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Other past and present tags include

KILLA_RAY_ROD, psdeath666

Personal Details

Name - Raymond 'Alex' Brannigan

This moron hacker wannabe was responsible for ruining the MK vs. DC game rooms on the Playstation side by flooding them with spam, booting people and generally making it impossible for people to play in there.

Firstly he acted with a friend but when they fell out, he carried on by himself.

His actions weren't as a result of any great hacking skill, but rather as a result of shitty security by GameSpy.

He did what he did for a few reasons. Firstly, because he's a typical dumb Internet Nigger and ruining online communities is what they do. He also is a scrub of massive proportions and got hysterical every time someone didn't 'play fair' or do the moves he liked so he would boot them.

As a player RaYRoD114 is low level and there is no evidence to suggest he is any good with any character.

On top of all that, RaYRoD114 is another religious nutcase in the MK community, in the same vein as L0rdoftheFLY and Live2Die

He spends much of his time on the Internet ranting at people to take Jesus into their hearts or face the consequences. A quick search of Google using his tag illustrates this.

Just like the other religious idiots mentioned above, RaYRoD114 is a massive hypocrite. He talks about love and peace and taking Jesus into your heart, yet he goes round full of hate and anger, attacking people, ruining online game rooms and generally acting like a sick-minded little punk that would get his head blown off if he behaved like that in any offline community.

Server Trash Highlights of RaYRoD114

  • Pathetic little script kiddie helped ruin online play for the community
  • Religious nutcase
  • Weak player
  • Just another Internet punk with an attitude problem

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