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Server Trash Analysis


1. Scrubs
2. The Fair Play Scrub
3. The Tournament Scrub
4. Keyboard Warriors
5. The Alpha Nerd / e-Thug Mentality
6. Summation

- - - - - - -

Here we examine the different types of server trash in the Mortal Kombat community - scrubs, keyboard warriors, alpha nerds and e-Thugs and look at how their behaviour has ruined websites, game servers and the community in general for everyone else. Most of what is explored here can be found in every other online gathering, but the MK community has a level of server trash which exceeds most other communities.

Although the bulk of what is looked at here applies to people who play games and interact with people online, most of it applies to those who go to offline tournaments as well. The reason for this is that the vast majority of MK tournament players only spend a small percentage of their life actually going to offline tournaments. The majority of their time is spent on their shitty websites being server trash and giving their community a bad name.

So what exactly IS server trash?

This site uses the term 'server trash' a lot but what exactly does it mean? Well, to be honest it can mean whatever you want it to mean because it's a made-up phrase which doesn't actually have a dictionary definition.

Here on this site, the phrase is simply used to mean a low quality type of human being on the Internet who displays established anti-social behaviour. Below we examine that behaviour in more detail and look at the specific types of server trash instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever visited a web forum or played a game online.


Like 'server trash', a 'scrub' (in this context) is a term that has no real dictionary definition. It can mean different things to different people, especially where online play is concerned, but the basic concept is always the same. It describes a type of person who is not capable of simply playing with others, accepting his losses and saying good game afterwards without making excuses.

Many people associate the term scrub with Dave Sirlin, who has documented his definition of the word.

Sirlin's scrub definition is well recognised, but the online MK scrub exceeds Sirlin's definition and adds whole new layers of scrubbiness.

It should be noted that although repeated reference is made to 'online' scrubs, some of these players also play offline at tournaments where they tone down their scrub mentality. Then, after the tournament, they get back behind the safety of their computer screen and start posting again on the boards, making their excuses about why they lost, trash talking, sending abusive messages to people who beat them online etc.. Many of the so-called 'high level' MK players from places like TYM behave like this.MK scrub

Like any type of scrub, being a scrub (especially in the Mortal Kombat community) is not just about specific actions. It's more an overall mentality. That mentality includes:

  • Being a bad loser. Not being able to bear losing at a video game
  • Making up rules in their head they expect everyone else to follow
  • Having a shitty personality and 'anger management' problems
  • Not being able to bear the fact other people don't play the way they want

The last 2 bullet points above are the most important. They are the defining traits of most gamer scrubs, especially online. Some of the actions associated with scrubs include:

  • Rage quitting if they play online
  • Playing one match, winning and leaving without any valid reason or excuse other than they are too cowardly to give a rematch
  • Manipulating their connection to get an online lag advantage
  • Losing heavily then winning one and quitting as though winning the last one meant something
  • Hovering over a low level character online, pretending to pick that one, then deselecting and rushing to a top tier or broken character after opponent has picked - (standard tournament counter picking between genuine players where money is at stake is not the issue here)
  • Only putting up videos of matches they have won
  • Playing online, losing, then making up imaginary friends and claiming they were the ones who lost
  • Sending insulting 'hatemail' messages after a game
  • Screaming in anger and frustration over the microphone
  • Using 3rd party devices to cheat
  • Using infinites but quits if other people use them
  • Ranting on boards about people 'spamming' the same (non infinite) move because they don't know how to counter it
  • Whining that people don't play with 'honour' or 'play fair'
  • Lying on message boards, making excuses as to why they lost, denying losing, faking videos or making up they beat people they haven't even played
  • Blaming lag when they lose but ignoring it when they win
  • Boosting their online records artificially to get a meaningless online high rank
  • Making a big deal about winning one game instead of a proper series to 10 or something
  • Behaving in any of the above ways then expecting people to still want to play them or add them to Friends Lists etc.
  • Trying to make out that their rules are the rules that everyone else should follow

Much of the above only applies to online play of course, but being a bad loser, making excuses as to why you lost, showing no class in defeat, blaming your pad / the lighting / the screen etc. are all common amongst so-called MK elite tournament players too.

Never mind that as mentioned, most MK tournament players have many of the online scrub traits too when they play on PS3 or Xbox, especially if they think they aren't playing someone from the community.

Being a scrub isn't so much about doing certain things but about having a certain mindset and a certain personality which causes you to act a certain way.

