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Other past and present tags include

Geto Kabal, Shocks Bald Skull, Glitchy Rodrigiz

Personal Details

Name - Benjamin Fisher

Benjamin 'MR IGOTBASS' Fisher and his buddy Sans Power are 2 of the biggest pieces of server trash from the UltimateMK Community and certainly 2 of the most hated.

In many ways, they are in the same league as the likes of MKF30, MoRpH and DarkTrax when it comes to being bitter, sick-minded, vengeful, obsessive, lying twats.

Fisher is without doubt one of the most extreme scrubs in the MK community. YouTube is full of videos of him rage-quitting, crying and insulting people when others don't play the way he likes.

Here are just a few of those videos.

From UltimateMK to MKU to TYM, wherever you go, you will find people pointing out what an utter idiot MR IGOTBASS is because of his hysterical scrub mentality and obsessive stalker mentality.

Ben Fisher the twat

Probably the best example of Fisher's obsessive mentality is towards another community member Shock. This is because Shock banned Fisher from UltimateMK and Fisher also got banned from sites run by Shock's friends, sites like ClassicMK and TYM.

Although Fisher and his friend Sans Power blame Shock for their bans, the real reason they get banned from every site they join is because they always do the same things. They attack people, they fake videos and IM conversations to make people look bad, they break site rules and anger admins and mods until people tire of their disrespectful attitude and then they are banned.

The word obsessed is used a lot on the internet but it really applies to MR IGOTBASS (and Sans Power) with Shock.

MR IGOTBASS's PSN tag is Shocks Bald Skull and Sans Power's IM name is shockeezi for example

They create YouTube accounts with Shock's name in it, gamer tags with his name in, talk about him all the time, make videos of him, hoard pictures of him, spread lies about him and generally live their entire life obsessing about him.

To be fair, they do this to a lot of people but especially to Shock.

When Fisher wins at UMK3 (even just one game), he has been known to go out and buy a web domain and a hosting package and put up the video showing off his 'victory'.

People this pathetic really shouldn't be allowed to breed.

On another occasion, Fisher also not only bought a domain in the name of someone he didn't like but made up a website and forum about them to smear their reputation. It never got off the ground though.

After getting banned from all the other sites, MR IGOTBASS spent a while with Sans Power on MKU.

Here, under the protection of DarkTrax they were given free reign to stalk people, use their pictures in their profiles, make up lies about them, make up videos about them etc.

One day, a mysterious person joined MKU called bestumk3. At first, all he did was post this humorous video which captures what MR IGOTBASS and Sans Power are all about perfectly.

Then, a few days later, bestumk3 posted a link to a document (which the owners of this site have), which contained the name, address, work address, personal details, family details and basic life history of Fisher, outlining even a legal case he was involved in which mentions his server trash behaviour on Xbox Live.

You can view the legal documents pertaining to this legal case by going here and entering the case number GD-10-013807. Feel free to look around the links, (Document 12 is a good one to start with).

It's more than a little amusing to see his scrubby Xbox IDs mentioned in a legal case.

The case involves Fisher's business dealings as a used car dealer. Whilst in business, many accusations were made of Fisher's dubious business practices. In fact, at one point, if you went to Google and typed in MR IGOTBASS the very first result was a scam warning about him.

Fisher's business 'Maximum 4 Minimum Motors' is no longer open. Search Google and make your own judgements about why it was closed down...

Anyway, after this document was revealed (and removed) from MKU, Fisher along with Sans Power decided to stop posting at MKU and keep a low profile.

Provided they continue to stay away from the community or at the very least don't make anyone's life miserable with their e-Thug behaviour, presumably that's the end of the matter.

Server Trash Highlights of MR IGOTBASS

  • One of the biggest scrubs in the community
  • Bitter, obsessive, vengeful little turd of the worst kind
  • Constant quitter / puller / fat-dropper
  • Hated by almost all in the community
  • Failure as a business man

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about MR IGOTBASS you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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