. This is not to say that animosity between players who meet in-person doesn't happen as well, but it is across the board on the internet. This particularly affects UMK3 because of its roots that are directly reliant on in person competition on a default method of gameplay in the form of an arcade machine. All the issues involved with this process are understood, and it doesn't change or justify the nearly constant deceptive nature of the many players who endlessly attempt to gain recognition in what they might even sometimes call a "dead" game.

Over time the message board has gone from an exciting, informative, and positive place to exchange ideas, post videos, ask questions and hang out, to a nest for crybabies, and when it was made clear, many of those people jumped ship to find their new soap box, which is perfectly fine. It is however apparent that this behavior still falls back on our site, and it will not continue. There are always members who consciously make an effort to drive others away or compromise the integrity of the site itself.

The site's info and board itself will remain in some form or another as a resource of the sum of knowledge and accumulated information about UMK3 and the other MK games. There is no MK site better suited for that purpose. The message board was always a bonus. We will not continue to be a facilitator of what causes MK to continually be the laughing stock of the gaming community. The site's true value supercedes that.

We will continue to post information on tournaments for various MK games if they happen. Expect tournaments or random gatherings to continue in NJ at 8 on the Break, in Philadelphia at University Pinball or yearly at NEC, on Long Island such as Castle Golf and Made in NY, or where any other players wish to run them in the future if they so choose. Information to sign up and participate will be available.

Thanks to everyone who truly contributed in the last two and a half years. Anyone who has been in personal touch with us is more than welcome to continue that relationship. staff.

Whilst perhaps not quite as bad as the MKO Xbox Community, this community was (and still is) a generally vile and unpleasant one. As well as keyboard warriors, e-Thugs and those sorts of trash, the UltimateMK community was also full of the worst kind of 'tournament scrub'.

The whole community was built around the fantasy that 2D MK games, especially UMK3 are serious and 'proper' fighting games despite the fact that no one else in the greater fighting community thinks so.

Most members of this community were / are extremist 2D fanboys who put the storyline fanboys of sites like MKO to shame with their zealous hatred of anyone who doesn't think the same way they do.

Traditionally, these guys have spent most of their time organising shitty little offline UMK3 tournaments where only they turned up. They would then claim this made UMK3 a 'tournament fighter'. Or they'd pester the organisers of real tournaments to let them have a little side tournament at their gathering so they could pretend they were on the same level as the games the tournament event was really created for, like Street Fighter.

The fact that at these tournaments, they were usually forced to play in the basement, away from the real games and only they ever turned up, never seemed to register.

From time to time, someone would run a tournament in a South American country that had UMK3 - but no big name from the FGC would take part in these any more than in the American tournaments these guys set up.

Probably the only 2 half decent UMK3 players traditionally from this community are Marvirrasta and Crazy Dominican who aren't part of the UltimateMK clique that will be discussed shortly.

Although most of the recognised names from this community believe they are 'high level' players they really aren't. It's only the fact that for years they only ever played themselves at their little tournaments that no one could dispute how average they really were.

At one of their shitty little tournaments towards the end of 2010, they were exposed for their limited ability. All the clique members associated with this community such as Shock and Tim Static etc. took part and they were all beaten by REO from the 3D MK community who had only played the game casually for a few months.

Considering these supposed UltimateMK experts devote their entire lives to this game and have played it non stop for years, it just goes to show how far away from a true 'high level' fighting community they really are if something like that can happen.

That never stopped them going from MK site to site, spreading the same nonsense about 2D games and rubbishing the 3D MK games as well as online play, despite the fact that all MK games (up to MK vs. DC at least) were only ever designed as fun, novelty fighters, not serious fighting games.

Even Ed Boon in one of his pre MK9 interviews said that every MK game up until then had been a casual game - more about having a beer and a bit of fun than anything else. That includes 2D games like UMK3. The first MK game to ever seriously be talked about as a tournament fighter is MK9.

The reason the forums at UltimateMK got shut down is because most of the community members are pathetic keyboard warriors who can't bear it when people didn't agree with their (usually) worthless and ignorant opinions. So they spent all their time arguing and attacking each other. (Just like on MKAC and MKC with the MKO Xbox Community).

