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AREZ God of War

Other past and present tags include


Personal Details

Name - Eric

A really pointless, pathetic human being even for the MK community. A keyboard warrior of the highest order, this moron even called Maverick3176 a friend.

All AREZ does is sit in MK shoutboxes or post on MK sites and insult people all day. Kind of like Booya only without the charm.

He doesn't contribute anything useful to any MK site - when he's not attacking people for no reason he's talking about his last shit or something equally delightful.

If this guy spoke to people face to face as he did on the boards he'd be dead by now but like all snivelling keyboard warrior losers he sits safely behind his computer screen being a tough guy.

That doesn't stop him demanding people come and fight him though when they talk shit back to him and give him a dose of his own medicine as the following messages illustrate:


AREZ has a large collection of snakes and fish and other such creatures which he spends most of his spare time with. Presumably they don't care he's a pointless little shoutbox warrior who's never accomplished anything useful in his life.

As a player, AREZ is a joke. He sometimes talks about himself as a 'high level' player. This is hysterical seeing as he is one of the worst players in the whole MK community. Back in MKA it wasn't unusual to beat this guy 20-0 or 30-0. In order for him to even win a few games, people had to play with their feet or use characters they didn't know at all.

Of course winning online, especially in a game like MKA doesn't mean much, except AREZ has never achieved anything offline either and is just as crap playing face to face with people.

In short, this guy is a wart on the anus of the MK community - hence, presumably, his nickname - AREZ God of Warts.

Server Trash Highlights of AREZ God of War

  • Pathetic keyboard shoutbox warrior
  • Low level player
  • Obnoxious, unlikeable human being

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