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The Biggest Server Trash In The Mortal Kombat Community As Voted For By You Is... MKF30  (Cast your vote)
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Oh I loved his little "hissy fit" he threw back when Mortal Kombat 9 c...   (Comment on Jaded-Raven)

Guy shilled MKX but said he dropped the game because muh zoners got ne...   (Comment on MKF30)

Tim at least was human scum. His personality and ability to sympathiz...   (Comment on Tim Static)

Haha, Bill is scrubbing it up at MKX too, He was telling the community...   (Comment on Tom Brady)

Dude you need to update this bully, calling people losers on FB, and s...   (Comment on Pig Of The Hut)

Wow small world. The girl he stole pictures of to make a fake profile ...   (Comment on Muffin Muggers)

he is fucking garbage...   (Comment on Atari2600)

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