Generally speaking, someone who has a good attitude, respects others, doesn't get hysterical or throw tantrums when things don't go his way, who can take his losses, who understands that not everyone may want to play the same way he does and who is willing to learn is never a scrub.

Someone who is objective, reasonable and easy to get on with is unlikely to have scrub tendencies. He may be ignorant of how games are played and what other mentalities people may have but anyone who is prepared to listen and learn is never a scrub.

With a decent person you can discuss opinion differences regarding rules etc. and sort them out and then just play.

There are thousands of scrubs in the MK community. Some of the better known ones are MKF30, MR IGOTBASS, Island Warrior, PLAYING TO W1N, Bladez, L0rdoftheFLY, Live2Die, SS, much of the MKO Xbox Community, many from the UltimateMK Community, most of the MK Low Level Community and most of the DA Clan.

Let's have a look at specific types of scrub.

The Fair Play Scrub

The 'play with honour' scrub or fair play scrub as documented by Dave Sirlin is well known.

This type of scrub is well represented in the MK community, especially online.

This individual has a code of honour in his head regarding how he plays. The problem is, his code is not in fact a code of 'honour', it's a set of restrictive rules based purely on what he personally is able to do and what he personally thinks is fair.

If he personally can't combat simple tactics like turtling, repeated projectiles or the use of high tier characters etc. then he cries that it isn't fair.

A real code of honour (which exists in most professional sports) is based on common sense and what is objectively fair.

What these scrubs call a code of honour is just a pathetic failure to learn how to play the game properly. They firmly believe that if they personally can't do something then it must be unfair despite hundreds or even thousands of other people not having a problem.

These people fail to understand that what they personally can or cannot do does not define what is fair. They don't understand that if some characters are more broken than others, no one is going to not use them just because they like to pick low tier, unbroken characters.

Their main problem is they can't bear the fact people don't play the way they like.

There is no law about how many times one may throw a projectile or do the same move over and over. If a move is 'cheap', then learn to defend against it, don't expect people not to abuse the move. Cheap moves which can be over-come are not going to be banned. The sensible person knows this - the scrub cannot comprehend it.

If a move or character is genuinely broken above or beyond what is acceptable then it will be banned or patched. Something like an easy 1 button infinite for example, which the 3D MK games were full of.

Scrubs (and non-scrubs who just don't like playing with broken characters) need to appreciate that if you don't like the way some people play or if you want to play a certain way yourself then that is fine. You are free to play as you wish. Just advertise on the boards for people who think the same way you do and only play them. Simple.

But if you choose to play random people on the Internet then don't complain if they 'spam moves' or pick characters you don't like.

No one else is going to play the way you want, especially if what you want is unreasonable.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with discussing if characters are over-powered or need balancing etc. or even questioning if certain infinite-type moves or other tactics should be banned. But discussing these issues does not equal trying to force your opinion on others and attacking them if they don't play the way you like or do what you want. That is the scrub part.

To sum up, the essence of the fair play scrub is that he believes everyone should play by his 'code of honour' and everyone should play without the more broken aspects of the game because he doesn't like them and can't defend against them.

Most fair play scrubs can be found on the low level MK sites, like MKO and TRMK although quite a few post on the boards for so-called 'high level' players and only act scrub-like under secret IDs or when they think they aren't playing people from their community.

Some good examples of fair play scrubs in the MK community include - the MKO PAL Playstation Community, Bladez, RaYRoD114, Chimage, Island Warrior, many of the MKO Xbox Community, most members of the MK Low Level Community and most of the DA Clan.

The Tournament Scrub

Tournament Scrubs

The tournament scrub infests the MK community as much as the fair play type. The article 'The Tournament Scrub - The Curse of Dave Sirlin' by JTF goes into detail about these individuals, but we will touch upon them briefly here too.

Tournament scrubs (and we will focus on the ones in the MK community) are the flip side of the fair play scrub. They are a fighting game community version of a well known video game stereotype - the self-proclaimed 'elite'.

In most gaming communities these individuals exist. They take their chosen video game very seriously and look down on anyone who doesn't. They sneer at people who just play video games for a bit of recreational fun, call them things like 'casual players' and belittle them for not playing the game as seriously as they do.

These are the kind of people who, in MMOs for example, make fun of those who don't have the gear they do. In fighting game communities, these people mock anyone who plays online, calling them things like 'online warriors'.

