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History of MKU & TYM

In 2013, (TYM) and to a lesser extent (MKU), are 2 of the better known Mortal Kombat websites in use, especially for tournament players.

Many who post on these websites will be unaware of how they came into existence and equally unaware of what scum the people are who run these sites. This page documents the history that came before these sites and details how they came into existence.

The 2 websites responsible for the existence of MKU and TYM - Mortal Kombat Armageddon Central (MKAC) and Mortal Kombat Central (MKC) no longer exist. You will learn on this page how MKU came into existence when its owners stole the elements of MKC and used them to open MKU after helping to get MKC closed down.

If you read the whole of this page, you will also learn how the Mortal Kombat 'high level' community has spent the last 7 years moving from site to site, getting each one closed down due to server trash behaviour before moving on to the next. After reading this page, you should have a better idea (if you don't already) of why the Mortal Kombat community has its reputation as the lowest of the low in the greater fighting game community.

Below is a list of the main sites this page focuses on.

  • Mortal Kombat Online (MKO)
    Main site for players of 3D MK games from 2004 - 2006.
    Xbox Community banned en masse from their forum which became a ghost town of locked threads.

  • UltimateMK (Touches on Classic MK as well)
    UltimateMK was the main site for players of 2D MK games from mid 2006 - Jan 2009
    All forums were closed early 2009 until early 2010 when one small tournament forum was re-opened. Mid 2010 rest of forums re-opened before all forums closed due to TYM

  • Mortal Kombat Armageddon Central (MKAC)
    Main site for players of 3D MK games from late 2006 to early 2008.
    Site closed down.

  • Mortal Kombat Central (MKC)
    Main site for players of 3D MK games from early 2008 to late 2008.
    Site closed down.

  • Mortal Kombat United (MKU)
    Inferior clone of site that came before it, MKC. Features, graphics, design, look & feel, rules etc. all stolen by Gerchap and Bobby Blaze.

  • Test Your Might (TYM)
    Spin-off site from MKU focusing more on offline than online play. Started off as MKE then changed its name to TYM.

  • Summation
    A summing up of everything on this page

You can click on a link above to go straight to the relevant section on this page.

The 3D 'high level' community timeline is thus MKO -> MKAC -> MKC -> MKU / TYM.

The 2D 'high level' community members spent most of their time at UltimateMK. When the forums there got closed down some went to other sites like Classic MK, some joined MKU etc.. When UltimateMK fully opened back up again, some went back to post there, some went to Classic MK, some went to the new MK forum opened at SRK, many went to TYM etc.. Most individuals were members of all these sites and posted the same crap on all of them simultaneously. Most members now use TYM as their main site.

Let us examine how each of the main websites listed above was ruined as a community home by the people who posted there.


Mortal Kombat Online (known as MKO) was the main place for players of 3D MK games to post between 2004 and 2006. Mortal Kombat Deception was mainly played (online) while posting on this board. Two distinct online MK communities posted on this site - the MKO Xbox Community and the Playstation community. (The Playstation community itself was split between 2 groups - NTSC and PAL players). Aside from these online communities, MKO had (and still has) a number of offline communities as well, such as fan art and general discussion.

Out of all the communities on MKO, only one had problems existing there - the MKO Xbox Community. Their forum was a constant stream of locked posts and so many of their number got banned, the forum ended up being a ghost town.

The graphics below give you some idea of what the MKO Xbox forum looked like before most of the community got banned back around the end of 2006 / start of 2007. Note all the 'locked thread' symbols on the left.

MKO Xbox Live Losers

MKO Xbox Live losers

MKO would come to have a reputation as a crappy site with shitty mods, (like ~Crow~ and Jerrod), but the site and mods are equally crap to all the communities who post there. The only one community on MKO which couldn't abide by site rules and which destroyed its home here was the MKO Xbox Community.

You can read in detail about the MKO Xbox Community and why they couldn't exist as a community here by visiting their page.

MKO still exists as a site and occasionally server trash from the 'elite' MK communities will go back to post there from time to time when they are banned elsewhere or have got their latest site shut down.

JTF effectively killed the site for higher level players when he and his friends created MKAC.

Aside from that, MKO is best known as one of the MK Low Level Community sites and is a pretty pointless place to post unless you enjoy 10 page threads about who has the best shoes and the nicest hair etc..

In response to the release of MK9, MKO made a few token efforts to modernise, adding a few new forums, most of which, like the 'Strategy Zone' are dead.

Despite these additions, MKO remains true to what it has always been - a home for whiny, scrubby fanboys who cry about 'spamming' to sit and argue for pages about why one ninja is cooler than another.

The site also has an inordinate number of bitter, angry homosexuals who stalk the main forums, attacking anyone who doesn't say how wonderful it would be to have homosexual elements in video games.

Although mods are keen to close threads if people don't post in the right forums etc., there is still a lot more freedom for people to express their opinions here than at MKU or TYM - sites with mods who will edit / censor / delete posts or ban people who simply don't agree with them personally on one thing or another to do with gaming.

Features of MKO

  • Ancient technology
  • Poor design
  • Limited functionality
  • Pedantic, anal, unpleasant site staff
  • Archaic chat system
  • Idiotic dragon points / skull system



UltimateMK was the premier information and forum site for players of 2D MK games. That's a nice way of describing it. A more realistic way to describe it would be it was a site for militant 2D MK game fanboys, where staff censored or banned anyone who didn't agree with the general mentality of the site staff.

UltimateMK lasted about 2 and a half years before the server trash mentality of the 2D MK fanboys who posted there got the forums shut down. After a long while, one small forum was re-opened and eventually all forums were re-opened to give the server trash who posted there another chance. (Then the forums were permanently closed so everyone could move to TYM).

Click here to read about the UltimateMK Community itself and their server trash behaviour which got the forums closed down.

UltimateMK was a basic WordPress / vBulletin site with limited features which focused more on offline play than online play. It had traditionally tried to maintain the illusion of UMK3 being a serious fighting game by concentrating on tournaments, as evident by the tournament forum being the only one to be re-opened after all the forums were closed.

The site had (and still has) some useful information for those who enjoy what passes for 'high level' old school Mortal Kombat 2D gaming. Unfortunately, it was also a breeding ground for 2D fanboy zealots and Sirlin-worshipping 'tournament scrubs'.

Although UltimateMK may still lay claim to being one of the best sources of 2D MK tournament information, it quickly lost its place as one of the more popular forums. When the site was eventually re-opened, most of the 2D fanboy regulars still posted there from time to time, but most also posted on other sites more regularly, sites such as Classic MK and TYM.

Unlike sites like MKAC and MKC which had decent staff but a server trash community, at UltimateMK, the site staff were generally no better than the regulars in regards to their 2D fanboyism and intolerant attitude towards anyone who didn't think the same way they did.

This is, after all, the site where the UltimateMK Clique of Losers comes from - a clique of extremist 2D MK fanboys who'd go round every 'high level' MK site attacking anyone who didn't say UMK3 is a proper fighting game and (if they had the mod powers), censoring or banning anyone who didn't agree with them.

Any site where users are penalised for simply not sharing the (often ignorant) opinions of staff is inherently worthless and this was / is the case with UltimateMK, Classic MK and TYM.

Having scum like Tim Static and Juggs as mods certainly didn't give the site any credibility although most of the other staff there were nearly as bad as them.

Many of those who were staff at UltimateMK moved on to other sites like TYM or the MK board at SRK where they continue to censor and threaten users who don't think the same way they do.

It is also worth noting that for a short time, 2D games became popular in the 3D community. People like L0rdoftheFLY and Pig of the Hut came here to post, mainly so they could attack MKF30. They lasted less than a week before they were banned and their IP addresses blocked. At which point they went back to MKAC whining that, just like MKO, the UltimateMK mods wouldn't let them have the last word and were all power hungry. When in fact, just like MKO, they got banned because they wouldn't stop flaming and simply STFU when they were told to by a mod.