When Shock closed the forums he went onto MKU, which had recently opened up and blamed the UltimateMK community members for the closure of the site and warned of what was to come when the members joined MKU...

Shock blaming server trash for the closure of UltimateMK forums

(At least when the UltimateMK forums got shut down, the 2D community didn't try to blame Shock for it unlike the 3D community who tried to blame JTF who closed his site for the very precise same reason Shock closed his).

The UltimateMK community members were so bad that when the forums were opened up again, the PM system was kept turned off. As Shock himself explained:

UltimateMK animals

Gives you some idea what animals most community members of this site were/are - they can't even have a PM system without attacking and stalking each other.

And these guys call themselves 'high level' players? Like Daigo and Justin Wong ever behaved like that...

The UltimateMK Clique of Losers

Special mention should be made of The UltimateMK Clique of Losers.

Aside from the general trash that make up this community, there is a hardcore clique of individuals who spread out from UltimateMK to infect every site they are associated with. This clique includes individuals such as Tim Static, 9.95, Zaq and Juggs.

They made their name posting on every site associated with 2D MK games - sites such as UltimateMK, Classic MK, TYM, the MK board on SRK etc..

They are best known for abusing their mod powers to censor or ban anyone who doesn't agree with them, especially when people talked about 2D MK games not being serious fighters.

In general (and this behaviour has continued on TYM today), they will often censor or ban anyone who simply doesn't share their opinions on MK games or the worth of tournament play or simply agree with them on any given subject. Juggs and Tim Static are best known for this.

People who can't bear the fact others don't agree with their (usually worthless and ignorant) biased opinions really should not be allowed to moderate on any web site and such is the case with these individuals.

They are all pathetic online warriors who act tough behind their mod powers on shitty little MK sites, but offline they are all cowardly nerds terrified of physical confrontation. On several occasions they have had to resort to banning people from their crappy little offline UMK3 tournaments who they were afraid were going to pound their faces in.

They really are snivelling, pathetic examples of men.

Any web site which has these morons moderating on it instantly becomes a low quality, worthless site and this is the case with all the aforementioned sites on this page.

Unlike the sickening MKO Xbox Community who at least confined their server trash behaviour to one site at a time, the fact these vermin pollute pretty much every 'high level' MK site on the web makes them that much more difficult to ignore.

The nonsense thing is that this clique has spent most of its life logging on and saying the same stupid things on so many different sites.

If one looked at UltimateMK, you'd likely see Tim Static, Juggs, Zaq etc. online. Then you'd go to Classic MK or the MK forum of SRK and it would be exactly the same people there. Again with TYM.

In essence the same small group of 2D fanboys have spent the last half dozen years logging onto 4 or 5 different MK sites all at the same time, spewing exactly the same crap on all the sites.

Probably the most embarrassing example of their blinkered fanboyism was in their creation of an MK forum on the general fighting game site SRK.

Through connections, they managed to finally get after years a board on the site devoted to MK with the hope it would become a hotbed for people to discuss UMK3 at a high level. But what actually happened was no one used the forum but them where they just posted the same stuff as on all the other sites.

Occasionally someone from a proper fighting game community would come into the forum to express surprise at there being an MK forum on the site, then they would leave.

The forum was a ghost town and remained so until MK9 came out when traffic picked up for a bit before the forum became a ghost town again.

The simple fact is that The UltimateMK Clique of Losers can't bear people who see 2D fighting games like UMK3 for what they really are (limited 15 year old novelty fighting games that no one in the greater fighting community takes seriously).

These people hate online gaming with a passion and discredit anyone who plays online. Much of this is due to the fact they all mostly have shitty broadband connections which they use to run their old emulated MK games on (which of course all have shitty netcode).

Based on this, they dismiss the whole of online play as worthless, too ignorant to realise that many people in the world have good Internet connections and pretty much every other fighting game franchise has better netcode than Mortal Kombat.

Even more ridiculous of course is that the first 2 MK9 Evos were won by someone who played almost exclusively online (and against the computer) so their mantra that online play makes for poor tournament play has been proven conclusively wrong (like pretty much everything else they have ever said).