The tournament scrub in the MK community will often make fun of anyone who plays MK games for things like the storyline or the back-stories of characters; (which far more people in the MK community care about than tournaments and which most MK games were actually written around).

Most tournament scrubs come from the 'high level' MK community.

Tournament scrubs almost always tend to have an unwarranted superiority complex. Many of them spend their time preaching the 'play to win' mentality but in reality they often just impose their own set of rules onto others and call anyone a scrub who doesn't agree.

They see themselves as gurus whose advice everyone should be grateful for. They tend to hate anyone who doesn't view them in this way and totally fail to realise that they are usually just obnoxious nerds on the Internet with an opinion, not knowledgeable gaming experts who are fit to dispense wisdom to everyone else. Good examples of people like this in the MK community are KrayzieBone and Tom Brady.

It wouldn't be so bad if these people were usually right, but so much of the stuff they say is verifiably wrong and / or stupid. You only have to look at their 125 page tier list threads to see humanity at its worst.

Before MK9 came out, there was no high level tournament play for MK games, whatever the scrubs from UltimateMK / Classic MK would have people believe. During this period, these UltimateMK / Classic MK scrubs would spend their time organising shitty little side-tournaments for $100 at major events because none of the event organisers thought MKII or UMK3 worthy of being a main tournament game.

The fact they were usually forced to play in the basement or behind the toilets away from the proper fighting games and no one would come to watch them except their own small clique never seemed to register with them.

When MK9 was released, these tournament scrubs increased their numbers as first MKU then TYM was formed to cater for their insatiable desire to spend most of their lives bickering and attacking each other on Internet message boards.

Many of the self proclaimed elites from the 3D community joined up with the UltimateMK / Classic MK scrubs on these sites and eventually, by 2013, TYM became the de facto place for tournament scrubs to go, where they could be guaranteed the opportunity to show off their vile and obnoxious personalities to anyone stupid enough to waste time on that particular site.

It should be made clear that these tournament scrubs do not represent decent tournament players. There is nothing inherently wrong with playing at tournaments or taking something seriously, especially if there is a lot of money on the line.

Like with the fair play scrubs, being a tournament scrub is not about doing a precise set of actions, it's about having a certain type of personality.

True high level, tournament gamers spend their time just training and playing their games and going to tournaments. They do not spend 90% of their time having keyboard warrior arguments with other retards on badly designed websites and they don't spend their time quoting Sirlin to kids on their Xbox who just want to have a few beers and play a fun video game.

Tournament scrubs fail to understand that playing video games is a recreational pastime for 99% of people who buy them. Most people don't buy a console game so they can pretend they are professional tournament fighters but instead to have fun, competitive games in a relaxed (often online) environment.

This goes double for Mortal Kombat which has traditionally been one of the least serious fighting game franchises. Even Ed Boon in one of his pre MK9 interviews said that every MK game up until then had been a fun game - more about having a beer and enjoying yourself than anything else. That includes 2D games like UMK3.

Most tournament scrubs think that the real purpose of video games is to take them too seriously, devote your whole life to them and play them for money at tournaments.

In reality, only about 1% of gamers enjoy doing this.

What makes the tournament scrubs in the MK community even more laughable is that they really do view themselves as being on the same level as the real tournament gamers. They seem to think that what Daigo is to Street Fighter or Justin Wong is to Marvel Vs. Capcom, their top players are to MK.

The fact that most of these 'top players' in the MK community are just jumped up Xbox players who previously were only known for getting sites closed down or being keyboard warrior idiots doesn't seem to register with them. Even when Reo is getting called a cancer for cheating in tournaments or Osu16Bit is getting called out for trying to rig tournament brackets or Tom Brady is being derided for doing yet another drama-queen thread about how he's going to leave the community because no one loves him. Even then, it never seems to register what these people truly are.

Even when all the MK 'elites' have declared that they are leaving TYM en masse because people dare to say negative things about them and the whole lot are dismissed as a bunch of over-sensitive cry-babies - even then, it still doesn't register with these people just how far from being true high level tournament players they really are.

One of the defining traits of a tournament scrub is their insistence that unless you are at a tournament you aren't being competitive. This is a ludicrous thing to say. One of the most competitive eras of MK gaming was during MKD - when there was no offline scene and everyone played online. Three separate communities all spent 2 years having battles and feuds and clan-wars. No one who was part of that period would suggest their was a lack of competitive action but the tournament scrub hates online play with a passion and never fails to miss an opportunity to belittle it.

