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Sans Power

Other past and present tags include

HYEHATEUS, shockeezi

Personal Details

Name - Jimmy

Nasty little creep known for playing Robin to MR IGOTBASS's Batman. These 2 pieces of server trash are amongst the worst in the UltimateMK Community. They can't take their losses, attack people, stalk them, make up lies about them, fake PM / IM conversations to make them look bad and generally act like the kind of pathetic e-Thugs which give Internet communities a bad name.

After Sans Power got banned from UltimateMK and every other 'high level' site devoted to UMK3, he and MR IGOTBASS ended up on MKU.

Here, thanks to the server trash mentality of the site and the protection of Gerchap and DarkTrax they were allowed to stalk people, obsess about Shock (which they did 24/7, even taking his name as gamer tags), use other people's pictures in their profiles, make up videos about people and generally act in ways that got them banned from all the other sites.

On one occasion, Sans Power posted a fake PM conversation he made up to smear the reputation of another site member he was arguing with. In this PM conversation he made the other person out to have said racist things etc.

When it was revealed that mods could check whether such a PM had been sent, Sans Power realised he would be exposed and quickly deleted the conversation and said it had just been a joke...

This gives you some idea of what a pathetic creep this guy is and puts him on the same level as people like MoRpH and DarkTrax who are famed for making things up to get back at people they don't like.

In short, never ever believe anything this guy says or any 'proof' he posts of anything.

The humorous video below captures what MR IGOTBASS and Sans Power are all about perfectly.

Many MK server trash can lay claim to being banned from one site or another but not that many can claim even Ed Boon has banned them from talking to him. Such is the failure of the human being known as Sans Power.

Server Trash Highlights of Sans Power

  • Scrub of the highest order
  • Creep who fakes PMs and other conversations to make people look bad
  • Pathetic stalker
  • Punk piece of server trash
  • Banned from most MK sites
  • Banned from messaging Ed Boon

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Sans Power you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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