It's worth devoting a few lines to Classic MK here as well. This site, owned by the odious ZAQ, was basically the same as UltimateMK, except smaller, uglier, but with the same obnoxious staff who all banned and censored anyone who didn't agree with them about how great old 2D MK games are. For those who didn't want anything to do with 3D games at all and who lived to play 15-20 year old 2D MK games on MAME or on cabs with close minded zealots, both UltimateMK and Classic MK were the sites for you.

If you had the same mentality as the staff on these sites then you were welcomed and treated well. If you disagreed with staff though, you were treated very badly and most open-minded people who lived in reality gave these sites a wide berth after tasting what was on offer.

Features of UltimateMK

  • Basic vBulletin site
  • Resource for offline MK tournaments, FAQs and videos relating to 2D games
  • Full of over-zealous 2D MK fanboys and 'tournament scrubs'
  • Most site staff had the same (or greater) intolerant 2D fanboy mentality as much of their community and most abused their powers as mods to silence people who didn't agree with them



Despite the fact MKO was a crappy site, no one bothered to do anything about it and provide something better for the 3D high level community who were sick of the restrictive ways of MKO - not Gerchap or Bobby Blaze or KrayzieBone or Storms or anyone else. No one from the NTSC Xbox or Playstation forums at all.

But one man from the PAL community, JTF, had the vision and drive to give everyone, from all communities, the chance to experience something far better than anything MKO could ever offer.

And so MKAC was born...

MKAC was the brainchild of JTF, who, along with several other players from the PAL Playstation server, had gotten tired of the low quality service offered by MKO.

Without MKAC, there would be no MKC, no MKU and thus no TYM.

The idea behind MKAC was to create a site for higher level players, away from the scrubs and fanboys of places like MKO and the official Midway site. It would be a place for people to focus on strategies and higher level play, not a place where arguments over which character has the best hair reach 10 pages. The site would also focus on what the users actually wanted and provide it where possible.

The site was opened and PMs were sent round to everyone at MKO and a few other sites. Most people said the idea sounded good but they were happy where they were. A few of the MKO Xbox Community members who weren't banned from MKO, told the ones who were and to cut a long story short, the entire MKO Xbox Community moved to MKAC so they could be together as a community again and have somewhere to post.

JTF had no desire to be admin of the site so another of the founder members took that role. A couple of others took on roles as moderators while JTF did most of the technical work associated with installing new software, programming, upgrading the system etc.. Not to mention paying for everything...

Site staff bent over backwards to accommodate the users, in direct contrast to MKO. People were not only listened to, but the site was tailored for their every need.

It became evident early on that the MKO Xbox Community liked to argue and attack each other and to discourage this on most parts of the site, a forum especially for flaming called 'The Netherealm' (which would later on MKU be name-changed to 'The Cage') was created.

Features like a shoutbox, a fully featured chat room, the creation of a 'Video Vault' (a place to store MK videos), full stats, a Flash arcade and a 'Thanks' system were also added.

It was also suggested by m2dave that character forums would be a good idea and these were added too. MKAC was the first site catering to higher level Mortal Kombat players to have character-specific forums. Tournaments were held with $100 prize money for both the Xbox and PS sides. Other forums were added for offline topics - the site even had an adult forum.

And no user was expected to pay for any of this or 'donate' - it was all free. It was also part of the site philosophy that people were protected from bullying and harassment on the site. Although flaming was allowed, it was limited to that one specific forum and only between people who wanted it.

Unlike MKU, TYM, UltimateMK and its sister sites, people weren't banned at MKAC for no reason. MKAC wasn't run by a clique of staff who only cared about themselves or who couldn't bear anyone who didn't think the same way they did.

Users constantly sang the praises of MKAC on other sites in this regard.

In fact, MKAC was even criticised for allowing its members too much freedom and not moderating strictly enough.

One other important aspect of MKAC was that key members of the community were given positions of authority for the first time in their lives. Gerchap and Pig of the Hut were made mods, followed later by Quest2be1 and others.

Had the MKAC Admin and the others known at the time what they were letting themselves in for, taking on board the worst community in MK history, they probably would have closed the site before it opened, but sadly, they were unaware...

A few months after the site opened, Gerchap abused his position as moderator and allowed his ID to be used by nutcases DarkTrax and MKF30, seeking revenge for being banned and flamed off the site respectively, to concoct some ridiculous conspiracy theory about the MKAC Admin and JTF being the same person.

Although there was no valid reason to think this was the case, Quest sent round PMs to everyone saying they should leave the site because of it. To this day, neither Quest nor anyone else has ever come up with a reason why the MKAC Admin and JTF would pretend to be the same person or why everyone should leave the site because of it, but logic and common sense have never been high in the list of MKO Xbox Community priorities.

Just the fact they get threads closed, get themselves banned, are made to follow a few simple rules or are forced to shut up and stop arguing is enough for them to start their hate campaigns or conspiracy theories.

Never mind the fact that IP addresses were made freely viewable to all MKAC staff like Gerchap and Pig of the Hut from the start of the site because there was nothing to hide. vBulletin has the option to make IPs only viewable to admins which there was no need for.

So anyway, led by Quest and a couple of others, most of the Xbox community marched back to MKO, where, seizing an opportunity to bury the upstart MKAC, the MKO mods lifted all the bans so the whole Xbox community could post there again.

They lasted less than 2 weeks back at MKO before they all got banned en masse again. It would have been funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Now the MKO Xbox Community had nowhere to post again and in the cold light of day, they realised what asses they had been to abandon the best site they ever had over some nonsense conspiracy theory that made no sense.

The MKAC site staff should have closed the site there and then and let the MKO Xbox Community rot in cyber oblivion, but out of the kindness of their hearts, they let the odious MKO Xbox Community crawl back onto the site with their tail between their legs and they were forgiven.

Once AGAIN, the MKO Xbox Community had been saved by JTF and his friends from their own self destructive ways.

In amazing acts of kindness, the MKAC Admin even let Gerchap have his mod position back and later made Quest a mod as well.

JTF and the MKAC Admin even went further than that, offering to both meet in person one of the banned members responsible for making up the stupid conspiracy theory, DarkTrax, who was over from Canada and living in the UK at the time only a few miles away from JTF and the MKAC Admin.

Of course DarkTrax declined, knowing he was just lying and shit-stirring to try and get revenge for being banned. (He was banned when he threatened to attack the site and take it down because he got some spam posts deleted). Check out DarkTrax's profile for more on this obsessive lunatic.

Anyway, MKAC continued for a little longer as a mostly Xbox site but soon the features of the site started attracting PS2 players. Many were wary of an Xbox site where flaming was allowed and rules were so relaxed. So things were tightened up a bit for the Playstation new boys.

To help bring some of the Playstation guys over from MKO, a deal was struck with KrayzieBone. If he helped spread the word about MKAC, he would be made a mod. The same deal was done with THTB.

In actuality, people were coming over on their own due to the superior nature of MKAC, but a deal was a deal and as the Playstation side of the site grew, both guys were given mod roles as promised.

Later on, both would repay the trust shown in them by going on to show their true back-stabbing server trash mentalities.

In only a few months of existence, MKAC had proven its superiority over MKO both in terms of quality and quantity.

MKAC was based on supporting its users and attending to their needs. People who did work for the community, such as signatures, were given places to show off their work.

Check (the combo obsessed nutcase) was given high profile links to showcase his work allowing him far more exposure than he ever got elsewhere.

In fact Check himself said that MKAC had shown him more support in one month than he had gotten in 2 years at MKO or any other site.

However, the Xbox community would continue to exhibit their mentality that unless they were allowed total freedom to break whatever rules they liked and do any anti-social thing they liked without fear of punishment, they would attack the site, make up hateful lies about site staff and generally act in the way that got them all banned from MKO in the first place.

This was beginning to get very wearing for the MKAC Admin who himself was recovering from cancer and eventually he had had enough of the disrespectful, ungrateful alpha nerd mentality of so many who posted on the site and he made an announcement he would be leaving as admin.

As neither JTF nor any other of the founding members wanted the job, the site was scheduled to be shut down. Just like with the Xbox forums on MKO, the e-Thug mentality of the MKO Xbox Community had caused the community to be broken up again.

Luckily for everyone, JTF came to the rescue again and decided to give the community one last chance. So when MKAC closed down, he opened up MKC...

