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Personal Details

Name - Real name: Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards the Anti Christ

Part of the MKO Xbox Community group of punks, L0rdoftheFLY justifies his place as one of the most pathetic, obnoxious, disrespectful scum bags in the MK Community. He exhibits all the traits of his Xbox fellows - he is a bad loser and a scrub on the game server and a keyboard warrior idiot on the boards.

Similar to the likes of MKF30, Maverick and many other members of the MKO Xbox Community, L0rdoftheFLY is permanently obsessed with trying to get the 'last word'. His failure to do so and his subsequent failure to shut up when told to by a mod has led to his multiple warnings and bans over the years.

L0rdoftheFLY started his MK life posting on MKO. He managed to avoid being banned there unlike most of the rest of the MKO Xbox Community.

When they all moved to MKAC, L0rdoftheFLY began to show more of his unlikeable personality, such as homophobic comments which he justified because of his religion (Christianity). It says a lot for his attitude that he managed to make the person he was arguing with - Maverick, (one of the worst scum in the community) look like the reasonable one.

At the same time he was posting on MKAC, L0rdoftheFLY also posted on UltimateMK for a short time (the MK site for players of 2D MK games). The reason it was for a short time was because L0rdoftheFLY only lasted a week there before being permanently banned and having his IP address blocked.

This happened because, as usual, L0rdoftheFLY couldn't bear it when he couldn't get the last word after he was told to shut up by mods for flaming so he just carried on back-chatting until he was banned.

Just like all the other MKO Xbox Community punks, L0rdoftheFLY can't seem to grasp the simple concept that when you are told to shut up by site staff you do so or you get punished.

After L0rdoftheFLY got banned, he came back to MKAC whining that the mods kept closing his threads and wouldn't let him have the last word etc. like it was they who were somehow in the wrong and not him.

L0rdoftheFLY would go on to exhibit this exact same behaviour on the day MKC was shut down.

Around this time, L0rdoftheFLY changed his name to HEsoFLY to reflect his religious beliefs but soon dropped the name when everyone told him it sounded stupid.

When everyone moved to MKC, L0rdoftheFLY finally showed his true server trash mentality in both a games-playing and a forum posting capacity. In fact, his punk behaviour was instrumental in getting the site closed down illustrating once again why the MKO Xbox Community cannot survive on any site for any period of time.

Just like at UltimateMK, L0rdoftheFLY couldn't bear the fact he was made to obey site rules and stop flaming when told to by site staff. His behaviour was even worse than at UltimateMK though and it was only due to the kind and tolerant nature of JTF, the site owner, that L0rdoftheFLY was given as many chances as he was before finally being dealt with.

Click here for a rundown of what happened on the last day of MKC explaining exactly how L0rdoftheFLY's disgusting and disrespectful servertrash mentality contributed to MKC getting shut down. This link also has a couple of screenshots where another member of the community GigaDukeBUG proves L0rdoftheFLY to be a nasty liar as well as a keyboard warrior twat.

As a player, L0rdoftheFLY is really not very good. As a member of the Xbox server's worst clan Outworld Gods during MKD, he spent much of his time, like most of them, engaged more in pointless trash-talking on the boards than playing good games on the server.

When he moved to MKA and then MK vs. DC, he continued his low level of play and no one viewed him as anything special. As well as being a keyboard warrior, L0rdoftheFLY continued to show his scrub mentality. Back in MKD, he had whined and attacked people who re-picked the same characters and who turtled excessively. In MKA he continued to display this scrub mentality. He would continue making excuses when he lost, blame lag when he did, but attack anyone who rightfully pointed out the horrible lag associated with his shitty connection. Usual MKO Xbox Community hypocrite then.

When MK9 came out, L0rdoftheFLY laughingly managed to get some sort of reputation as a decent player. But then anyone on MKU or TYM could get themselves a reputation as a decent player just by winning a few games on a stream or making a shitty little guide video.

Most people did see him for what he was though:

Despite his mediocre play, L0rdoftheFLY truly believed he had what it took to compete at Evo so off he went.

Not surprisingly he went out early.

Even more unsurprisingly, he bitched and made excuses about it. Just like he's done his entire life.

Although some people thought he displayed a good Nightwolf, in reality his opponents were awful and just made him look good. Even so, he still couldn't get past the early rounds. No matter - you can bet that inside his head he firmly believes he's some sort of quality player But hey, at least he admits he's a bad loser.

L0rdoftheFLY likes to portray himself a decent person. He isn't. He's a sick-minded, nasty, obnoxious, disrespectful, obsessive little piece of Xbox server trash. Not only has he contributed to sites closing down and communities being destroyed but he takes pleasure in it, as illustrated by his boasting about the part he played after MKC closed down.

He deserves his reputation as being the worst type of Internet scum because he crosses the line from just being very angry and incapable of controlling his emotions to being a cowardly, nasty little scrub who deliberately lies to hurt people and smear their reputation.

People who deliberately lie and make up nasty things about other people cannot be reasoned with or talked to because they know they are lying and so there is nothing to discuss with them. They simply need to be removed from the community for everyone else's good.

It would seem that offline, L0rdoftheFLY is as personable as he is online. This email from his Hotmail account illustrates that someone at his workplace clearly wanted to kick his backside for being the obnoxious little shit he is.

At some point, no doubt, someone will catch up with him and teach him the error of his ways. When that happens he will no doubt lie about it and blame the person he treated badly.

