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Vulcan Hades

Other past and present tags include: EvilLuisito
Real name: ?

Utterly pointless server trash whose only contribution to the MK community has been to hero worship Tom Brady and go round every MK site saying how wonderful he is.

Here's one example he posted on TRMK.

Stupid Vulcan Hades

As you can see, he got the reply he deserved. Speaking of TRMK, he was banned there for a time, presumably not for kissing Brady's ass though.

Aside from making stupid, ignorant comments about people and things he knows nothing about, Vulcan Hades has made no contribution of worth to the MK community.

Like most tournament scrubs Vulcan Hades views himself as a serious tournament player yet spends most of his time on shitty little MK web sites lecturing to scrubs and quoting Sirlin to them while not actually winning any tournaments.

Server Trash Highlights of Vulcan Hades

  • Diehard Tom Brady cheerleader
  • Banned from TRMK
  • 99% of his board posts are ignorant drivel.
  • Another 'tournament player' who lectures everyone else how to play but who doesn't actually ever win anything

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Vulcan Hades you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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