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The Biggest Server Trash In The Mortal Kombat Community As Voted For By You Is... MKF30  (Cast your vote)
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Oh I loved his little "hissy fit" he threw back when Mortal Kombat 9 c...   (Comment on Jaded-Raven)

Guy shilled MKX but said he dropped the game because muh zoners got ne...   (Comment on MKF30)

Tim at least was human scum. His personality and ability to sympathiz...   (Comment on Tim Static)

Haha, Bill is scrubbing it up at MKX too, He was telling the community...   (Comment on Tom Brady)

Dude you need to update this bully, calling people losers on FB, and s...   (Comment on Pig Of The Hut)

Wow small world. The girl he stole pictures of to make a fake profile ...   (Comment on Muffin Muggers)

he is fucking garbage...   (Comment on Atari2600)

MK9 Server Trash

Date addedServerGameServer TrashContributorTitleBrief informationLink
11th May 2013Playstation (All regional servers)MK9smurf456PAPIGFUNKMortal Kombat Multiplayer Match Raiden Vs. God Of War (Kratos) WTF KRATOS IS A QUITTER (HD) quitLink
29th Mar 2013XboxMK9jsquigles09k7l33thaEPIC HATEMAILHe's a weirdoLink
16th Mar 2013XboxMK9Miracle4everEngravingsMiracle4ever... HE MAD Sent them a message saying GG.Link
14th Aug 2011XboxMK9Silentdrone805thedirtyshivSilentdrone805 - hate mailhe's an idiotLink
18th Jul 2011XboxMK9Varioussomari83MK9 Online Kommunity In a Nutshell didn't play way they likedLink
3rd Jul 2011XboxMK9yahlMtightwirypodgeHow To Make Someone Rage Quit Playing Like A Noob With Noob on MK9quitLink
2nd Jul 2011XboxMK9VariousIamChaChaCHNNLMK 9 Hatemail compilationUsual stuffLink
22nd Jun 2011XboxMK9DieWaZzTawseDieWaZz cries because of spamBeat the scrub easily.Link
4th Jun 2011XboxMK9DNC ProtomanstaarlifeDNC Protoman cries about spamRepeated a moveLink
8th May 2011XboxMK9Various peoplestaarlifeScrubs whining about spammers'Spammed moves'Link
23rd Apr 2011XboxMK9EvilHeroLogOfFightersMortal Kombat 9 Day One Messagebeat them with strykerLink
22nd Apr 2011XboxMK9cawnbrpkevmack101MK 9 MORTAL KOMBAT ONLINE GAME PLAY PULLERS.TS about to loseLink
22nd Apr 2011XboxMK9cawnbrpkevmack101MK 9 MORTAL KOMBAT HD ONLINE GAME PLAY PULLERS 2 fat dropLink

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