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MK Communities & Clans

Within the greater MK community, there have traditionally been several smaller communities. We examine them in more detail here.

It should be noted that not every member of a specific community is server trash. There are exceptions of course. There are certainly some decent people in the various MK communities. But when enough members of a community behave a certain way, that community gets itself a reputation.

The 2 main sub-groups in the MK community are:

Over the years, other, even more niche communities have been formed. Here are a few of the more notable ones.

MK Clans

Here we acknowledge the worst MK clans to have ever polluted the MK online game servers and message boards. These clans are all essentially defunct now but when they existed, they were more likely to trash talk than say good game, make excuses when they lost, use all the scrubs tactics known to man and were made up of some of the worst losers, scrubbiest players and biggest keyboard warriors to infect the MK world.

These clans also comprised some of the individuals most responsible for tearing apart the MK community and contributing most to sites getting closed down.

So, here are the worst clans to appear on each of the 3 main game servers.

Worst Xbox Clan - Outworld Gods

Outworld Gods was undoubtedly the worst clan on the Xbox servers and was thus, by default, the worst clan in the whole MK community. No surprise, seeing as it was made up of filth from the MKO Xbox Community.

All the members of this clan would cry and whine or send hatemail and make excuses when they lost. They couldn't bear it when people didn't play the way they liked and got hysterical and obsessed with getting rematches to try and get the last win. Most of them would rage-quit or cheat when they thought they weren't playing a known person from the community.

In other words, a typical Xbox Live clan of scrubs.

The clan's main members were:

From a playing point of view, the clan was made up of mostly low level scrubs who weren't worth playing. Their one moderately good player was eazytobeat in MKA whose shitty connection compensated for his relative lack of server trash behaviour.

Worst Playstation (NTSC) Clan - BMF

BMF stood for Bastard Moose Fuckers Bad Mother Fuckers. (Although back on MKC it pretty much stood for Banned Mother Fuckers). The clan's members made up some of the worst keyboard warriors and e-Thugs on the boards.

Most of these guys, especially KrayzieBone thought they were somehow gurus of the community who should lay down the laws for everyone else to follow. This despite the fact that none of them had ever achieved anything worthwhile in gaming.

Aside from helping to split the community up and forcing people to post on multiple sites due to their alpha nerd mentalities, this clan helped ruin MKA and MK vs. DC by championing stupid rules that lowered the quality of gaming online.

The clan has had quite a few members - here is a list of notable individuals who at one time or another were part of this clan.

Worst Playstation (PAL) Clan - DA

The DA clan was the crappiest clan by far on the PAL Playstation server. It started off life as the EU clan then later on changed its name. The clan members posted at MKO and were made up of pure scrubs.

They nearly all cheated and pulled and attacked anyone who didn't 'play fair'. Various members came and went, but all had the same scrub mentality. They made up a large part of the MKO PAL Playstation community and together with the others, they helped to create a really shitty posting environment there.

Their clan names started off in the format DANAME, but later changed to D4NAME, so DAMYTH became D4MYTH etc.. DA's main members were:

Some other server trash clans (from various servers) also worthy of a mention here include:

  • Honor Clan
  • KON Clan
  • LN Clan
  • 140Krew Clan
  • KIFE Clan
  • AFH Clan

If you know of a clan which you think ought to be mentioned here then let us know.