Michael 'L0rdoftheFLY' Edwards really belongs in the same category as the likes of DarkTrax, MKF30, Sans Power and MoRpH. He should never be believed in anything he says or does - the chances are he is lying or trying to cover up for his server trash behaviour.

One final little insight into L0rdoftheFLY's personality is below. Not content with showing disrespect on MKC and UltimateMK, he showed the same contempt to certain MKU mods who he informed should never apply the site rules to him because he was part of the clique that had been around for a long time.

This mentality that the rules of sites should not apply to them is key MKO Xbox Community behaviour and shows why they should never be allowed on any site at all. It also highlights why JTF was not prepared to keep MKC open when his admin Bobby Blaze not only allowed his Xbox cronies to display this behaviour but he displayed it himself.

Anyway, back on MKU, L0rdoftheFLY as usual didn't respect mods or abide by site rules and on this particular occasion, one of the mods - MaceWind dealt with an errant post L0rdoftheFLY did which broke the rules. L0rdoftheFLY had been rude and obnoxious to a new guy and his post was edited to remove the needless flaming. L0rdoftheFLY did not like this.

There was a flurry of PMs between L0rdoftheFLY and MaceWind on this matter and the highlighted bits below show L0rdoftheFLY's personality in which he orders a site mod around, shows his obsessive mentality, can't admit he was the one in the wrong, tries to force a mod to apologise for upholding site rules and generally shows why he got banned from UltimateMK, got MKC closed down and was treated as the lowlife he is on MKU:

From : L0rdoftheFLY
To : MaceWind
Date : 2011-04-25 21:15
Title : Re: Post
lol ok...i dont like my posts being edited. I understand your point but this is a forum not a church. remember that and dont edit my post again. understood?

From : L0rdoftheFLY
To : MaceWind
Date : 2011-04-26 01:21
Title : Re: Post
screw you man. i don't care who you are...mod or not. I say what i say because i mean it. I don't want to drive off new members but thats not what i was doing. you shouldn't change posts. and i dont care if you gave me the "courtesy" or not.

Don't treat me like i'm a frequent problem on the site. I have been a member every MK site with the xbox live community. I go back with EVERYONE on this site further than you can imagine. being a mod does not make you superior in ANY way. don't ever talk down to me or change my posts ever again. as of now we DO have issues. and we will until you apologize for changing my post

From : L0rdoftheFLY
To : MaceWind
Date : 2011-04-26 02:16
Title : Re: Post
You need to realize exactly how far back I go with this site and understand that I AM NOT THE PROBLEM.

If you had known who i was at all you would not have messed with my post. just say "my bad" and dont do it again ok?

From : L0rdoftheFLY
To : DirtyLova
Date : 2011-04-26 02:22
Title : Re: Mace
i'll let it go when he apologizes. I cant stand that shit!

From : L0rdoftheFLY
To : MaceWind
Date : 2011-04-26 02:29
Title : Re: Post

you may have a hard time admitting it but what you did was wrong and you need to tell me that you know it was wrong. just because you are a mod doesn't mean you are never wrong. freedom of speech includes forums.

From : L0rdoftheFLY
To : MaceWind
Date : 2011-04-26 02:52
Title : Re: Post
you are the bad guy. you need to recognize the difference between flaming and the words shut up. its no different.

if you wont apologize then i will take this further and let the members of this site decide.

I will make a thread with a poll. we will see (unless you delete that post also)


With an attitude like this, it isn't really a surprise that L0rdoftheFLY is having to send snivelling emails to people he knows at work asking them not to beat him up...

If anyone thinks the lines from the above PMs are faked or made up then speak to MaceWind who will confirm they are genuine.

Anyone who treats site rules and site mods like this should be banned permanently from the community. It's not like it's a one-off. Doing it on UltimateMK, MKC, MKU and probably many other sites all over the net - it's pretty clear that L0rdoftheFLY is the kind of Grade 1 scumbag that gives Internet communities a bad name.

He gets hysterical and feels dominated and owned when he is beaten in a game, made to follow rules on a board, can't get the last word. All the usual things. People like him or MKF30 or Maverick or Tim Static or Juggs etc - sad little alpha nerd wannabes are the metaphorical cancer to Internet communities and like a cancer can only ever be cut out for the greater good of the whole.

L0rdoftheFLY claims to be a Christian but he does not preach love and tolerance, like the Christian stereotype he believes himself to be. He behaves with hate and nastiness, attacking good people who have only ever given him things to benefit his life. He has displayed all the traits, not of a fine human being, but of a low, base human being and he brings shame, not only on Christians but on humanity.

One thing is for sure - if L0rdoftheFLY's Christian beliefs are true and bad people really do go to hell, there is no doubt that Michael 'L0rdoftheFLY' Edwards will end up there for what he has done in this existence.

L0rdoftheFLY is one of the main reasons this site exists so if you are on this site you know who to thank for it.

Server Trash Highlights of L0rdoftheFLY

  • Server trash scrub
  • Keyboard warrior idiot
  • Punk mentality
  • Thinks rules that apply to everyone else don't apply to him
  • Screams at anyone who doesn't play the way he likes
  • Always makes excuses when he loses
  • Religious bigot
  • Part of a clique of the worst scum in the community
  • Banned from UltimateMK and helped to get MKC shut down
  • Takes pride in destroying the community

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about L0rdoftheFLY you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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never did like fly

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