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DNC Protoman

Other past and present tags include

DNCMegaman, DNC Megaman

Personal Details

Name - ?

When people think of the absolute worst keyboard warrior idiot scrubs the MK community has to offer, they normally think of the likes of Maverick and MKF30. DNC wasn't quite as bad as them but he isn't far behind.

Back on MKAC, DNC was known as Maverick's bitch and together they spent much of their time ruining the site for other people. In fact, it was down to these two cretins that the rules on MKAC had to be tightened up.

Imagine the stereotypical angry Xbox Live 12 year old Halo nerd and that's pretty much DNC.

The guy is a total waste of space. All he ever did on message boards was spam his unfunny crap and try to win Internet wars. He also made up invisible friends then had conversations with himself. All he ever did on the game server was cheat, pull, quit, bitch or 'trash talk' people in the lobby. He's best known for his hysterically angry outbursts over the mic when he's getting his ass handed to him.

In short, he's just another pathetic American Xbox Live nerd with 'anger management problems' who thinks he's a big deal if he beats someone in a computer game but can't bear it if he loses.

DNC's main character in any MK game is Raiden. There is no evidence to suggest he is any good with any version of this character or any other for that matter.

Server Trash Highlights of DNC Protoman

  • Angry little Xbox nerd
  • Pulls, quits, cheats etc
  • Spams boards with constant mindless crap
  • Makes up invisible friends
  • Shitty, weak player

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about DNC Protoman you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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