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MKO PAL Playstation Community

This community made its name posting on the Playstation forum at MKO. It does not represent everyone who plays on the PAL Playstation game servers, just those who formed a community on MKO.

The MKO PAL Playstation Community was small but made up for its lack of size by being big on scrubs. Both on the game servers and on MKO, this community had few worthwhile players and far too many scrubs. Most community members were prone to quitting, pulling or bitching if people did things like 'spam' moves or play without 'honour'.

JTF made a habit of videoing most of these scrubs and uploading clips of them pulling or otherwise cheating to YouTube. Below are some of his early videos from MKA (most of these videos were made in the first couple of weeks after MKA was released).



Because of his habit of videoing them cheating, pulling or being scrubs, many inhabitants of this community did not like JTF, the creator of MKAC and MKC. They would do things like post what an awful, evil person he was because of his 'play to win' attitude and the fact he did things like repeated low pokes or turtled. All this earned them was contempt from the NTSC Playstation posters who also posted in the same forum at the time during MKD and some of MKA.

Dave Sirlin probably did his thesis on these guys. They fit the stereotype of the 'fair play scrub' to a tee, doing things like attacking and vilifying anyone who did things as simple as repeated low pokes or repeated projectiles.

This community was (and still is if it reforms) typical of the type of low level trash which infests Internet game servers. They are an embarrassment to MK and a disgrace to humanity.

One of the nastier members of this community used to be a mod on MKO - TGrant, who used to abuse his powers. After doing this (and other dodgy things) one too many times, he was sacked as MKO mod.

Another nasty, unpleasant scrub from this community was Vainqueur who, on top of his general server trash behaviour, once faked a letter from JTF to make him look bad.

The MKO PAL Playstation Community grew in numbers slightly when some people from the PAL Xbox server came over to join the PAL PS2 side. People such as MAN0, a slimy little Greek nerd and KrisKombat, a whiny obnoxious scrub from the UK.

However, when MK vs. DC came out and Xbox 360 had global servers, most of these guys went back to Xbox.

Some of the worst server trash in this community included Thamonk, Malheur, Delprev, Vainqueur, hjs-Q, TGrant, most of the DA clan, Galactic and Puzzler.

At one point, one of the biggest nutcases from the NTSC Xbox server came over to live in the UK for a couple of years - DarkTrax. He joined this community while he was here and helped to add to its server trash reputation in no small measure before he left to go back to Canada.

A few of the decent people from this community included JTF, Jasmin Jade, Kade and Oblivia.

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