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Other past and present tags include: vVv_MoRpHaZe, vVv_Johnny Cage, BD_MORPH, snakeeyes03, S_T_A_R_S-morph, doublefanboy, Johnny_Cage and many, many others
Real name: Ryan Summers / Ryan Bush

Ryan Summers Ohio, douchebag

In a community of scumbags, Ryan Bush aka MoRpH (and all his million of IDs) stands out as being one of the top 2 or 3. He is one of the few pieces of server trash who can be talked about in the same breath as MKF30 and Maverick.

Wherever he has gone, Ryan has gained the reputation for possessing all the negative personality traits of the worst kind of Internet filth. He is creepy and obsessive, he can't stand losing, he pulls and cheats etc. then says the OTHER person pulled and cheated, he sends ludicrous threatening messages, he is a delusional fantasist, he lies, makes things up and so on...

Ryan is perhaps best known for his faked videos and the fact he keeps getting caught out faking them. Below is one example of this.

Ryan has been banned, warned or thrown off pretty much every Mortal Kombat site on the web. Every time he gets beaten (which is often as he is crap at every MK game) he gets hysterical and becomes obsessed with the person who beat him.

He got himself banned from UltimateMK where he faked a video against another piece of server trash (Tim Static) and lied about beating him in a tournament.

The video below illustrates how MoRpH can't bear losing.

After this match took place, Ryan continued his threats and trash talking in several messenger conversations in which he admitted to having nearly 50 YouTube accounts to rate videos and flag other people's accounts. He also threatens to send his 'friends' round to beat up the guy who beat him at MK.

Here are some screenshots of some of those conversations. You can find the original links by going to the YouTube page of the above video and looking on the right hand side.


4 - (threats)
5 - (threats)

Xbox Live


Messages from his 'friend'


It seems the angrier he gets, the blacker he gets...

Below is yet another example of his scrub mentality - he uses the stage select cheat on MK vs. DC and still manages to lose so he pulls. Then he sends the guy he played this message:

BD_MORPH the scrub

What you can basically work out about Ryan from the above videos and images is that whenever he loses he will try to make out that the other person cheated or faked the win. He'll get threatening or abusive and make up fake videos or messages of his own to try and make the other person look bad.

In short, never ever believe anything you see from this guy. Whether it's a video, screenshot or just a post on a message board, the chances are that he is making things up.

Server Trash Highlights of MoRpH

  • Pathetic creepy server trash
  • Obsessive and hysterical whenever anyone beats him
  • Fakes videos etc.
  • Has 100s of accounts on Youtube to rate himself and flag videos etc
  • Weak at pretty much every MK
  • Makes stupid threats to anyone who beats him at a MK game
  • Banned from UltimateMK
  • Banned from GameFAQs (under 1 of his many IDs)

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about MoRpH you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about MoRpH

20:20 Friday, March 28 2014
by mk

what a failure

11:05 Friday, July 12 2013
by granolaisbest

yeah i remmeber this guy what a douche. Is he still around?

21:05 Monday, July 01 2013
by frankW

smh at this community

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