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Personal Details

Name - ?

~Crow~ (or just Crow) is one of the senior mods at MKO, one of the shittiest MK fanboy sites on the web.

Because of Crow's leadership style (and JTF's ingenuity), MKO is effectively dead as a forum site for serious online and offline players and serves mostly as a crappy news archive and place for the lowest forms of scrubs to rant against people who 'spam' online.

Speaking of JTF, Crow (and some of his staff) soon developed a bitter hatred and jealousy of him for turning the online forums at MKO into a graveyard. This bitterness only enhanced Crow's reputation as a shitty human being.

Occasionally, in the lead up to the release of a new MK game, some people from the high level community will go back to post there but they soon leave and go back to other MK sites.

Thanks to Crow, his petty rules and anal staff, posting at MKO during the MKD to MK vs. DC period was a miserable experience. And not just because of the hideously out-dated forum software MKO uses. At MKO, conversations were near impossible to have because threads usually got closed for the tiniest of things. People got banned for nothing and weren't even told why and when someone enquired why by email they were usually ignored.

MKO used to be one of the key MK related sites on the web but thanks to Crow's (mis)management, it became pretty much a worthless site populated only by the most die-hard of MK fan boys.

In recent years, rules at MKO seem to have become relaxed as most of the staff also don't appear to care about the site any more.

As a player, Crow has never achieved anything of note in any MK game.

Server Trash Highlights of ~Crow~

  • Shitty leadership style helped kill off MKO as a forum site
  • Unreasonable, petty, anal person
  • Never achieved anything as an MK player

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