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Other past and present tags include: STORMS_TYM
Real name: Scott Naylor

Scott Naylor the rat

Scott 'Storms' Naylor, a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Butt-Head (from Beavis and Butt-Head) is the puppet leader of the MK site TYM.

Storms started his life posting on MKO as part of the NTSC Playstation community there. He did little to attract attention as server trash and was most notable for being part of the baby clan 'DM'.

Storms pretty much disappeared from the scene during the days of MKAC and MKC and re-emerged on MKU where he eventually became mod.

Although he gave the impression that he supported MKU, in fact he was secretly working on another site with fellow traitor KrayzieBone called MKE (which would later change its name to TYM).

Storms and KrayzieBone proved once again that the MK community is incapable of staying together for any period of time on one site. But at least they achieved this with a display of glorious irony, by splitting people up on a site entitled 'Mortal Kombat United'.

Although outwardly Storms does not appear to be a malign individual, he has shown himself to have a dictatorial and oppressive streak that is similar to that found in most of the UltimateMK Clique of Losers (many of whom are mods on his site).

Although technically the leader of TYM, Storms is out of his depth and is not leadership material. Basically he just does whatever the known 'high level' faces of the community tell him to do. Storms is in awe of anyone who claims to be a 'high level' player, especially those from the UltimateMK community.

Together with the e-Thug wannabe KrayzieBone, they have created a site that, like all the sites associated with the UltimateMK Clique of Losers bans or censors anyone who doesn't think as they do and the whole site has a rather nasty clique atmosphere about it.

As a player, Storms is low level and has never even pretended to be any good at any MK game. Despite the fact he owns an UMK3 cab, a video of him showing it off seems to illustrate he doesn't even know the controls.

Storms has such little respect from the community for his lack of gaming knowledge, that he is frequently berated on his own site by junior users for putting utter crap on the front page.

Server Trash Highlights of Storms

  • Back-stabbing traitor mod on MKU
  • Weak, puppet leader
  • No good at any MK game
  • Created a site that mixes the worst of GameFAQs, SRK and UltimateMK

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Storms you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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