Features of MKAC

  • State of the art forum software (for the time)
  • Full character forums
  • Credit given for all work done by members of the community
  • Site tailored to the desires of users
  • Fully functional chat rooms
  • Top class shoutbox that didn't break the site when 5 people used it at the same time
  • Flash arcade with loads and loads of games
  • Community members given positions of power
  • No power hungry mods
  • Video Vault
  • Tournaments with cash prizes
  • All sections of the site free and available to all members
  • Site staff only ever deleted posts or banned / muted people for very good reasons, such as repeatedly breaking site rules



When MKAC was closed down, JTF did a final post there telling everyone (especially the MKO Xbox Community) that they would be given one more chance. He would open up another site building on the success of MKAC but if they continued to display their punk mentality, the site would be closed for good and he would walk away.

Thus MKC was born.

It had everything MKAC did and more. It upgraded to the latest vBulletin forum software, got a much sleeker, better looking design, kept the MKA character forums from MKAC and created new ones for MK vs. DC. It got a bigger Flash arcade, a tournament/league ladder system and lots more extras such as the timer JTF created which counted down to the release of MK vs. DC. A news forum was also added with the latest news article automatically displayed on the front page.

JTF still didn't want the job as admin and this was given to Bobby Blaze. Bobby had never done anything to warrant such a promotion but he was given the chance by JTF to prove himself.

JTF, in yet another of his acts of kindness towards the MKO Xbox Community, was prepared to prove to them that nothing on the site was shady in any way. This could be best achieved by having one of their own as admin. Bobby could see and do everything JTF could. This would turn out to be more misplaced kindness as time would tell.

KrayzieBone and THTB stayed on as mods as did Gerchap (until his workload meant he had to resign). A couple of new mods were also hired from the community.

By this time, pretty much every member of the MKO Xbox and PS forums had left MKO and come to MKC. There was also a small but vibrant 2D community starting to flourish as well.

With MKC, JTF moved away from pandering to the keyboard warriors and the site was tailored more for the decent, worthwhile members. The Netherealm flaming forum was kept on for those that wanted to participate in it, but it wasn't encouraged.

Bullying and harassing of other members continued to be clamped down on as people like Shogun, m2dave, Jaden etc. can testify to.

Very few bans were ever handed out at MKC and then only temporary ones. Even the worst trouble makers were given repeated chances to change their behaviour.

MKC was also not plagued by the moronic mentality found on other gaming sites which pander to tournament players. People had larger vocabularies and were able to say more than just 'salty', 'hype' and 'free' over and over like brain-dead parrots.

After only a couple of months of existence MKC became the undisputed best site for players of the latest MK games which were only really played online. MKC quickly became the best source for new information about MK vs. DC as JTF would scan in articles and artwork revealed exclusively in British games magazines. The other, American sites, did not have access to this information and MKO, which prided itself on being the foremost MK news sites, did not even allow magazine scans at all.

MKC had pretty much everything that was asked for by the community.

Soon, however, the self destructive e-Thug mentality of the MK community would begin to show itself once again and not just in the regular users.

As admin, Bobby Blaze was failing totally to justify the faith shown in him by JTF. He rarely did anything at all. He never cleaned up the site, rarely disciplined unruly users or dealt with the training of staff. Worst of all, he showed total bias towards his old MKO Xbox clique, people like Pig of the Hut and L0rdoftheFLY in allowing them to run roughshod over the site rules, highlighting the MKO Xbox Community punk mentality that rules that applied to everyone else didn't apply to them.

Bobby happily admitted to JTF that he couldn't discipline any of his friends at all if they broke rules. He refused to discipline Gerchap for not even turning up and doing his mod job. He couldn't deal with a situation that arose with Quest's girlfriend that JTF had to then deal with. Worst of all, he wouldn't stop his friend L0rdoftheFLY who went on a rampage on the last day of MKC, breaking pretty much every rule on the site. In fact he actually supported him when the things L0rdoftheFLY did would have been instantly stopped and warranted a mute/ban if carried out by anyone else.

It was very clear that for Bobby, all he really wanted was to swan around in a different colour (bolded red) name and be seen to have some important position. Thus, JTF was forced to do most of Bobby's duties as well as his own which effectively undermined Bobby and rendered him even more useless.

KrayzieBone ended up not only being sacked as mod for showing disrespect to the site and site rules but he was banned from the site. It was only thanks to JTF's famous generosity and forgiving nature that he was allowed back on again as a regular user.

Other mods also left when they showed they identified more with the server trash mentality than with a decent one.

The sad reality that so many of the MK community are unpleasant, scrubby, keyboard warrior alpha nerds was becoming more evident as members of both MKC and UltimateMK were working in tandem to get their respective sites shut down.

UltimateMK would last until January 2009. MKC lasted until September 2008. Both the best site for 3D Mortal Kombat and the best site for 2D Mortal Kombat would end up being closed down by the disrespectful scum-bags that made up both communities.

The owner of MKC, JTF, has given an explanation here on his site as to why he closed down MKC, detailing what went on that final day that led to the site's closure. It is recommended that everyone reads that explanation to get a good understanding of the sick mentality of the MKO Xbox Community, specifically key members like L0rdoftheFLY.

In short though, JTF kept his word made back on MKAC that if the MKO Xbox Community displayed their shitty, disrespectful mentality again, he would close MKC down.

And being a man of his word, that's exactly what he did.

The parallels between why Shock closed down the forums on his site UltimateMK, why the MKAC Admin closed down MKAC and why JTF closed down his site MKC are striking.

Although it's worth noting that bad as they were, at least the UltimateMK Community had enough class not to blame Shock for the closure of his site. Unlike the MKO Xbox Community who tried to blame the MKAC Admin and JTF for the closure of their sites before committing one of the worse acts of plagiarism in the MK world - stealing every core component of MKC and using them to create a vastly inferior clone site - MKU, then passing off the site as their own work.

Features of MKC:

  • Sleek, streamlined design
  • Latest forum software
  • Bigger Flash arcade with hundreds of games
  • Updated character forums
  • Tournament / ladder system
  • News forum with latest article on front page
  • Full stats
  • Chat rooms
  • Lots of neat little touches like a timer counting down to MK vs. DC
  • Professional version of shoutbox
  • Ability to have posts read aloud for visually impaired users
  • Community members as site staff
  • Users protected from stalking, harassment or cyber-bullying etc.
  • Credit given for all work done by members of the community
  • Hosted on a decent server that didn't collapse under the weight of 5 people using the shoutbox at the same time
  • All features free and available to all
  • Site staff only ever deleted posts or banned / muted people for breaking site rules
  • Exclusive articles and information in the lead up to the release of MK vs. DC


For those of you who have been posting on MKU unaware of its history, you may be of the belief that MKU is the work of Gerchap and Bobby Blaze.

It is not. It is a vastly inferior clone site of the site that came before it.

Gerchap and Bobby Blaze are part of a community that helped to get MKU's predecessor MKC shut down, just like they did MKC's predecessor MKAC.

Soon after MKC was shut down (you can read about this above), Gerchap (who was a mod on MKC) and Bobby Blaze (the MKC admin) stole the look and feel of MKC, its graphics, its code snippets, its features and functionality and immediately re-opened the site as Mortal Kombat United (MKU).

Although MKU was almost identical to MKC in looks and features, it still managed to be vastly inferior in terms of usefulness and worth as an MK website. (More on this later).

Understand, Bobby Blaze and Gerchap did not just create a site that was a bit like MKC, it WAS MKC in terms of looks and functionality, just with another name and a crappy server trash attitude.

Imagine if UltimateMK had gotten completely closed down then, someone who had been a mod on that site immediately opened up another site within 24 hours called UltimateMKUnited, reproduced the guide section and the video section down to the last links, had the forum set up exactly the same way, used the precise same graphics, colour scheme and code snippets in the same places, then claimed it was all his own work - never even acknowledging the site that came before it.

That's what Gerchap and Bobby Blaze did when they opened MKU.

MKU - the server trash clone of MKC

See these graphics here? Remember them from MKU? Should do, they were on the site for over 2 years.