This despite the fact that the one genuine, respected tournament player in the MK community who has won multiple Evos at more than one game (Perfect Legend), has had no offline scene to level up in, yet somehow managed to win his MK Evos playing almost exclusively online or against the computer.

Many of these tournament scrubs in the MK community share certain traits. Most of them physically conform to the nerd gamer stereotype. A picture of the top MK players at one of their tournaments is likely to include about 300lbs of excess fat between the lot of them. Many of them are also failures in life - they are jobless or have minimum wage jobs and winning at video games is the only thing they have in their life to give them self-worth.

Much of the time they have to beg on their websites for money to help them travel to one of their offline tournaments because they can't afford it themselves.

Maybe if they spent less time talking shit on crappy little MK sites and spent more time looking for a job or actually working, they might have more money to spend on their pastimes.

Generally speaking, tournament scrubs have a very similar mentality to the fair play scrubs. They can't bear the fact people don't play the way they want or view their opinions as fact and they attack anyone who disagrees with anything they say. If they have mod powers on a website then they are likely to censor or ban people who don't agree with them. The mods on TYM like Tim Static and Juggs have a long history of doing this, stretching back to their UltimateMK / Classic MK days.

Taking their lead from Sirlin, many tournament scrubs sneer at rules as being the invention of scrubs. But in every other walk of life, there are rules to guide how games are played - something like football or tennis has a thick, official manual full of rules. If that's good enough for billion ££ sports, it's certainly good enough for video games, especially where MK games are concerned.

To sum up, there is nothing inherently wrong with playing to win and nothing wrong with wanting to play games at tournaments or at a high level.

But don't ever confuse the likes of Momochi, Daigo, Wong and Alex Valle who are proper high level 'play to win' gamers with the likes of 1truking, Tom Brady, Tim Static, Juggs or KrayzieBone etc. who are low level nobodies who have never achieved anything of worth in their life, who spend most of their time having flame wars or talking ignorant crap on message boards, who have been banned or warned for anti-social behaviour on most of the sites they have ever visited, who have nasty, obnoxious, unpleasant personalities, who can't bear the fact people think differently to them and who embody almost all of the unpleasant characteristics associated with video game misfits.

In short, there are serious gamers and there are those who take video games too seriously.

The vast majority of self-proclaimed elite tournament players in the MK community fall into the second category.

Keyboard Warriors

Keyboard WarriorJust as the scrubs ruin things for decent players on the game servers, the keyboard warriors ruin web forums for those who post there. Although these people exist on most web forums, MK communities have a quality of keyboard warrior scum which surpasses anything seen in most other communities.

In the course of the last 6 years, 3 high level MK sites have either closed down completely or closed their forums due to the keyboard warrior nature of the people who posted there while another MK site in that time blanket-banned a whole community from posting there.

Although keyboard warriors do what they do for a variety of reasons, they almost always have certain things in common.

  • They often have an obsessive mentality which means they have to reply to every single post written to them
  • They often think their opinion is fact and try and portray it as such. Often they will write 'FACT' after their comments to try and make people believe that something they believe is actually true
  • They view simple conversations as 'wars' to be won; they say things like they have won a thread, when there is nothing actually to win, or cry FAIL in response to something someone says like they was anything to 'succeed' at - typical American keyboard warrior behaviour
  • They think anyone who disagrees with them or who has a different opinion to them or who criticises them or who says something that fanboys may rage at is a 'troll' or a 'hater' - in other words they try to make out that everyone else is unreasonable for not agreeing with them or liking them or saying something popular
  • They continually bump threads on forums telling everyone how bad the thread is because someone is saying something in it they don't like - the concept of 'if you don't like it, don't go in it or post in it' doesn't seem to make any sense to them
  • They are far more interested in winning an argument for the sake of winning an argument than in respecting or acknowledging other people's opinions or facts they themselves don't want to believe in
  • They cannot bear to admit they are wrong
  • The language they use is geared around them trying to make out they have the power to affect people and make them upset - they constantly claim they have made people cry or got them mad or some such nonsense to give the impression they are dominant in some way
  • They may fabricate emails or private messages or fake videos or Photoshop I.M. conversations etc. to make someone look bad
  • They may make up lies about people, slander their name or start conspiracy theories about them
  • They may sit in a website shoutbox all day insulting people then complain when they get muted or banned
  • They think their behaviour is normal and acceptable and everyone else is in the wrong
  • They cannot bear the fact people don't think the same way they do or agree with them
  • They cannot bear the fact they cannot get the 'last word'

The last 2 bullet points above are the defining traits of a keyboard warrior and is usually why they continue their pointless arguments with each other.

