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Other past and present tags include

MKLordFujin, jamescrenshaw

Personal Details

Name - James Crenshaw

Maverick the Internet Nigger

Although Maverick is best known in the MK community as Maverick, he posts elsewhere on the 'net under his real name of James Crenshaw.

In a community of scumbags, human filth and the worst kind of Internet stereotypes, Maverick (along with MKF30 and a couple of others) stands head and shoulders above the rest.

His disrespectful mentality is so bad that not only has he been banned from every MK site on the web run by decent people, he even got banned from MKU, a site run by people who themselves have been banned from every other MK site on the web.

When the black comedian Chris Rock got up and did his famous 'Niggas vs. Black People' routine, everyone knew exactly what he was talking about.

The essence of a nigger (nigga), as alluded to in Rock's routine is that they are disrespectful, ignorant punks who have no respect for anyone else and who ruin whatever community they are in. This applies to Maverick perfectly.

In the MK community, there have been some decent black people like mastermalone or GigaDukeBUG (The Duke) who are able to simply play, take their losses, say GG afterwards and contribute usefully and constructively to the boards.

Then there are Internet Niggers like Maverick, DarkTrax and Atari who have devoted all of their time to lowering the quality of life in the MK gaming community for everyone else. Maverick is the biggest one of the lot - he is the kind of person Chris Rock based his routine on.

This has nothing to do with racism or any such nonsense - most of the black people in the MK community think Maverick is a dumb Internet Nigger too.

Maverick never made any attempt to contribute anything useful to any board or MK community. He simply spent all of his time deliberately attacking anyone and everyone to try and win his 'Internet Wars' until the site mods got bored of his antics and banned him from the site. He was (and almost certainly still is) a sad, pathetic, obsessive keyboard warrior of the worst kind, who in many ways is the pin-up poster child for the MKO Xbox Community.

Most of the other server trash share his characteristics, his desire to start 'flame wars', his inability to bear the fact he can't get the 'last word' when a thread gets closed, his scrub mentality when people don't play the way he likes - just not to the same extremes as him.

As a player, Maverick was very poor. He played mostly during MKA and had a weak Fujin that most people could beat with their eyes shut. Maverick was as big a scrub on the server as he was a keyboard warrior jerk on the boards.

He encompassed all the personality traits one expects from a piece of Xbox Live server trash. He spent much of his time screaming in frustration and anger on the mic as he got his ass kicked and more often than not he would quit or pull when he was about to lose. He has never managed to beat anyone of note and is not recognised by anyone as a decent player let alone an elite one.

None of this matters to Maverick though as he regards his prowess as an 'Internet Warrior' on the boards to be far more important than his reputation as a player. Maverick believed himself to be a great 'flamer' who defeats everyone he comes across in verbal arguments.

The reality is that Maverick was as crappy at winning wars on the boards as he was at winning games on the servers. Maverick has no intelligence, no wit, no verbal skills. His entire routine on the boards consisted of screaming over and over that he owned people or he had defeated them in something, until the mods got tired of his spamming and closed his threads or just banned him.

Maverick has been 'verbally terminated' by pretty much every known mod in the MK community at one time or another - ~Crow~, the MKAC Admin, JTF, Gerchap and KrayzieBone to name a few.

Maverick is nothing more than a walking bag of Internet clichés. He never had anything original to say, no clever put-downs to utilise. All he ever did was trot out the same tired old Internet keyboard warrior sound-bites that anyone who has ever spent time on a message board would recognise.

Sadly for Maverick, he never managed to realise that just because he screams over and over again that he owns someone or he has beaten someone at something, that doesn't actually make it true. No one who has ever has any run-in with Maverick views him as anything but a sad, pitiful little man and no one regards him as having won anything ever. As the graphic below shows, how other people view Maverick and his behaviour is not the same way he views himself.

