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Tom Brady

Other past and present tags include

MKTomBrady, EMP Tom Brady, MK_Legend, Tony Stark

Personal Details

Name - Bill Menoutis

Brady the loser

Up until MK vs. DC, Bill 'Tom Brady' Menoutis was little more than a joke in wider gaming circles and in the 2D MK community. Amongst the 3D MK community, he was totally unheard of. During the years of MKAC and MKC, the main website for players of 3D MK games, his name was never mentioned and very few had a clue who he was.

Kind of ironic really seeing as Brady made his name in the MK community (such as it was then), playing the 3D MKDA - a game that was around before the MK Internet community really started and which had no 'high level' community at all to speak of.

When Brady's name was mentioned on the 2D MK sites, it was usually someone highlighting how he loves to talk about how great he is at MK games but how he can never back that talk up with results. (Story of his life).

Posts like this about him on sites like UltimateMK were common:

Brady the boring twat

Outside of the MK community, Brady was equally well known as a joke, especially in the DoA community. Brady contends he was treated badly by the DoA community but the fact remains that just like in MK, he never achieved anything at the highest level of tournament play with DoA either. When he lost at Evo for example, instead of simply accepting his defeat, he blamed his pad and it is this habit of constantly making excuses for losing, that has made him the butt of so many people's jokes.

However badly he may or may not have been treated by the DoA community, he would be hard pressed to explain why even the Soul Calibur community know him to be a jumped up, under-achieving little jerk.

In this particular thread, someone on the Soul Calibur website 8WayRun.Com bemoans the fact that people online are scrubs and he is given this response.

Brady the ignorant buffoon

When MK vs. DC was released, Brady came out of hiding and joined MKU - the scummy clone site for server trash lowlifes. Here he spent his time having keyboard warrior shouting matches with other retards and losing heavily online to such world-renowned players as Bladez.

It never seemed to dawn on Brady that the real high level players like Wong and Daigo don't spend their time on shitty little MK sites having insult throwing contests with scrubs about the legitimacy of breaker combos. They are out there playing and winning in tournaments at the highest level, garnering respect as they go.

Despite his attempts to start an offline scene, MK vs. DC never really took off so Brady spent most of his time writing tier lists in his bedroom, posting them on MKU then attacking anyone who disagreed with him.

Tier lists are dodgy at the best of time, but ones based on the opinions of one person playing the computer in his bedroom in a non existent offline scene really don't count for anything.

(Later on, during MK9, Brady would at least acknowledge his lists weren't very good and he didn't really know what he was talking about).

During this time, Brady would begin to show the 3D MK community why he had gotten for himself such a reputation as a joke. He began to refer to himself as the greatest MK player ever (again, despite never having won anything of worth) and talked about how he was the number one player at MKDA back in the day.

In fact he may well have been the best MKDA player back in the day but seeing as the MKDA scene involved Tom Brady, Tom Brady's teddy bear, his little sister, his next door neighbour and some guy he met at the bus shelter one day, that doesn't really count for much.

By the time MK vs. DC had finished, Brady was calling himself the best on the planet at that too. This time however, he could be taken much more seriously. Brady's little sister and his teddy bear had by now grown bored of MK games and no one knew what happened to the dude from the bus shelter but REO and Check sometimes played MK vs. DC offline too and Brady decided this was enough to have a 3-man offline tournament.

Brady duly won the tournament which was nice, because Brady really wasn't used to winning tournaments. The fact the pot for winning was $12 and the trophy he won was a rental that had to go back to the store the following day really didn't matter.

Everything changed for Brady when MK9 was released though. Brady got himself a job as tester for MK9 and he really made a contribution.

Sadly that contribution involved not spotting things like the bomb trap, Sub's freeze glitch, a bunch of infinites and 1001 bugs that required a constant stream of patches to fix. The important thing to remember however is that during this time, Brady never missed a date with S1LENT1 to make a web video where he would always make sure to shout angrily at random people on the Internet.

As soon as MK9 was released in April 2011, bizarrely (and there is no logical reason why unless Quan Chi's magic was involved), despite everything he had done (or not done), Brady went from running FGC joke to community God.

People who had never heard of him and had never been part of the MK community before like the odious vulcan hades started worshipping him and singing his praises on every MK site.

Pointless nobodies from SRK who had never been part of the MK community before MK9 and who knew nothing of its history, came over to TYM and started saying how wonderful Brady was.

It got so bad that on MKU, TYM and the SRK MK board, people had negative posts about Brady deleted even when what they were saying was true.

Uninformed people like to make a big deal of all Brady does 'for the community'. But Brady doesn't do anything at all 'for the community'. Everything he does, Brady does for Tom Brady.

This is because Bill 'Tom Brady' Menoutis doesn't have anything else in his miserable life aside from video games and being hero-worshipped by a bunch of Internet dweebos. He lives to be patted on the head and told how wonderful one of his videos is - that is what makes living worthwhile for him.

Brady wasn't around during MKD and MKA, games he personally feels were awful. But it's being part of a community and supporting the franchise when you think things are bad that make you a worthwhile part of that community. Brady is a fair weather MK fan who will only stick around if the game is, in his eyes, 'good'. If not, then he will fuck off to another gaming community and foul up their existence with his presence and only return to the MK community when there is a game he likes.

Anyone can lead a community when it's the centre of attention and everything is good. It's the people who do things like support the community and run sites through the bad times and who campaign in those times for things to be better who the real saviours of any game.

