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The Architect

Other past and present tags include

ArchMagus, Crazy_Magus_88, HONOR_ArchMagus, SCRUBEUS_MAXIMUS, C88 ArchMagus

Personal Details

Name - Travis

Travis the server trash scrub

This moron started off life in MK vs. DC in the 'Honor clan' - a clan of pathetic Sirlian scrubs who cried and pulled whenever they got beaten.

The Architect himself was no exception.

Archmagus the pulling scrub

As time went on, it became clear that not only was The Architect a whiny, low level scrub but also a keyboard warrior dickhead on the boards. Many a day he would spend insulting or attacking people in the MKU shoutbox or in threads.

In fact at any other site other than MKU he would have been banned pretty quickly. His behaviour was so obnoxious he was instrumental in driving people away from MKU.

The guy is proud of his 'scrub' reputation and wears it like a badge of honour.

The low lifes who ran MKU were so impressed with this guy's server trash mentality that they made him a mod, then eventually an admin. It didn't hurt that he is an offline friend of DarkTrax.

The Architect never truly believed in the strength of MKU though and always secretly thought TYM was the better site. He also (like most of the community) didn't approve of the way Gerchap and DarkTrax ran the site. The PM below illustrates this.

Feel free to confirm with The Architect that the PM above is genuine - he has already admitted it in public.

There's little more to say about The Architect. He's just another human turd floating in the toilet that is the MK community. Still, he may look like a Jerry Springer guest on an episode entitled 'I got my sister pregnant' but at least he's honest about how shit MKU is.

Server Trash Highlights of The Architect

  • Puller, quitter
  • Member of a scrub clan
  • Keyboard warrior punk
  • Never achieved anything as a player

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