While the low level MK sites are filled with raging arguments over who has the best hair and who has the nicest outfits, the 'high level' community is displaying the same mentality on their boards, only instead they are arguing about tier lists, whether 2D is better than 3D and the validity of netplay etc..

The arguments might be different, but it's exactly the same mentality - a bunch of pathetic, angry nerds screaming at anyone who doesn't agree with them or accept their (usually ignorant) opinion as fact. As detailed above, anyone who criticises or disagrees with someone is likely to be called a 'hater' or a 'troll', as though they were bad people or trouble-makers for disagreeing.

The extent to which these keyboard warriors can't bear not being able to get the last word in a conversation or argument usually determines how long they stay a member of the site. The milder keyboard warriors will exhibit their behaviour but stop when warned by moderators. The more severe keyboard warriors will carry on elsewhere after a thread is closed which normally leads to warnings or bans.

The worst type of keyboard warrior behaves like this not only with other users but with site staff as well.

As every normal person knows, every site has rules and when a rule is broken or a thread has turned bad, a mod will give a reason for his decision then close the thread or silence a user accordingly.

The worst type of keyboard warrior gets hysterical when this happens. He seriously believes that no mod or admin should ever prevent him from having his 'last word' and that all threads should be left open etc. until he's won his Internet wars. He carries on and on back-chatting the mods, even when he's been warned and told to stop many times.

Obviously no mod or admin is going to allow certain users to behave like this so invariably, the individual ends up getting warned then banned. At which point he will often go onto other sites and make long rambling threads about how the first site's mods are power hungry Nazis and close threads only to get the last word etc..

The MKO Xbox Community was best known for this extreme keyboard warrior mentality although the UltimateMK Community wasn't far behind. The keyboard warrior antics of the MKO Xbox Community were so bad in fact that their community got banned en masse from MKO, got MKAC and MKC shut down and got many community members banned from UltimateMK within a week.

Despite being banned from 2, 3, 4 or more different sites, it never seems to occur to the individuals who exhibit this mentality that it isn't the mods on all these sites who are fault, it's them.

Site staff aren't usually the slightest bit interested in playing stupid keyboard warrior games. They are there to uphold the rules of the site. (An exception to this of course are the mods from UltimateMK / TYM and to a lesser extent MKU who are mostly keyboard warriors themselves and who are known for using their mod powers to censor or ban anyone who disagrees with them).

On any site with decent mods, threads get closed and people get silenced according to site rules which apply to everyone and if you show no respect for site rules, back-chat a mod, an admin or a site owner you are not going to last very long on any site.

The simple concept of joining a site, following the site rules, obeying the site staff and shutting the fuck up when you are told to simply isn't something much of the MK community are able to do.

And that is why the likes of MKAC, MKC and ironically UltimateMK got shut down.

No one is going to waste their life running sites for people who just want to argue and attack each other and who can't abide by site rules.

It's also worth noting that many keyboard warriors claim to love 'drama' which is just a code-word for people arguing and attacking each other all the time. But when that drama involves people saying (true) things about them, then they snivel and demand mod protection or act as though they've been victimised.

In other words, they only like it when the drama is about other people and not about them - typical cowardly, bully mentality.

A final characteristic of the keyboard warrior is often the twisted belief that somehow he is the victim. Despite spending most of his time making life unpleasant for everyone else, he has the belief that he is being permanently wronged if he isn't allowed to do or say as he pleases when he pleases.

When he's rightly silenced, muted or banned on a website, the keyboard warrior goes round making out he has been treated badly and the mods are the evil ones. He may then spend his time making up lies about the web site which banned him, the mods who run the site or anyone else who stood up to his keyboard warrior behaviour.

Alternatively, he will convince himself that he is involved in a two-way argument where each side is guilty of something when in actuality, he's the only one behaving badly and the other party is simply objecting to his behaviour.

This sickening 'victim' mindset is common on all MK sites but is best associated with the MKO Xbox Community.