These graphics were simply stolen from MKC by Gerchap and Bobby Blaze.

With all the millions of graphics on the web or the ability to make new ones, they had to steal the ones from MKC.

The 'Cage Forum' with its special set of rules? This was called 'The Netherealm' on MKC and MKAC. It was the MKAC Admin and JTF (owner of MKC) who made up the forum and the rules. Again Gerchap and Bobby Blaze just stole it and put it on their site, but hey, at least they thought up a new name for it, even if they did just copy and paste the rules.

JTF made up the name 'Video Vault' for the video section on MKAC and this was carried over to MKC. Gerchap and Bobby Blaze stole this name for their video forum too. They couldn't even make up a new name for their forums.

In the weeks leading up to the release of MK vs. DC, MKU had a countdown on the front page of MKU that counted down to the release date. JTF programmed that countdown himself and put it on MKC. It was the only MK site to have that. When MKC closed down, Bobby Blaze just stole the code and put it on MKU.

The banner is a good example of how when they didn't steal something directly, they just stole the general concept and changed it a bit.

Here is the banner MKC had for the majority of its existence - Sub Zero and Scorpion staring at each other with the Dragon symbol and the site name in between them. Here's MKU's banner - the one they had for the first 2.5 years of the site. Scorpion and Sub Zero staring at each other with the Dragon symbol and the site name in between them.

They didn't even have enough imagination to come up with a new banner concept, but hey, at least unlike the graphics and the countdown they just stole the idea and changed it and didn't steal the banner itself and cross out Mortal Kombat Central and put Mortal Kombat United.

In fact there were so many identical and similar components of the 2 sites that when an old member from MKC came onto MKU one day and shared some MKC graphics, it was remarked how similar the 2 sites were.

MKAC was the only meaningful (if not the ONLY) MK site to have full character forums for MKA. MKC was the only worthwhile forum to have full character forums for MK vs. DC. Again, MKU just took that feature and copied it. (As would TYM later on).

The MKU homepage? The same functionality and the almost same identical layout of the MKC homepage.

The yellow links that turned to white when you hovered over them on a dark background? Precisely the same as on MKC. The red colour of the administrator link? Exactly the same as on MKC. They couldn't even come up with different colours for their links!

The design was so similar, that if you posted at MKC for a few months, went away and came back to MKU, it would take you a while to realise you were on a different site.

The exact same Shoutbox... The same exact Arcade... The exact same 'Thanks' system... The exact same stats system with the stats in the exact same location... The exact same chatroom software... All copied from MKC.

Now you may say that all vBulletin sites have some things in common and of course this is correct. But no other single site on the web looked anything like MKC. Not UltimateMK, not TYM not any other MK site. All of them had their own look and feel - their own 'brand'. The only one single website that bore any resemblance to MKC was MKU and as mentioned, this was done deliberately after MKC got shut down.

To put this into perspective, MKU finally got its own look and feel in April 2011, 2 and a half YEARS after existing looking like MKC.

Imagine if some group got MKU closed down then a few days later opened up another site called with all the modern MKU graphics and made out it was totally their own site without ever tributing or acknowledging the site which came before it...

That's exactly what Gerchap and Bobby Blaze did when they opened up MKU.

In a community that gets hysterical if someone takes credit for a combo created by someone else, stealing a whole site and passing it off as your own is the ultimate act of server trash plagiarism.

Even worse, Gerchap would go on to revise history in explaining how MKU came about, portraying himself and his community as heroes uniting the community instead of being thieves and the ones who constantly tore it apart.

Gerchap and Bobby's crime wasn't starting another site. It was stealing someone else's work and passing it off as their own. It was making up nasty lies about the person / people who looked after them for years, saved them and genuinely UNITED their community when they self destructed back on MKO.

When Shock closed down UltimateMK for exactly the same reason JTF closed down MKC, at least the server trash UltimateMK community had the decency to thank him for his work, show contrition for their behaviour and not try to reproduce UltimateMK as their own site.

But then Shock never had to look after the sickening MKO Xbox Community.

So why did Bobby Blaze and Gerchap do what they did?

Bobby Blaze (the technical 'brains' behind MKU who used to be JTF's admin on MKC) is far too stupid to actually make a site on his own. And Gerchap (JTF's mod on MKC) can't even use a calculator without guidance. Neither of them had a clue how to make a site on their own. The only way they could put together a website and play hero to the community was to steal JTF's site and pass it off as their own.

And even while they were using JTF's graphics, JTF's code, JTF's layout and JTF's features, they were busy making up lies about JTF and smearing his reputation, despite the fact that everything they have ever had in MK is down to him.

Of course there were a few differences between MKC and MKU. For example, by the time MKU came out, vBulletin had updated their software and included things like personal pages. This wasn't anything different added by the MKU staff, it was just a case of them using the latest version of vBulletin which MKC would have upgraded to it had the site lasted a few months longer.

JTF bought 3rd party tournaments & ladders software for MKC. That functionality was of course copied for MKU like everything else but simply by using a vBulletin script that hadn't been available earlier for MKC.

Pretty much every small visual or functional difference between MKC and MKU was not down to any creativity or ingenuity by Bobby Blaze and Gerchap, it was just a by-product of them using a later version of vBulletin.

The same - yet worse...

Most of the changes between MKC and MKU however, were Bobby Blaze and Gerchap finding ways to make MKU worse than MKC even though visually they were almost identical.

For example, everything on MKC was free - but on MKU users were / are constantly harassed (with annoying banners) for money - to make 'contributions' to the site.

Ads were even inserted into posts and it got so bad people started complaining.

There was no need for adverts or 'Premium members' on MKAC or MKC because JTF was rich enough to pay for a video game fan site to be hosted on a decent server without having to beg people to chip in.

On MKC, everyone had access to everything - like the Flash Arcade, which had hundreds of games. On MKU, this was available only to Premium Members and there were far fewer games.

On MKC, JTF would be the first in the entire MK community to provide news on the upcoming MK vs. DC. He would scan in exclusive articles from British games magazines that Americans didn't have access to.

Bobby Blaze and Gerchap never provided anything for the community off their own back for MK9 - any news on their site was copied and pasted from other sites by other people.

Even more damning, MKU has nowhere near the presence in the community that MKU (and MKAC) had. Few people even know about MKU - anyone interested in what passes for 'high level' play in the MK community goes to TYM.

Representatives from NRS like Ed Boon talk to and talk about TYM high profile users on a regular basis. Nobody at NRS has a fucking clue who Bobby Blaze, Gerchap and DarkTrax are.

Attacking & stalking people encouraged

On MKC, everyone was respected and bullying or harassment of other users was not allowed - as people like Dancock, m2dave, shogun and jaden can testify to.

More importantly, privacy was respected on MKC.

On MKU, the morons who ran the site thought it was their right to know everyone's personal details and people were harassed and attacked for not posting pictures of themselves or giving private information.

Generally, (much like the bully mentality at school), people were picked on at MKU and others were encouraged to sit back and watch for the amusement.

Harassment of female members

As well as the normal daily harassment and privacy invasion encouraged by those who run MKU, the harassment of female posters deserves a separate mention. True to their creepy, nerdy Xbox live stereotype, MKU staff, especially DarkTrax encouraged harassing all female posters to put up pictures of themselves and 'prove' what they looked like.

This was just an excuse for the creeps who ran MKU to perve over the pictures of women who wouldn't even waste spit on them in a bar or pub.

Not surprisingly, many females left MKU, including Jasmin Jade, one of the people responsible for helping to create MKAC and MKC.

Below is just one example - some poor girl joined the site and was so pressured to put up a picture of herself when she didn't want to that she found an image on the web and used that.

When she was found out, she was insulted and called names and made out to be a fake when she didn't want to put up a picture in the first place.

Girls harassed and treated badly at MKU

What a perfect description of the people who ran MKU.

Under no circumstances do you attack and harass female gamers to put up pictures of themselves - this is what drives girls away from gamer sites.

No one on the Internet needs to 'prove' who they are on a general gaming forum. It's simple common sense to protect your privacy, especially in a community of stalkers and nutcases.