(This is all ignoring the fact that for many, the MKD period was the best and most fun period in MK history).

Anyway, once MK9 was up and running, Brady had his chance to show everyone just how he could justify his own tag of 'Best MK player in the world'. MK9 was to be at Evo 2011, only a few months after the game's release.

This was perfect for Brady. He had had MK9 for months longer than anyone else, he knew the game better than anyone else and all the other major players from the other fighting communities like Wong were playing MK as a 2nd or 3rd game after Street Fighter and MvC etc while Brady was just playing MK.

There would be no excuses at Evo 2011. The game was right, the offline conditions would be right, the pads would be right, everything would be in Brady's favour. Finally Brady would have a chance to prove that not only could he 'talk the talk' but he could 'walk the walk' too.

So what happened at Evo 2011? Did Brady win?

Surprise surprise, 'Mr. Mortal Kombat', the self proclaimed best MK player in the world, the MK guru, the MK great one, the Elder God of Mortal Kombat etc etc did not win Evo. In fact he didn't even make it to the last 8.

As predicted, Menoutis went out early and as predicted (and as usual) he blamed someone (or something) for his early exit.

Brady made up for his lack of tournament success by dispensing words of wisdom to his followers. Many of those words were based on his 'intimate relationship' with NRS. This exalted position as community liaison between NRS and the MK community allowed Brady to impart really useful inside information like this nugget, posted just before the games were announced for Evo 2012.

Speaking of Evo 2012, he didn't even get Top 8 at that tournament. By this time, even the Brady fanboys were beginning to realise that their hero was not the God they thought him to be.

Over the past few years, Brady has had feuds with Check. This is pretty hilarious because there is no one in the community more like Brady than Check. They could be peas in a pod.

They are both unlikeable nerds whose whole life revolves around video games and they both have the belief they are somehow gods at MK games when reality shows us they decidedly not.

They both believe that every word they write about MK should be taken as the truth when it's usually just their opinion and they both can't bear it when anyone disagrees with them or points out they are wrong about anything. They both act like they have been insulted when people question anything they say.

They are also both known for being over-emotional drama-queens who repeatedly make long 'I'm quitting and never coming back posts' for the slightest reason. (Then repeatedly coming back because they have nothing else in their empty lives).

They only feud because they are so much alike.

Brady is the perfect example of the tournament scrub in the MK community. Rather than actually be a top level player making a living playing games and winning high profile tournaments, Brady has spent his life preferring to be a big fish in a very small pond - posting crap on shitty little sites in a low level community to people he can fool into thinking he is something big.

On realising he wasn't able to compete at the highest level with the better MK players, Brady spent much of his time making YouTube videos telling other people how to play the game - in essence he had gone back to talking and not doing.

The man can do an hour long YouTube video which says nothing that couldn't be said in 10 minutes and it's always a variation of the same things. How great he is, how misunderstood he is, how much he does for the MK community, excuses about why he just lost in a tournament etc.

Brady never ever takes responsibility for anything. If people don't like him, then as far as he is concerned they are 'haters' and it is they who have the problem. People with that attitude really aren't worth the times of day.

Maybe Brady will wake up one day and see himself how others see him, but you shouldn't hold your breath.

A final note to mention about Brady is he is another one of these MK Christians. This has involved him going round telling homosexuals that what they do is wrong and they should stop. Just another part of his likeable persona along with his video rants and his over-inflated ego.

In fact Brady really isn't a nice character at all as the graphic below illustrates. In this incident recorded on the Tekken site Tekken Zaibatsu, he scams some guy out of $5,000 and does a runner. The graphic also gives an insight into Brady's relationship with his father.

So there you have it - another wonderful 'leader of the MK community'. And like all the other ones, this one is an under-achieving, delusional, hyper-sensitive reject with a shitty personality and a far higher opinion of himself than everyone else has.

Maybe he'll make a name for himself as a legend in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He couldn't in Mortal Kombat or Dead or Alive.

***EVO 2013 update***

Nope, he couldn't in Injustice: Gods Among Us either.

Server Trash Highlights of Tom Brady

  • Unwarranted superiority complex
  • Makes stupid, crappy tier lists based on what he does in his bedroom
  • Thinks he's the best at all MK games when he's far from it
  • Known for talking more than doing - never actually won anything of worth
  • Often posts like an angry, stupid 8 year old

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Tom Brady you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Tom Brady

17:47 Wednesday, July 15 2015
by NotSonicFox

Haha, Bill is scrubbing it up at MKX too, He was telling the community to "Adapt or die" to his Sub Zero. Then Sub Zero got nerfed and he's started threatening to no show He did bother to show up to Combo Breaker last week and didn't even get in the top 4. Sad for the self proclaimed "Best MK Player Ever".

15:50 Wednesday, July 03 2013
by Aaron Rodgers

Toms a bitch. Scamming kids out of money.. What a slut.

05:57 Tuesday, July 02 2013
by fuk tom brady

tom brady is the fgc poster boy for narcissistic personality disorder

21:54 Monday, July 01 2013
by NJ Legend

Bill used to play in NJ when MK2 and MK3 were out. He wouldn't even show up to the weekly tournaments at eight on the break because he would lose to everyone who was above average. He would mostly play at one of the malls where he could avoid the better local players. He was mediocre as a local player, at best. if he had the courage to show for tournaments,lose and get better back in the day he'd probably be a better player (and person) now. He's in his mid 30's and he still hasn't figured out it's ok to lose at a video game, and that you have to lose to learn how to win.

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