Some of the better known keyboard warriors from the MK community are 1truking, Maverick3176, MKF30, L0rdoftheFLY, Tim Static, Juggs, Atari2600, Bladez, Arcade, Versatile, many of the UltimateMK Community, most of the MKO Xbox Community and in fact most MK communities in general.

The Alpha Nerd / e-Thug Mentality

Many members of the MK community also have an alpha nerd or 'eThug' mentality. This mentality is well recognised on the Internet in general. In some respects it's just an extension of the keyboard warrior / scrub mentality.

The essence of the alpha nerd mentality

In nature, the alpha is usually the highest ranked and often physically most dominant entity within a group or community. In fighting game communities, many community members are physically inferior - weak or fat or skinny or ugly or conforming to some other nerdy stereotype. These individuals attempt to compensate for their physical deficiencies and cowardly inability to get involved in real physical fights by behaving in a dominant and / or aggressive manner from behind the safety of their computer screens where they know they won't get their heads kicked in.

These people are not restricted to fighting game communities of course. The shooting game genre for example, is even more full of these real-life beta humans.

The majority of individuals who conform to the alpha nerd stereotype are straight males, but there is a notable minority of females, homosexuals and especially transgender people who also behave like this.

In addition to their inadequate bodies, most of these individuals have the kind of shitty personality detailed above. Most can't bear anyone who doesn't think the same way they do and most are intolerant bigots who use the anonymity of the Internet to scream and insult and abuse anyone who contradicts them or says something they don't like or agree with.

Most e-Thugs / alpha nerds have a complete lack of respect for everyone else in a community. They believe that they can do whatever they like, break whatever site rules they like and in general behave exactly how they please and everyone should just let them and in return treat them with respect.

They believe that they have the right to spend their life attacking people, insulting them or being otherwise unpleasant to them and in return, everyone should for some reason view this as acceptable, normal behaviour and allow them to get away with it.

But almost always they get hysterical when they are treated in a similar way.

Many of these individuals see themselves as the dominant bully type and they get pleasure from picking on people with milder personalities. They enjoy putting people down, making them feel small and rubbishing their opinions to make themselves feel big.

In truth, the only way that these people are like bullies is that they are cowardly and easy to dispose of when stood up to.

Many of these bully-wannabes sneer at anyone who opposes their behaviour and who points out it wouldn't be tolerated in any offline community. They try to dismiss these objectors as 'white knights' and attempt to make them out to be the ones who are abnormal.

Curiously, as mentioned above, when they are treated in the same way they treat others, then they get hysterical. This is because they don't want to live in a world where people are free to attack each other at will. They want to live in a world where they personally have the freedom to attack people at will but no one should do the same back to them. The Mortal Kombat community is full of these pathetic excuses for human beings.

It's pitiful and embarrassing to see the dominant and aggressive way so many of these individuals behave when they are online; when they then turn up to an offline tournament and they are 5'3 and 120lbs or 5'6 and 450lbs and look like they would shit themselves if anyone actually got in their face for real.

Most alpha nerds over-use words like 'rape' and 'own' out of context to try and enhance what they believe is their alpha persona. It might be OK if they spoke in this way and had ripped bodies and firce fighting skills to back up their dominant talk but seeing weedy little nerds talk like this is just painful to watch. In addition, many of these people spell words stupidly on purpose like 'pwn' instead of 'own' for reasons known only to themselves. Originally this was behaviour confined to American communities and typical of inhabitants from the country best known for worshipping stupidity and having delusions of physical superiority. But as with most things American, this fad soon spread to the stupid inhabitants of other countries around the world.

The 'It's just the Internet' excuse

Online, e-Thugs or alpha nerds often try to justify what they do because 'it's the Internet' as though the Internet is a magical alternate reality where the normal rules of good and bad become reversed - where having an alpha nerd mentality is somehow acceptable.

However, the Internet is 'real life' just like any other community. It involves real human beings and more importantly it allows people to be who they really are free from the constraints of face to face inhibitions.

Quite often you will hear it said that when people meet up at tournaments they are totally different than when they are on the Internet. People then blame the Internet as though it was the Internet's fault people are 'douche bags' on it.

But the fact is, the Internet is a place which allows people to reveal their true personalities.

If someone is a nice person, they are a nice person online or offline.

If someone is a pathetic, obnoxious keyboard warrior alpha nerd online but offline he is pleasant or quiet as a mouse, then this isn't the Internet's fault for turning him into a jackass.

It just means the person is a snivelling coward who only acts tough behind a keyboard but face to face with people he hides who he really is.