But the inbred, ignorant rednecks who ran MKU thought it was somehow their right to stalk and harass any girl who joined the site, even trying to dig up stuff about their past just to see if they were really female...

Absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to everything MKC and MKAC stood for. This became much worse when DarkTrax became admin - so much so, that site members began to tell him off about it and in response he would ban them. (More on this below).

Massive hypocrisy

On MKC, posts were very rarely, if ever deleted and certainly never edited like on MKU. On occasion, they would simply be moved to a correct thread or the thread closed if it turned bad, but mods never edited people's posts or did anything like that. This happened on MKU (as well as people getting banned for no reason) so frequently that even Xbox regulars like Red Saleen threatened to leave.

People banned all the time for no reason at MKU

You would think the one good thing about being on a site run by server trash who got hysterical if they ever got muted or banned would be that no one ever got muted or banned.

On every other site since MKO, the Xbox scum who ran MKU would get hysterical and write long whiny posts every time one of their number so much as got a thread closed let alone got banned because they couldn't bear the fact they had to be quiet and stop arguing when told to by a mod.

The single biggest reason why they all got banned from MKO, UltimateMK and all the other sites was because they couldn't shut up when told to by a mod and kept answering back.

But in yet another display of Xbox community alpha nerd hypocrisy, people got banned and muted at MKU all the time for doing EXACTLY the same things that members of the MKO Xbox Community were famous for being banned for.

This post done by one of the few decent mods at MKU, Paralyzer, would be fine on any other site.

But a site run by MKO Xbox Community scum, telling OTHER people not to answer back when told to STFU and to respect mods is so hypocritical, it's embarrassing.

The trigger incident that got MKC shut down involved one of the clique members of MKU L0rdoftheFLY exhibiting precisely this mentality. Repeatedly ignoring warnings to shut up in the shoutbox, then in threads and even in PM. And his behaviour was supported by other MKO Xbox Community scum like Bobby Blaze.

But once they got their own site, they suddenly decided it was the right thing to do because they were in charge.

At one point, MKU even got mods specifically for the shoutbox whose job it was to silence people who didn't obey rules.

How DARE the scum who ran MKU silence or mute anyone else? When their whole life, on every site they have ever been on, they have gotten hysterical and attacked mods and sites for muting or banning one of their number.

All this highlights is that these vermin want to be the ones in control, tell others what to do, have the power to silence anyone who doesn't say what they like, but can't bear it when they have the shut up and follow rules on other people's sites.

Total alpha nerd hypocrisy.

As this screenshot and this screenshot illustrate, mods on MKU have no respect for people and edit their shouts and posts at whim as well as muting or banning them. Again, how dare the scumbags from the MKO Xbox Community do these things, when they have spent their whole lives ranting and raving at mods who edit posts or mute / silence / ban people?

It's hard to fathom how individuals like Bobby Blaze, Pig of the Hut, DarkTrax and Chaos Theory etc. can be so hypocritical and not realise what ridiculous fools they look like.

Here's another example. A member of the site makes reference to the fact MKU is famous for having staff that encourage harassing and stalking females.

Trax immediately bans him to shut him up, showing not only the corrupt mindset of the MKU senior staff but their mind-numbing hypocrisy, considering how they (Trax especially) have spent their whole lives ranting on other sites about mods who ban people.

Who wants to be an MKU mod? No one.

At one point, pretty much every mod on MKU resigned or left on bad terms. In fact it became something of a joke.

No one wants to be an MKU mod...

Everyone was in no doubt what the problem was and that was the power hungry admins who ran the site...

Power hungry MKU

For those who weren't around during the MKO - MKC days, it's hard to appreciate the total hypocrisy of these scum in creating a site where people get banned and muted on a whim and where mods are called things like 'dictators'. This site was created by a community of people who spent the previous 4 years on other sites hysterically attacking site mods and calling them dictators when they were banned or muted for their incessant server trash behaviour.

MKU - the 10th rate SRK

Perhaps one of the worst ways in which Bobby Blaze and Gerchap managed to make MKU inferior to MKC and MKAC was how they changed the nature of the site.

Both MKAC and MKC were created by people who loved Mortal Kombat and the sites catered specifically for those who loved MK games.

MKU on the other hand, started off being full of pathetic 'tournament scrubs' who spent half their time bashing MK and promoting other 'proper' fighting games. Most people joined MKAC / MKC to play Mortal Kombat online - not to pretend they were professional Street Fighter players.

Instead of being the number one MK site that MKC and MKAC were, MKU, for the first year of its life, was a 10th rate SRK where more posts were about other fighting games than Mortal Kombat.

MKU - the trailer park of the MK community

After a while though, most tournament scrubs left the site to post mainly on TYM.

What was left was mostly the low IQ, redneck / nigger, bottom-feeding lowlifes who enjoy talking trash to each other more than having good games playing MK.

Still, very few threads were actually about Mortal Kombat. Now, most threads were just idiots calling each other 'fgt noop' and the whole site had the atmosphere of an XBOX shooter community.

The few gameplay threads that existed were no better. Some pathetic scrub would whine for 10 pages that Green Lantern's combo breaker was 'cheap' while the rest of the community called him a fgt noop.

MKAC and MKC were created to get away from MKO where these idiots dwelt - now it seemed they had another home on MKU.

In essence MKU became a version of Xbox Live - a pathetic community of stereotypical American alpha nerd shits who typify everything awful about Internet gaming.

Whereas MKC had led in contributing to the community, MKU offered nothing other than idiot keyboard warriors insulting each other for no reason and troll threads.

MKU the joke

Any worthwhile, useful MK related post was likely to be posted by a random member of the community and certainly not by the likes of Bobby Blaze, Gerchap or later on, DarkTrax.

After MK9 was released, MKU kept its Xbox Live feel but, in true MKU copycat fashion started mimicking TYM in terms of becoming obsessed with offline tournaments, worshipping Tom Brady and ranting at people who enjoyed playing online.

It was bad enough that Gerchap and Bobby Blaze had committed their act of plagiarism but instead of upholding the same high standards of MKC they had produced a monstrosity of a clone.

MKU had come to represent everything that is bad about Xbox communities and Internet sites in general.

Even when 2 years after MKC had closed down and there was nothing else to copy from that site, MKU still carried on stealing from other people.

Mods were encouraged to steal posts from other sites (including TYM) and just not give any credit. Not just posts either. When TYM got a Facebook and Twitter, MKU did too - and all they had on their Twitter was feeds from other, MK-related Twitters.

It was also thanks to TYM that MKU got so many visitors. It was TYM who made the decision to involve SRK in the MK community and because of this, TYM started to get thousands of visitors a day, some of whom thus also visited MKU.

The senior staff of MKU did nothing themselves to drive traffic to their site - as usual they just relied on someone else to do the work for them.

Every element of MKU was stolen from someone else - nothing on the site was original. The whole site was / is one giant tribute to plagiarism and parasitism.

So why did Gerchap and Bobby Blaze do what they did?

As mentioned above, the fact they are typical Xbox server trash punk scum who have no respect for anyone else means they think they should be allowed to steal other people's work and take credit for it.

But there is more to it than that.

Ever since he first joined the MK community, Gerchap fancied himself as some sort of 'Godfather'. The 'Big Daddy' of the community.

Often he refers to himself as the 'Don'.

Yet in reality this is just fantasy. In reality, Gerchap neither has the brains, the creativity or the ability to do something like create a good MK site off his own back. When the Xbox Community got banned en masse from MKO, the 'Don' did absolutely nothing about it. He didn't provide them with a new site to post on or a new home to live on. It took a few people from the PAL PS2 server they didn't even know to rescue the MKO Xbox Community.

Thanks to JTF and friends, not Gerchap, the Xbox community would have somewhere to call home and not just anywhere, but the best MK site around.

It was because of JTF and the MKAC Admin that Gerchap got his first taste of power as mod. (Sadly, as documented above, he abused that power and the trust shown in him). And it was JTF, not Gerchap, who made Bobby Blaze admin at MKC, a role he just carried over to the clone site MKU.