Maverick the loser

Maverick has been banned (often multiple times) from pretty much every notable MK website in existence - MKO, MKAC, MKC, MKU, you name it, he's been banned from it.

Like a mad animal that can't help biting people, he has no control over his personality problems and gets hysterical whenever a mod closes a thread and won't allow him to carry on. He just opens up another thread and tries to have the last word and ends up getting banned. This behaviour is common amongst the MKO Xbox Community, which is why they have never been able to survive on any site for any period of time as a community.

Other members of the community like MKF30 and L0rdoftheFLY are also famous for exhibiting the same behaviour. The only small difference between Maverick and the others is that this is ALL he ever did. Whereas most of the others at least offer some sort of MK related contribution to the sites they post on.

Maverick used to be part of a clan call KON (Kings of the Netherealm). This clan was for retards with little or no playing ability who spent most of their time in the flaming forum back on MKAC attacking and insulting people. Other clan members included ChaosTheory and Omerta C. When the only decent member of the clan, Puff, left, the clan disbanded.

Maverick has rightly earned the reputation as one of the most repulsive pieces of scum in the MK community.

But what this piece of scum does for a job will probably surprise you though.

You may not believe it, but Maverick - one of the biggest pieces of trash in the MK community, the most pathetic keyboard warrior, the most moronic loser, banned from every worthwhile MK related site for his server trash mentality is...a high school assistant principal.

Here's the proof - screenshots taken from the website of the school he works at. You can click on each image to take you to the web page. (On the web page of the first image, roll over his name to get his picture.)

Maverick the Internet Nigger

Maverick the Internet Nigger

Responsible for mental health?!! Maverick?! That's like putting George Bush in charge of MENSA.

Let's just take a little look at some of the things this assistant principle has said over the years. Here he is telling some kid he's going to fuck his mother.

The kid is probably grateful though. A few years ago, Maverick told the same child he would rape his baby sister.

Here Maverick is just being rude and obnoxious to a perfectly nice guy for no reason.

Here's someone new to the community who feels the same way about Maverick that everyone else does.

Here's Maverick whining about his upcoming ban which he knows he'll get like he always does because he has no respect for site rules or site staff.

Here's Maverick talking about how he thrives on hate. Is this really someone who should be responsible for the mental health of children at a school?

And here's one of Maverick's online profiles - displaying the typical nigger mentality towards women - describing them as hoes and aspiring to be a 'pimp'.

Maverick never stays on any site for long because he has absolutely no respect for site staff or site rules. As soon as he comes on, he starts attacking site staff, calling them all power hungry for not allowing him to sit and attack everyone, then he throws insults at everyone including mods like a piece of nigger street trash until he is verbally terminated.

In this respect he is pretty much like every other member of the MKO Xbox Community, except to the power of 10. Which is why none of them as individuals or a community can stay together on any site for very long.

You can bet though that Maverick wouldn't stand for that mentality in his school. If some kid came into class and sat there throwing insults at him, refusing to obey school rules and calling Maverick power hungry for making him, then you can bet the kid would be disciplined, even expelled, yet Maverick thinks he can behave like that on every website he visits.

The owners of this site feel strongly that someone like James 'Maverick3176' Crenshaw is not a fit person to be an assistant principle at a school so we will be emailing the head principle a link to this page to let him know exactly what sort of person he has working under him.

For someone so obsessed with getting the last word, it's fitting that this page exists on the Internet as a permanent last word as to who and what Maverick is.

Server Trash Highlights of Maverick3176

  • Banned from MKO multiple times
  • Banned from MKAC
  • Banned from MKC
  • Banned from MKU multiple times even though site run by people who have the same mentality that he does
  • Most pathetic keyboard warrior on the 'net
  • Weak player - never beaten anyone of note
  • Screams in anger and frustration on the mic all the time as he plays and loses
  • Quits, pulls etc.

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Maverick3176 you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Maverick3176

12:40 Sunday, June 30 2013
by Predator2913

wow just wow is this for real?!

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