Offline he is too gutless to say those things to people's face but his personality hasn't changed. It's just kept submerged because he knows he'll get beaten up.

75% of the Mortal Kombat community are like this - they reveal their true e-Thug nature online then offline they act in a far more friendly manner. This applies to most gaming communities.

The Internet allows us to see people for who they REALLY are, free from the constraints of face-to-face social interaction. It allows people to behave totally without inhibition. It allows their true personality to emerge. Kind of ironic really, considering all the fake profiles people make up online, that the web is the one place where you can truly see what a person is really like.

Do not allow these people to get away with the mantra 'It's the Internet, that's how people behave there'. That's not how people behave there. It's how people like them behave there. Decent people don't behave like that on or off the Internet.

Some of the basic elements of the alpha nerd mentality can include:

MK e-Thug

  • Compensating for their inadequate physical parameters and inferior personality by acting tough on the Internet
  • Believing that the rules that apply to everyone else on a website don't apply to them
  • Believing they can come onto a website, verbally insult site staff or even the site owner, break the site rules and behave like obnoxious, disrespectful punks and they should still be allowed to stay on the site
  • Blaming everyone else but themselves for forums getting closed down, communities getting torn apart etc.
  • Viewing themselves as some sort of tough 'gangster', calling themselves things like 'thuglife' or claiming they 'run things' when actually, they have no power or influence
  • Wanting to be the ones who attack everyone else, break website rules and run rampant over everyone else but if ever they are stood up to, then they then become snivelling victims who cry about how badly they are being treated
  • Believing they should never be warned, muted or banned even when they deserve it
  • Thinking that just because a few of them have formed a community, the site belongs to them and they can do as they please on it - key behaviour associated with the MKO Xbox Community
  • The second a site mod or admin forces them to obey a rule or they are made to stop disrupting things for others, they become hysterical, start hate campaigns against the mods or the site, form conspiracy theories about site staff and make up lies about them, trying to smear their reputations - (typical MKO Xbox Community mentality once again)
  • Hating anyone who doesn't let them do whatever they like or who speaks out about any of the anti social things they do
  • Over-using terms such as 'own', 'dominate', 'rape' etc. to give the impression winning at a video game makes them some sort of alpha male type

These e-Thug types are the online equivalent of the chav, the nigger, the street punk. In every other community someone with a punk mentality like this would be removed immediately. If you are disrespectful to your teachers and constantly start fights at school then you get expelled. If you are rude to your boss, don't do as you're told and attack fellow co-workers, you get sacked. If you go up to someone in the street and get in their face with an attitude you'll end up getting knocked out or stabbed.

In no offline community would we tolerate the kind of behaviour we see online. Yet in online communities, these nerds think they can get away with their behaviour, thanks to the anonymity of the online environment.

Truth is, people don't want scum in their online communities any more than they want them in any other community. These alpha nerds themselves wouldn't want a group of street thugs hanging around outside their house insulting and attacking them on a daily basis - yet they think they can act like that in an Internet community.

Of course there is nothing wrong with a little friendly 'trash-talking' or meaningful debate over an issue but that isn't what is being discussed here.

Trash talking between two people in the build up to a fight is one thing. Constantly attacking people for no reason or because they don't think the same way you do, showing disrespect to site staff and other users or sitting in shoutboxes all day insulting people at random doesn't enhance a community - it just drives people away from it.

And the behaviour of these people is even worse than those who act like this at school or in the street. A website is a gift given to the community by a person or persons - it is someone's online home. If you are invited into that home, you are expected to behave with a modicum of respect.

But e-Thug types don't have a clue about respect. They think that they have the right to go into people's homes, make use of all the facilities, attack and insult the 'home-owners' and should be treated like royalty instead of the sick-minded individuals they really are.

No one is going to open his home to people who act like that - and keep it open which is why so many of the 'high level' MK websites have shut down.

Simply put, there is no place for scum like this in any Internet community - people don't tolerate them in any other community, they shouldn't tolerate them on the Internet either.

Some good examples of e-Thugs / alpha nerd types in the MK community are Maverick, L0rdoftheFLY, Live2Die, Dztrbed, KrayzieBone, Bobby Blaze, Atari2600, Sans Power, MR IGOTBASS, most of the MKO Xbox Community and much of the UltimateMK Community.


