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Personal Details

Name - Philip Siegel

Phil - 9.95

An obese midget who bears an uncanny resemblance to Paul Bearer's love-child, 9.95 is part of the obnoxious UltimateMK clique of losers along with the likes of Tim Static and Juggs. 9.95 is not perhaps as bad as them but still has a very similar mentality.

Like them he is an extremist 2D MK fanboy and cannot tolerate anyone who doesn't say 2D MK games are serious tournament worthy fighting games. In fact, like them, he can't tolerate anyone who says anything he doesn't agree with - as in the following example where he threatens to ban someone for pointing out that the likes of TYM came about because of people from the 3D side of the community and not just the 2D side.

Close minded, intolerant UltimateMK nerds

Like the rest of his little clique, 9.95 has traditionally spent his time fanatically promoting offline tournaments for games like UMK3. Sadly, just like the rest of his clique, it has never sunk in that 2D MK games are not highly regarded in the greater FGC. Even when only a handful of people would turn up for one of his shitty little tournaments and they were all forced to play in the basement away from the players of the real tournament games the event was set up for, it never sunk in.

Despite the fact that the majority of people who did turn up at these tournaments were the same old low-level players from UltimateMK / Classic MK, none of whom have any fame or respect from the greater FGC, 9.95 has still spent much of his time over the last decade enthusing about the great benefit they are to the MK community.

Perhaps one day it might sink in that absolutely no high level tournament organiser views 2D MK games as worthy tournament fighters, not one single 'A' list player plays UMK3 competitively and that playing a 15 year old game in the basement for pennies while the real gamers play genuine tournament games for serious money just humiliates the MK community by constantly reminding everyone that no one but a few diehard fanboys take 2D MK games seriously.

9.95 is not actually a very high level player at his games of choice. It's only the fact that hardly anyone plays the games he loves that has allowed him to rank anywhere at all at the little tournaments he has competed at.

When MK9 was released, (MK's first true tournament fighter), 9.95 never ranked anywhere or achieved anything as a player.

Server Trash Highlights of 9.95

  • Part of the UltimateMK clique of losers
  • Abuses his mod powers to try and force people to agree with him
  • Has never accomplished anything of note as a player

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