Gerchap did nothing to give either his own alpha nerd Xbox community or the greater MK community anything. It was only when the Xbox community regulars and other MK misfits had succeeded in destroying something like the 3rd home for them and got MKC shut down, that Gerchap saw his chance to fully live out his 'Don' fantasy. He would get to run a whole site on his own and everyone would look up to him as the big boss.

Just one problem. He didn't have a clue how to make a site.

So he decided to steal someone else's.

MKU was not only a copy of JTF's site, it was a result of 2-3 years of hard work on behalf of the PAL people who worked to make MKAC and MKC such a success. You don't get to be a 'Godfather' or a 'Don' by just stealing someone else's work and passing it off as your own. That makes you a slimy rodent worthy of scorn and contempt.

Worst name ever for a site...

In a total denial of who they are and what they have done, Gerchap would name his clone site 'Mortal Kombat United'. This name was apparently chosen to symbolise how 'united' the community would be under this new site. This is sickening hypocrisy to anyone who knows the track record of Gerchap's MKO Xbox Community.

The nerds who set up MKU didn't 'unite' the community when they were all banned from MKO due to their disrespectful punk nature.

They didn't 'unite' the community when they tried to get MKAC closed down for no reason.

They didn't 'unite' the community when they all had to leave UltimateMK when they all got banned for disobeying mods there.

They didn't 'unite' the community when they got MKC shut down for showing the very same mentality that got them banned from every other site.

And even on their OWN site - MKU, the server trash of the community couldn't stay united.

Pretty much everyone who was made mod left, usually on bad terms.

Then after only a few months, half the community left to start their own site - TYM. Even many original MKO Xbox Community members like Pig of the Hut and Red Saleen started attacking the site over the ludicrous numbers of bannings.

United? UNITED?!

Even on a site run by the very trash banned from every other site and responsible for getting every other site closed down, they still couldn't function as a 'united' community.

The only thing this 'united' nonsense does is highlight how even though they are the masters of their own downfall, the server trash always portray themselves as victims as though the bad things that happen to them are someone else's fault when of course it is purely theirs.

It should always be remembered that the people responsible for setting up and running MKU are the ones responsible for BREAKING UP the community over and over again. Every site they have ever been on, they have torn the community apart due to their keyboard warrior nature and lack of respect for site staff and rules.


There is absolutely no excuse for what Gerchap and Bobby Blaze did.

If being a website owner and leader of a community is important to you then you must stamp your own sense of identity onto your site and live and die by your ideas, your actions and your contributions to the community.

Nothing about MKU said Gerchap.

JTF is far more of a 'Don' of the MK community - not because he gave himself a stupid name and not because he gave himself a big bolded title to swan around his site on.

But because JTF alone saved the wretched MKO Xbox Community (including Gerchap and Bobby Blaze) when they destroyed their community back on MKO.

Because JTF was the one single person from the MKO community to put in the long hours and do the hard work to get MKAC off the ground and give the MK community an alternative to MKO that was a million times better.

Gerchap didn't do that or KrayzieBone or Storms or anyone else.

TYM only exists today because of the chain of events that JTF started.

It is because of JTF that the online forums at MKO are empty as anyone who spent the years posting at MKAC or MKC knows.

For those who are unaware of just what JTF has done for this community, have a look at this page.

And yet all the while, while sitting on an inferior clone of JTF's site, with JTF's features and design, JTF's ideas and rules, JTF's forums and code, all the while they would continue to trash talk JTF as though their online entire existence didn't depend on him and him alone providing them with virtual homes to live on.

A person's place in history is assured according to the acts he carries out and the effect he has on other people in doing those acts. JTF provided not only sites but virtual homes for pretty much every member of the 3D MK community and more to live on, 24 hours a day for several years. That is his legacy.

Gerchap and Bobby Blaze belong to a community which has destroyed every MK site they have ever been on. Which has caused nothing but hate and anger and the vilification of good, decent people who made the MK world a better place. They are now immortalised in these pages as the frauds and thieves that they are and their reputation will be recorded accordingly.

That is their legacy and a fitting one it is.

Features of MKU:

  • A plagiarised, inferior clone version of MKC with no credit given to those really responsible for site's creation
  • Run by people who have done more to destroy the MK community than everyone else put together
  • Threads and posts edited or deleted for little to no reason
  • People banned all the time for little reason
  • People constantly hassled to help financially support the site, unlike MKAC and MKC where everything was free for everyone.
  • Despite having both the UMK crowd for a bit and new players for MK vs. DC, it couldn't get more people on at a time than MKC had (until MK9 came out and TYM got SRK involved in the MK community).
  • Encouraged stalking and digging up personal information about people
  • Female users harassed and insulted for not putting up their pictures
  • Forgot its Mortal Kombat roots and became a combination of a dumbed down 10th rate SRK and the website equivalent of Xbox Live - full of the lowest form of online life

TYM was created when 2 mods from MKU decided they would split the 'high level' MK community in two over the fact they couldn't have exactly what they wanted on MKU.

And what they wanted was a place where all the pro-gamer wannabe tournament scrubs could gather together to misquote Sirlin, pretend they were something special and talk down to normal people who play video games for their main recreational purpose.

The site started off being called MKE but soon changed its name.

Much like with Gerchap and Bobby Blaze on MKU, TYM had at the start one leader who had a job and money to actually pay for the site (Storms) and one jobless bum who didn't (KrayzieBone). (Plus a 3rd, silent member who did all the technical work).

KrayzieBone's server trash behaviour is well documented. Storms had done little previously to harm the community although as time would go on, his power hungry and nasty personality would begin to make itself clear.

Along with these 2, a few of the dicks from the UltimateMK Community were also given positions of power - people like Juggs, Tim Static, 9.95 and Zaq.

In short, the mod team would become comprised of mostly unpleasant, narrow minded 'tournament scrubs' and 2D fanatics, most of whom, by the time TYM came around had already generated for themselves negative reputations on other sites.

For example:

KrayzieBone - leader of a clan of alpha nerd e-Thugs. Arrogant, patronising life-failure who back on MKC was sacked as mod for not obeying site rules and who then tried to split the community up and drive everyone back to MKO to pursue his own petty desire for vengeance.

Tim Static - one of the most despised idiots from the UltimateMK Clique of Losers, banned and warned on multiple sites for his server trash behaviour. Known mostly for abusing his powers as mod to censor people he doesn't agree with.

Juggs - skinnier version of Tim Static

Zaq, owner of Classic MK, who once threatened to throw acid in the face of a community member's baby.

THTB - known for being cheerleader to some of the community's biggest scumbags and showed his true server trash mentality the day MKC got shut down.

9.95 - Another one of the UltimateMK Clique of Losers who hadn't been mod on TYM for more than a few weeks before he was threatening to ban people who didn't say UMK3 was a wonderful high level fighting game.

And so on. In fact many of the mods and admins at TYM are utter filth and have proven themselves to be so over the years on various sites.

A few decent names were added to the team like Dancock, but most are individuals who have demonstrated previously that they really do not deserve positions of power.

This would become apparent as time went on as people had posts edited / deleted, were threatened or were even banned simply for not sharing the same opinions as site staff.

The whole site had an air of brainwashing. It wasn't uncommon, for example, for polls to be opened by site staff which simply gave a variety of answers that were all variations of the same answer, so people had no choice but to agree with the person who did the thread.

This poll opened by KrayzieBone for example.

TYM - home of brainwashing in the MK community

Or this one opened by Storms

TYM - home of brainwashing in the MK community

Just like with all the other sites associated with the UltimateMK Clique of Losers, TYM from the start got itself a reputation where people had to agree with site staff or face warnings or bans. Like corrupt politicians desperately using propaganda mediums to try and control what the masses think - a very sick, nasty state of affairs. This was also the case on MKU, but was more apparent on TYM.

Mods have no respect for users and do what they like with their threads, deleting and editing at whim.

Much like UltimateMK and MKU, TYM quickly became a nasty little clique site where, unless you were in with the staff, or at least thought the same way they did, you were not likely to last long on the site.

From a design point of view, the site at least tried to create its own style. Although that style was messy and over-complicated with too many gadgets and gizmos that no one really asked for and which just slowed the site down. More recently, the site has undergone design changes to take into account the new Injustice: Gods Among Us game.

