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The Biggest Server Trash In The Mortal Kombat Community As Voted For By You Is... MKF30  (Cast your vote)
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Oh I loved his little "hissy fit" he threw back when Mortal Kombat 9 c...   (Comment on Jaded-Raven)

Guy shilled MKX but said he dropped the game because muh zoners got ne...   (Comment on MKF30)

Tim at least was human scum. His personality and ability to sympathiz...   (Comment on Tim Static)

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Dude you need to update this bully, calling people losers on FB, and s...   (Comment on Pig Of The Hut)

Wow small world. The girl he stole pictures of to make a fake profile ...   (Comment on Muffin Muggers)

he is fucking garbage...   (Comment on Atari2600)

MKA Server Trash

Date addedServerGameServer TrashContributorTitleBrief informationLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKACHUCKYJasmin JadeChucky the ChampQuit when about to loseLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKATRISTENbullridertwoTristen QuitsquitsLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKA1FLASH1eatdrywalIMKA 1FLASH1 PULLS/QUITSQuits at fatalityLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAVariouseatdrywalIMKA QUITTERS KRYPTBunch of quittersLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAVariouseatdrywalIMKA QUITTER'S KRYPT 2More quittersLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAVariouseatdrywalIMKA QUITTER'S KRYPT 3Yet more quittersLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAGEEQMKAQuittersGEEQ quitting like a lil BlTCH.QuitterLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAROBLOCMKAQuittersROBLOC weak quitterQuits at fatalityLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKABLIND666MKAQuittersBLIND666 Quitting like a BlTCHQuitsLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKACazicBostonMileenaPullers...PullsLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAELREYMKAQuittersELREY , yeah, another QuitterQuits with KAKLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKABOXERF3RNYYmk armageddon quiters onlinePullerLink
11th Feb 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKALIVE2DIEJTFlive2die quittingQuits because his crappy Dairous was getting smashed.Link
11th Jan 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAD4NITROJTFDA NITRO (Harley) quittingQuits at the fatalityLink
11th Jan 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAANIMAJTFPuzzler pulling vs JTFPuzzler using Kak and pulling against a reg playerLink
11th Jan 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKA1HJS1JTFHJS the scrub quittingKnown PAL scrub quitsLink
11th Jan 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAMAJORSSJTFSS quittingSS quitting again under 1 of his many IDsLink
11th Jan 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MKAKRISPYJTFKrispy the cheaterMoves before round and pullsLink

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