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Personal Details

Name - Daniel

Another member of the punk-filled MKO Xbox Community albeit one of the lesser pieces of server trash.

Like most of his comrades, ChaosTheory spends much of his time trying to get 'the last word' in pointless threads on MK sites. Back on MKAC, for example, in a serious thread about religion, he and one of the community's biggest server trash L0rdoftheFLY spent most of the thread writing 'Marco' and 'Polo' just to achieve this. When the thread was closed for their spamming they seriously complained the mod had done so to stop them 'getting the last word', instead of rightfully putting an end to their pathetic keyboard warrior games.

All of the boards he has posted on are riddled with him whining and complaining every time a mod closes a thread. Whenever this happens you can be sure ChaosTheory will post elsewhere trying to make out the mods did so to 'get the last word' instead of the reality that they were just upholding site rules and dealing with bad threads accordingly.

Hypocritically when he became mod on MKU, Chaos would quite happily silence those who weren't part of his MKO Xbox Community clique depriving them of the chance to say anything back. Just exactly like he used to complain the mods on the other sites did. Typical MKO Xbox Community hypocritical punk mentality.

Probably the best illustration of the mentality of this guy is who he chose to be in a clan with. Namely, Maverick, one of the biggest scum bags in the whole MK community. They were part of KON, a server trash clan devoted to having Internet wars in in a flaming forum. This gives you some idea of how pathetic Chaos is.

In many respects ChaosTheory (and clan mate Omerta C) have very similar mentalities to Maverick, just to a lesser degree.

As a player, Chaos is not known to be much of a scrub (at least under his known IDs). However he has the poor quality connection one comes to expect from his Xbox crowd so playing him isn't much fun.

Server Trash Highlights of ChaosTheory

  • Part of the worst community in the MK world - MKO Xbox Community
  • In a clan with one of the biggest retards in MK - Maverick
  • Awful, shitty connection
  • A 'lite' version of someone like L0rdoftheFLY

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about ChaosTheory you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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