The focus of TYM is offline tournaments. This despite the fact that the vast majority of MK players will never have any interest in tournaments. Anyone who isn't obsessed with playing at tournaments is looked down on and generally treated badly at TYM. Their opinions are usually dismissed.

Sadly, many of the staff and users of TYM are hopelessly poor and can't afford to travel to tournaments, so they spend much of their time begging on the site for aid to travel to them. Perhaps if they spent less time talking crap on fanboy websites and more time looking for a job, they might be able to earn enough money to travel to video game tournaments.

Much like Gerchap did on MKU, Storms would revise history and try to make out that TYM coming into existence was a magical and marvellous thing that illustrated how truly great the community could be.

When in fact, as reality shows us, TYM came into existence because the community couldn't sort out their differences on MKU, where they were because they got MKC and the UltimateMK forums shut down, where they were because they got MKAC shut down, where they were because they couldn't all get along on MKO etc., etc....

TYM, (like MKU) is just another monument to the fact the 'high level' MK community can't last for any period of time on a site with people who don't think the same way they do.

It should also be remembered that the one single person who is REALLY responsible for the creation of TYM is JTF. Without the chain of events he set in place (creating MKAC which led to MKC which led to MKU), there would be no TYM.

KrayzieBone and Storms never made any effort to give their precious community a better site when they all posted on MKO. And that's where they would still be if not for JTF.

At least Storms didn't steal much from any of JTF's sites except for the term 'Video Vault' which KrayzieBone lifted from MKAC and MKAC.

Unlike MKU, the mods of TYM made a big effort to 'network' with other MK sites. To start with, this 'network' involved UltimateMK and Classic MK (which have now both closed down). When they were up, they mostly had exactly the same people posting on them as TYM did (and of course they were both owned and run by current TYM mods). So in essence, TYM would spend a lot of their time networking with themselves on different sites.

The simple truth is, when they created TYM, all the owners of the site did was separate the tournament-loving, Sirlin-worshipping, wannabe-elites from the redneck, trash-talking, Xbox Live type trash of MKU.

If Storms and KrayzieBone had had any real respect for the community, they would have just supported Shock on his site since their mentality is so close to his and so many of their staff are from his site.

But due to their lust for power and the desire to have things all their own way, they had to go and open up yet another MK site and splinter the MK community even further.

TYM is basically a shitty, NRS flavoured SRK clone, except with more oppressive mods, more extremist fanboys and a nastier atmosphere.

Power hungry TYM nerds

The site has the vibe of SRK mixed with GameFAQS - a bunch of twats with tiny vocabularies (every other word is either 'salty', 'free' or 'hype'), all bickering, being immature and attacking anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. Decent people leave the site on a regular basis having had enough of the low quality posting that goes on there.

People tired of shit atmosphere at TYM

Almost every thread is full of the same crappy animated .gifs pulled from Google Images depicting people eating popcorn or 'face-palming' which you find on every other stupid American website on the Internet.

Nobody who posts regularly on the site is a true high level player, although from time to time, someone like Wong will do a very rare post then go back to doing what true high level players do - play and win in high level tournaments.

To start with, TYM had the same problem as MKU where real female posters were harassed and fake female posters attracted attention for the wrong reasons. After a few embarrassing public incidents, TYM sought to address the problem by taking on a militant feminist as mod to attack any straight male saying anything which could be deemed offensive to women. From then on, people were warned or banned for posting inoffensive .gifs and making light hearted jokes which could be perceived to be sexist.

Going from one extreme to another is rarely 'making things better' and so it became for TYM. Now, in addition to being like SRK and GameFAQs, the site became part Kotaku / NeoGAF as well.

The people who run TYM like to think that they run a 'high level' site. In fact, 75% of the posts on TYM are absolutely no different to those you'll find on places like GameFAQs or MKO. The site is full of hysterical, over-reacting, whiny scrubs complaining that some character or another should be nerfed or buffed or whatever for the slightest reason.

When the game Injustice: Gods Among Us was released for example, TYM was full of threads screaming for Deathstroke to be nerfed. Then, when he was, the site was full of threads complaining he had been nerfed too much and was useless (even though people were winning tournaments with him).

Although usually on TYM, every time someone wins a tournament with a character, he is proclaimed top 3 or top 5.

The site is always full of threads complaining that X character should be this rank in a tier list or Y character is over-rated etc. - it all just gives the site its SRK / GameFAQs flavour.

Of course there's nothing wrong with reasoned, intelligent discussion but every thread is usually the same old mixture of ignorance based on subjective experience, over-reaction to tournament play and general keyboard warrior nonsense.

The reality is that most of the site is actually made up of low level players who aren't capable of working out for themselves that a Mileena poke is quite good until they see someone on a web stream using it.

In fact most of TYM's posters are mindless sheep, easily impressed by players like REO and Tom Brady who they worship unquestioningly - seemingly not aware that their idols are nowhere near the level of true pro gamers like Daigo or Wong.

In conclusion, TYM is far and away the worst website in the Mortal Kombat universe, worse even than MKU due to the fact few people even know about that site and it has little to no influence anywhere.

It wasn't until Injustice: Gods Among Us came out that TYM really came into its own for all to see. At this point, TYM stopped being a Mortal Kombat site and became an NRS fanboy site. Hordes of NRS-worshipping sycophants started stalking every thread, attacking anyone who said anything negative about Injustice: Gods Among Us / NRS.

It is a sad, but true fact that on sites like MKO and TRMK, sites traditionally associated with the worst aspects of MK fanboyism, you can get a far more balanced view now of an NRS game and get far more tolerance of negative opinions than you can on TYM.

TYM today is a site that takes the worst aspects of sites like SRK, GameFAQs, IGN and MKO and mixes it together to create a site that is horrible to visit unless you are an NRS-idolising fanboy who says whatever the mods and the fanatical site regulars want you to say.

Features of TYM

  • vBulletin site with lots of resource hungry gadgets
  • Many resources and info for 2D games taken from UltimateMK
  • Has the same shitty vibe as SRK / GameFAQs
  • Obsessed with tournaments, even though at least 75% of the site's users don't actually go to tournaments.
  • Full of extremist 2D MK fanboys and 'tournament scrubs'
  • Mods have free reign to treat users however they like and most abuse their power to do so if they don't agree with what a user says - post deletions, even bannings are not uncommon - just like on any other site associated with the vile UltimateMK Clique of Losers


So there you have it...

The 'high level' MK community...

7 years of sites getting closed down, people getting mass banned, the community getting split up time after time and site owners writing long speeches about how awful the community is.

Really high level stuff...

Funny how the other fighting game communities have managed to stay together on their sites for years even though they all have their fair share of scrubs and server trash.

Just the MK community can't.

Games like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom have the likes of Momochi, Daigo, Infiltration and Justin Wong - internationally respected players who play (and win) serious money, travelling the globe, playing games that are respected throughout the entire video game world.

MK has...

Shock? A Hulk Hogan wannabe obsessed with a 15 year old game that no one else in the world takes seriously apart from him and the few 2D fanboys from his now defunct site.

Tom Brady? A tantrum throwing excuse maker whose self-opinion far outstrips his actual ability, who has spent his life playing second rate fighting game franchises and whose name is a joke outside of the Mortal Kombat community.

Gerchap? A thief and a fraud from a server trash community responsible for getting more sites closed down than any other.

Check? A nutcase with such severe personality problems, he can't hold down a job anywhere, so he spends his whole life making MK combo videos of MK's most broken games in his basement.

REO? A creepy little drug user once branded a 'cancer' to the MK community who has spent at least 75% of his gaming life on MK websites talking shit in shoutboxes or posting troll threads, trying to get a rise out of people.

These are what pass for 'high level' people in the MK community?

Because of course, the MK community doesn't really have any truly 'high level' players compared to the likes of other fighting game communities.

The one person in the MK community who can actually claim to be a genuine high level player is Perfect Legend due to his multiple Evo wins and the fact he managed those wins by training against the computer and playing online.

Although even Perfect Legend would probably struggle to compete at games with a higher level of competition like Street Fighter.

