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Other past and present tags include

O Juggernaut 0, OJuggernautO, PhoenixUMK3, @OJuggsO

Personal Details

Name - Tyler Smith

Juggs the rabid fanboy

OJuggernautO or 'Juggs' as he is more commonly referred to, is another one of these obnoxious, unlikeable UMK3 fanboys from UltimateMK who lives in the fantasy world that UMK3 is a serious fighting game (despite the fact no one in the greater fighting community takes it seriously).

He has traditionally spent most of his time pushing this fantasy on all the sites he has posted on and generally attacks anyone who disagrees with him or who prefers the 3D games instead. He is accurately described here as a 'rabid fanboy' and that is a very good description of him and his fellows from UltimateMK as their attitude rivals that of the scrub fanboys from sites like MKO.

Like most of his kind, Juggs is a tremendous hypocrite. He is close-minded, can't listen or respect other people's opinions, bases his arguments on personal bias instead of logic and often uses straw man arguments. Yet he happily speaks out against these things when they apply to other people.

In other words, like all the rest, his idea of a reasoned argument is that everyone agrees with him.

Juggs, like most of the UltimateMK Clique of Losers is a mod on most MK related sites and uses his mod powers to censor or ban anyone who disagrees with him.

In one example on TYM, he tried to make out that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Version 2012 was a completely separate game from Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. When it was pointed out to him by one of the site's users that ver2012 was just a patch for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Juggs deleted his posts, insulted him to get the last word and threatened him with a ban if he replied again.

This kind of disgusting behaviour is common from the UltimateMK Clique of Losers - they were known for it on Classic MK, UltimateMK, the MK forum on SRK and have continued behaving the same way on TYM.

On another occasion on TYM, Juggs got into an argument with religious people where he was so obnoxious he managed to make them look reasonable and open minded. Quite a feat when arguing with religious people but that's Juggs for you. On that occasion to he had to carry on afterwards in a closed thread to get the last word and went round getting statuses deleted about what an appalling, repulsive twat he was.

Like a corrupt politician, he's always on the look-out for anyone saying anything negative about him so he can threaten and censor them.

People who cannot bear the fact they are contradicted, corrected, can't get the last word or who abuse mod powers to silence anyone who disagrees with them should not be allowed on websites as users, let alone as moderators.

As a player, Juggs has never achieved anything of worth, even in the one crappy game he plays - UMK3. Juggs is a big fan of Dave Sirlin and is also an archetypal tournament scrub. He is very fond of quoting Sirlin to people who whine about things like glitches, telling them to adapt and 'play to win'.

Sadly for Juggs, when glitch jabs were revealed in UMK3, he whined and complained about them instead of learning to adapt, thus proving himself to be a tremendous hypocrite. Even more so, when, after a while it was revealed that they weren't too bad and people could still play the game.

Server Trash Highlights of OJuggernautO

  • Rabid 2D MK fanboy
  • Close minded and bigoted - has the mentality of a religious zealot, if not the opinions of one
  • Part of the UltimateMK clique of losers
  • Whiny, hypocritical scrub

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about OJuggernautO you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Juggs

01:08 Friday, July 12 2013
by Finlay

Dude looks like he's on drugs. Juggs on druggs?

06:07 Monday, July 01 2013
by fish

skinny tim static lol

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