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Other past and present tags include

STB Shujinkydink, STBShujinkydink, STB¦MKU Shujinkydink, edwyn m

Personal Details

Name - Edwyn Mcdougall

Shujinkydink the liar

Shujinkydink started off life in the community during MKA as a total scrub, exhibiting all the normal scrub traits. Over time, he appeared to ditch his ways and become a decent player but investigation would sadly determine that he never really changed.

While playing members of the known community he would play a straight game, not bitch when he lost or act like a scrub in any way. However, if one played him under a secret ID, you'd get a completely different Shujinkydink.

On one occasion, while acting like a scrub under his edwyn m ID, he was asked by PM if edwyn m and Shujinkydink were the same person.

Shujinkydink the liar and scrub

To which he replied...

edwyn m the liar and scrub

One rule of playing under multiple IDs is if you are going to do so and deny it on one site, it's kind of stupid to admit to it on another...


On another occasion he used the stage select cheat on MK vs. DC to try and force someone to pick Batman after they were beating him soundly with Shao Kahn. When he was asked why he did this, he replied that he wanted to win and that was the only way.

When he was told this was how scrubs behave he just replied that he was a well known name in the community and no one would believe it if they were told what he did.

Shujinkydink is incredibly two faced and slimy and people shouldn't be fooled into thinking he's a legit player when he isn't.

Despite all this, he is however probably the politest scrub on the server.

As a player Shujinkydink is low level at all MK games. Back in MKA, he was known for his hideous satellite connection with atrocious lag. This was the only way he won any games at all. When MK9 came along, Shujinkydink found a character with a good partial infinite and mained that, allowing him a few moderate wins against average opponents.

Probably Shujinkydink's biggest achievement in the MK community is making the clan STB (Simply The Best) - a clan that has been running for 8 years, yet still manages to be full of people who have never achieved anything and which no one cares about.

Server Trash Highlights of Shujinkydink

  • 2 faced scrub
  • Liar and a cheat
  • Low level player
  • Known for having one of the worst connections in the community

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