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Other past and present tags include

ScheissNussen, Scheiss

Personal Details

Name - Real name: ?

ZAQ has spent most of his MK life being known as ScheissNussen or 'Shit Nuts' as the name delightfully translates to. He was the owner of Classic MK, a shitty little site devoted to 2D MK games. (Think UltimateMK designed in Microsoft Paint by a blind monkey and you get the idea).

The site was ugly, user unfriendly and full of the kind of fanatical 2D MK fanboys who managed to get UltimateMK closed down due to their shitty personalities. Eventually Classic MK closed down when TYM became popular and they all moved there.

ZAQ is part of the UltimateMK Clique of Losers, a pathetic band of 2D fanboys who pollute every 'high level' MK site with their intolerant views, reality denial and server trash mentality.

Like most of those in his little clique, ZAQ is a mod on most high profile MK sites and like them, he abuses his powers to ban or censor anyone who doesn't think the same way he does. This didn't just go for his site Classic MK but for the other MK sites he is / was mod on as well.

ZAQ has never achieved anything as a player and isn't thought of very highly by anyone outside his circle.

As a person, ZAQ is as nice as you'd expect from someone known as 'Shit Nuts'. He once told another community member that he hoped his baby would die and is one of those Internet Americans known for using words like 'Rape' out of context to make himself sound (he thinks) more dominant and tough.

In short, ZAQ is just another penny-a-dozen punk from a shitty gaming community. Not so much 'Shit Nuts' as 'Shit Head'.

Server Trash Highlights of ZAQ

  • Member of the UltimateMK Clique of Losers
  • Ran a shitty, ugly little site populated by obnoxious 2D MK fanboys
  • Nasty little creep
  • Never achieved anything as a player

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about ScheissNussen you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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