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The Biggest Server Trash In The Mortal Kombat Community As Voted For By You Is... MKF30  (Cast your vote)
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Personal Details

Name - ?

An obnoxious little man with a shitty personality, disliked on every board he has ever posted, who despite having never achieved anything in the world of video games, was still known for acting like a gaming guru whose advice everyone should follow.

This being the case, it was no surprise that this particular piece of server trash spent most of his time on TYM, where his kind are a penny-a-dozen.

Known for constantly interjecting himself into threads or shout box conversations to add his usually ignorant opinion with a condescending and patronising tone. Most of the time he did nothing but post something negative just to put other people down and make himself feel big.

A pretty low level player all round, by his own admission, he has never done better than come 4th at a Tekken tournament a long time ago. How exactly that makes him worthy of dispensing wisdom about the best way to play Mortal Kombat is anyone's guess.

Like many of his kind, he tries to give the illusion of being a useful member of the community by undertaking some project such as his frame data exercise. But he only does this so he can feel important and have people pat him on the head and tell him how great he is. The rest of the time, he is just posting his normal crap in other people's threads.

There's little else to say about this guy other than you can be sure that whatever board he posts on will be worse for his presence.

In short, a slightly less obnoxious version of someone like 1truking.

As expected, DrDogg completely failed to impress anyone at Evo playing MK9 and managed to justify his reputation as someone who talks and tells everyone else how to play but isn't much good himself.

Also as expected, instead of simply accepting his losses, he made up pathetic excuses to try and justify them.

The best excuse he could come up with was he didn't do a button check and subsequently lost a game and that mentally destroyed him. How feeble is that? If losing one game mentally destroys you then give up going to tournaments. What an idiot. He needs to work on his excuses more than his MK play.

Don't confuse DrDogg with Dr Doggystyle who is a completely different person and by all accounts a perfectly nice guy.

Server Trash Highlights of DrDogg

  • Trumped up little fart with a far greater view of his own importance than anyone else has
  • Obnoxious, shitty personality
  • Bad loser and excuse maker
  • Never achieved anything worthwhile in any video game ever

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