Aside from his Evo wins though, the thing that separates Perfect Legend from the likes of REO and Tom Brady is that he doesn't spend hours every day on TYM or YouTube getting involved in flame wars with the likes of xxxScOrPiOnRoCkSxxx or IP$W$N$U - he just spends his time training and playing, only occasionally offering the odd post here and there.

That mentality is just not that common in the MK community.

The simple truth is, the standard of play and the standard of players in NRS games is just not that high. When players from other communities come over and join the MK community for a bit they don't drop their main games. Capcom players for example may take part in the odd MK or Injustice tournament but they don't stop playing their main game - for example Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom. In effect they play the NRS game as a second or third game and even then they still often do fairly well.

You never see the likes of REO and Tom Brady go over to the Street Fighter community and win the big tournaments there because the standard is much higher, there are far more high level players and they just aren't that good.

Deep down they know this and they prefer to remain big fish in a very small pond.

The fact is, the MK franchise has never traditionally been a serious fighting game franchise and thus has always attracted a certain type of low-brow player.

This got much more noticeable when people stopped playing arcades and started playing online and could reveal their true personalities from behind the safety of a computer screen.

As the UltimateMK staff put it when they closed their forums:

MK server trash

This has been proven to be true time and time again.

Regardless of so-called high level players being dismissive of online play, the reality is that the high level Mortal Kombat community lives online on TYM (and other sites) and it is living online on their sites which binds the community together and reveals them for who and what they are.

From MKO to UltimateMK to MKAC to MKC to MKU to TYM, the same pattern of disrespectful alpha nerd behaviour, the same intolerance towards anyone who doesn't think the same way they do, the same mass bans and the same site closures for the same reasons. All of this highlights what the 'high level' MK community truly is.

With the continued opening and closing of MK sites, the scum of the MK community have proven that they simply can't bear being on a site with people who don't think the same way they do or where they have to follow someone else's rules.

That's why the likes of Classic MK, UltimateMK, MKU and TYM were / are clique sites where only like-minded people get on with each other.

As users, these people show no respect for site rules and scream and throw tantrums when they are muted or banned for not shutting up when they are told to. But when they get to be mod on a site or open up a site of their own, then those very same people start banning and muting other people for the slightest reasons.

This repugnant, hypocritical behaviour just highlights their mentality where they want to be in control and force everyone else to accept their point of view.

The personality problems of these server trash are explored in more detail on the Server Trash Analysis page. Simply put most of the MK community are disrespectful punks who have no respect for each other or the people who have provided them with virtual homes to live on.

They cannot bear the fact they cannot get the last word or have to follow a few simple rules on a site and respect other people.

They can't bear the fact that others don't accept their usually ignorant opinions as fact or that people don't think the same way they do. They are only 'cool' when around people who have the same opinions and beliefs they do.

They cannot bear losing and make up excuses or lie when they do.

Most have shitty personalities and they cannot control their anger when they don't get what they want and they use the anonymity of the Internet to safely 'trash talk' others when in real life, face to face, they know they would get knocked out if they tried that.

It's amusing that when some of these guys do go to offline tournaments, they are always quiet as a mouse and don't say a bad word to anyone because they know they don't have the guts to, face to face. It's also funny to see the biggest keyboard warriors offline are often weedy, tiny little runts or fat nerds; justifying the online warrior stereotype who compensates for his physical short-comings by talking trash online.

Most of these guys wouldn't have a clue how to fight in real life so they try to make up for it by playing fighting videos games.

Sadly the MK community is rammed full of these stereotypes, more so than other fighting communities. People who think their opinions equal fact and who hate anyone who disagrees with them. People for whom 'winning' an argument is more important than admitting they are wrong or acknowledging other people's opinions. People who are close minded and who argue, not because they have facts to educate with, but because they simply can't bear being contradicted... All these types of people are low worth human beings and there are just too many of them in the MK community.

They are all able to see everyone else's faults, but just can't see their own. For example, those on MKU can see that those on TYM brainwash and censor anyone who disagrees with them. Those on TYM can see that those on MKU are just a bunch of trash talking morons. They can both see that those on MKO and TRMK etc. are mostly low level scrubs who whine when people 'spam'. They are all good at spotting each other's faults but are all blind to their own.

No doubt they will all attack the makers of this site for saying things about them personally, but privately agree with things said about everyone else on here.

The most pathetic thing of all is, even after all this time, the server trash still don't realise it is they who are wrong, not everyone else.

They all portray themselves as victims and everyone else as the problem.

If every single worthwhile 'high level' MK community website you've ever been on has either gotten itself a shitty reputation, has closed down or closed its forums due to your behaviour then it's not everyone else's fault, it's yours.

If you join a website, you read the site rules, you obey the site mods, you don't back-chat them and you respect other site users. If you can't, you won't last very long on any site. Which is why most of the scum who make up the MK community can't stay on any site for any period of time.

A website is a personal home of the people who have created it. If you are allowed to join, you are a guest in that home and you treat the people who run the site with respect. Anyone who creates a website and allows other people to join it is giving you a gift for free. If you don't like that free gift then go somewhere else.

Even if the site is objectively bad, like MKO, it is a still a free gift. Abide by the site rules, respect the mods or leave and go somewhere else.

And on the flip side, if you run a forum, then you don't use it to try and force everyone else to think the same way you do. You don't ban or censor people who simply don't agree with you on which games are best. You don't abuse your power as a mod to silence anyone who doesn't think the same way you do. People like that should not be allowed to run public websites.

Of all the aforementioned websites, the only ones which were run by anyone with integrity and honesty were MKAC and MKC. Despite the sickeningly stupid lies and accusations made up by the scum who were given homes on those sites, no one accused JTF or the MKAC Admin of censoring anyone simply for liking different video games or having different opinions on how best to play. There were no mass protests on those sites because of huge numbers of bannings.

In fact MKAC especially was often criticised for allowing people too much freedom which is why the Xbox scum loved it so much. And MKC improved on MKAC in pretty much every way.

MKAC and MKC were objectively the best things to ever happen to the MK community and they were ruined by the very people they were set up to cater for.

The MK community DOES have some decent members in it. But if these decent people actually want an end to the scumbags who have destroyed the community up until now, then they need to become more vocal about really supporting the people who have done nothing but good for the community and speak out against those who have helped to tear apart the community for their own selfish reasons.

People also need to leave websites which epitomise all of the problems mentioned above and any new websites which open up need to learn from the mistakes of the old ones. Repeating the same pattern over and over again solves nothing.

If none of this is done, then this pathetic excuse for a 'community' will be forced to limp from site to site like unwanted lepers, while the rest of the fighting game community has a good laugh at their expense.

When the Xbox community got banned from MKO, why didn't people point out it was their e-Thug behaviour which caused it?

When UltimateMK closed down, why didn't more people point out it was the alpha nerd mentality of the community that caused it?

When MKAC and MKC were closed down, why didn't people say, "Hang on, why do all our sites keep getting closed down for the same reason?"

When those responsible broke away from MKU to form TYM, why didn't people say this was getting ridiculous and ask why people couldn't make the effort to get on with each other for the good of the community and stop constantly tearing the community apart for their own selfish reasons?

All you have now is the ridiculous situation where 70% of the posts on MKU and TYM are precise duplicates because so many of the same people post on both sites.

MKAC was necessary because the competitive players of MKD were never going to get what they wanted on MKO. TYM was not necessary. Both MKU and TYM have the same people go to tournaments and have the same people play online. The fact there are two sites for 'high level' MK players is a constant reminder of the intolerant and power-hungry nature of the well known faces in the Mortal Kombat community.

To sum up, if, after 7 years of this bullshit, anyone in this community still doesn't accept what the MK community is, then they are beyond help.

Sad fact is, this 'community' probably isn't worth saving - it has too many low quality human beings to be worth spending any time or money on.

Perhaps the people documented in these pages will read this site and realise what shitty human beings they really are.

In the meantime, the MKO Xbox Community, the UltimateMK Community and all the rest will continue to foul up the Internet with their shitty personalities, all the while blaming everyone else for the problems they cause.