In many respects, the MK community is no different to any other online gaming community. Nearly all online gaming communities have the reputation as being full of angry, disrespectful alpha nerds who can't bear losing at a computer game and who feel they can use the anonymity of the Internet to act tough towards people, when they wouldn't do so face to face.

This goes double for Xbox communities, which is why the Internet is full of videos like this, making fun of Xbox gamers. Xbox communities have their reputation as toilets of the Internet for a reason.

Gamer websites (in fact most forum based websites) all over the web are full of obsessive keyboard warriors who can't bear the fact people don't agree with them or let them have the last word. This is a well established phenomenon. People who get hysterical and who hate others simply for not agreeing with them really shouldn't be allowed to interact with other human beings.

Unfortunately the MK community is mostly full of people like this. Whether it's L0rdoftheFLY, MKF30, Juggs, Check, Tim Static, Maverick, KrayzieBone, 1truking or any of the others, they are all repulsive human beings and the Internet human race would be better of without them.

It doesn't matter which MK community you look in, the trash all have the same mentality. Just the names and the things they talk about differ. Whether it's the general MK fanboys arguing about who's the best ninja, the Xbox alpha nerds generally trash talking each other or the 2D fanboys raging at anyone who doesn't like UMK3, the mentality is the same - a bunch of intolerant nerds being obnoxious to anyone else who doesn't think the same way they do.

It's just a case of which shit stinks the most - and history has shown us that would be the 'high level' MK communities. Mortal Kombat may have a reputation for having a high number of fanboys who are more interested in bios and character clothing etc. than competitive play. On high level MK websites, these types of fanboys are mocked and made fun of. They are called trash, scrubs or low level players etc..

But none of these low-level fanboy sites (like MKO or TRMK) have been closed down due to the hateful mentality of the people who post there, with the site owners making long speeches about how awful the users were.

So who is the real trash then?

The 'elites' or 'high levels' of the MK community are not elite in any sense of the word. They encompass all the faults and personality problems of their fanboy brethren with the additional anti-social behavioural problems associated with competitive play.

How many 'elite' MK players in the last 5 years have been exposed as nasty little twats when they were caught cheating, being keyboard warriors or otherwise engaging in anti-social behaviour? Don't forget, although many of these 'elite' players go to offline tournaments, that only accounts for a small percentage of their time. Most of their time is spent on their websites exhibiting their personalities for all to see.

That is why, unlike most other gaming communities which have a main site associated with each game, the MK community has had to move from website to website like a bunch of unwanted trouble-making gypsies constantly forced to move on after wrecking their previous home.

MKO, UltimateMK, MKAC, MKC, MKU, TYM just to name some of the sites the MK community has made their home on in the last 6 or 7 years...

As already discussed, the Internet is where people display their true nature and this is why MK Internet communities are so awful. As Shock, one of the senior staff at UltimateMK said when the forums there were closed downs:

MK server trash

The simple fact is, the MK community is mostly made up of nasty, unpleasant human beings.

All the worst types of Internet stereotype come together to form a community of hateful, disrespectful, bad loser alpha nerds who can't understand that on websites they have to follow a few simple rules, who can't bear the fact everyone doesn't accept their opinion as fact, who can't simply play MK and say GG afterwards and who can't simply shut the fuck up when told to by a mod or an admin.

A community of pathetic low quality human beings, most of whom who can't understand that other people may disagree with them because their opinion does not equal fact. A bunch of angry little twats who get hysterical when they can't always get the last word because they feel dominated or beaten when they don't.

A bunch of angry, destructive, ungrateful, misfit gamer stereotypes who, over the years, have managed to destroy most of the online homes lovingly created for them by decent people.

A bunch of power-hungry hypocrites who use any powers they may have on websites to censor anyone who doesn't share their (usually ignorant) views on gameplay etc..

In the last 6 years or so, these scumbags have had a variety of sites, some, (like MKAC or MKC) tailored specifically for them, giving them everything they could possibly want and all they had to do was respect the site and site staff and enjoy themselves.

But instead they managed to find a way to destroy pretty much every site they were ever on and ruin things not only for themselves but for the decent members of the community who just want somewhere to post and have a good time playing MK video games.

Until the scum of the MK community realise that it is they who at fault, not everyone else and they understand just how wrong their anti-social behaviour is, they will never be able to exist peacefully anywhere and will continue to get banned from sites or be responsible for them closing down.

And the reputation of of the MK community in the wider fighting game community will continue to be a joke.