As far as these people are concerned, if you don't go to offline tournaments you are not even worthy of an opinion on a game. Their bigotry and small-mindedness is that of the worst kind of fanboy and they are an embarrassment to the MK community.

Self Delusion of the UltimateMK Clique of Losers

It's the sheer self delusion of these fanatics (a common trait of any fanatic) that loses them any credibility as worthwhile human beings.

They firmly believe that everything they have done has been good for Mortal Kombat. They talk about how great it is they go to tournaments to keep UMK3 alive as a tournament game.

They just can't understand that despite a decade of trying, they have had no success whatsoever in making UMK3 a tournament-respected game.

It has never natively been at Evo or SBO, or in fact any of the major tournaments.

The only time it is at any tournament is when they (this little clique of UMK3 fanboys) go to a tournament and arrange a little UMK3 side tournament there. (And they are usually put in another room, away from the people who came to play the real games).

Then they act like they have done some great service to MK.

All they have done for years is constantly make fools of themselves and of MK showing over and over again that tournament organisers don't want UMK3 there as a main game.

They act like they need to 'educate' people about UMK3 as if no one knows about it. Everyone knows about UMK3 and Mortal Kombat games in general. Most of those tournament organisers gew up playing them in the arcades.

They know about UMK3 - they just don't want it at their tournaments as a main game because no one aside from The UltimateMK Clique of Losers takes it seriously enough to play it at tournaments. After all, there isn't a single truly big name from the FGC who plays UMK3.

The UltimateMK Clique of Losers haven't been doing MK a service - they have been doing it a dis-service by never letting it die that no one in the greater fighting community has traditionally viewed MK games as anything more than novelty fighters.

In one tournament at the start of 2011 called 'Winter Brawl', the results of every game were put on the gamer site You can view the link here.

Each game was put in a pretty box with all the winners listed.

Every game except UMK3, MK2 and MK vs. DC which were there as side games.

All they got was a line referring people to TYM to look up the results.

The owners of couldn't even be bothered to spend the 3 minutes copying and pasting an HTML box and putting the MK winners alongside the other game winners.

Pathetic and embarrassing for MK.

At this tournament, MK9 got 137 people taking part. UMK3 got 17 and MKII got 13. You'd think that would be some sort of indication to these guys about how popular 2D MK games are to the top tournament players. But it never seems to register...

MK9 is the first MK game that has been geared towards the 'serious gamer'.

- - -

With the creation of TYM, (which most of these guys are a member of), there now exists a site which has taken the worst aspects of hysterical fanaticism towards 2D MK games and offline tournaments and magnified it by 10.

You can read more about TYM here.

The UltimateMK community has / had server trash scrub scum every bit as obnoxious as those you'd find in the MKO Xbox Community.

Individuals such as Sans Power and Mr Igotbass who carry out all the normal actions associated with online scum - such as stalking people, faking PMs and IM conversations to make people look bad, pulling (fat-dropping), sending anger-filled messages when they lose etc..

It's really no wonder that UltimateMK got shut down - server trash mods and server trash users.

To sum up, just like the MKO Xbox Community, this community is full of server trash of the worst kind - intolerant, hate-filled, bad loser gamer stereotypes who can't get along with anyone who doesn't think the same way they do.

It wouldn't be fair to leave out the fact that the community does have SOME decent members, but most community members are simply an embarrassment to the greater MK community and a perfect example of why 'high level' MK sites don't last very long.


Towards the beginning of 2011, a jab/block glitch became notable in UMK3 that exposed the hypocrisy of the 'play to win' mentality of so many of the scrubs in this community.

Most of these Sirlin worshipping morons have spent their whole life lecturing to other people about being a scrub, about adapting, about how infinites and glitch play are 'high level' and people should learn to defend against such tactics.

When this jab/block glitch was discovered, most members of The UltimateMK Clique of Losers such as Juggs etc. immediately started crying, saying the glitch was unfair and the game was broken and they weren't going to play it any more.

Months later most of them were taught it wasn't actually that bad and it could be adapted to, but by then, they had already been exposed as hypocritical scrubs.

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