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Other past and present tags include

Azuro, Minterfresh, x_THTB_x, HxC THTB, AzuroMasurao

Personal Details

Name - Dontay

THTB the muppet

THTB began life on MKO, posting in the Playstation forum there and kept a fairly low profile.

When THTB joined MKAC, he was given the chance to be a mod on the site, even though he hadn't done anything to deserve it. He wasn't very good at the job, but at least, unlike his fellow Playstation mod KrayzieBone, he respected the site rules.

Around this time, he began to spend a lot of his time quoting Dave Sirlin and preaching the seriousness of 'playing to win', while spending most of his time posting on a site devoted to playing broken 3D Mortal Kombat games online.

When everyone moved to MKC, THTB began to show his true colours. He became more fervent in his lecturing about 'playing to win', all the time seemingly unaware that the words of Dave Sirlin only have minimal relevance to stupidly broken, online, novelty fighting games with 1 button, mid-screen infinites.

When KrayzieBone's punk mentality and disrespect for site rules and other site staff led to him being removed from duty, rather than show gratitude for the respect shown to the mods who didn't break rules, THTB would sympathise with his server trash friend and resign. This would be the start of him illustrating his own server trash mentality.

Later on, come the day MKC was finally closed, THTB would show his true server trash mentality.

Showing what a nasty, punk piece of shit he really is, THTB would join in attacking the site owner JTF for simply upholding site rules instead of rightly condemning L0rdoftheFLY for repeatedly breaking them.

You can read here what happened on that day. No reasonable person could possibly have respect for THTB for siding with someone who behaves like L0rdoftheFLY did on that day.

Once again, just like with KrayzieBone, THTB showed that he preferred siding with known scum bags breaking rules than with decent people upholding them.

Despite the fact both the MKACAdmin and JTF had shown THTB nothing but respect and kindness as well as both giving him his first taste of power in a mod role, THTB would show his true lack of class by insulting those responsible for giving him his online home for the past 3 years.

In a sick display of just how fucked up this creep is, at one point when MKU was down, THTB would open up a chat room for the others and make fun of the MKAC Admin's cancer in it. True class...

When TYM was created, THTB became mod there and continued in the same vein as before. He adores anyone who is regarded as a 'serious offline player' and hangs onto their every word.

His worship for anyone who is a 'serious offline gamer' blinds him to the fact that the individuals he worships so much are often unpleasant, obnoxious little nerds who have never actually achieved anything in the world of gaming.

As a player, THTB is not known to cheat or be a scrub under his known IDs. He was average at MKD and MKA but had a very bad connection which gave him a huge advantage. Back in MKA, he was also known for making the worst quality videos in the community - they were all almost totally black so you couldn't see what was going on.

Even though THTB has spent much of his MK life immersing himself in the serious offline tournament mentality, he hasn't actually won anything of note or gotten for himself any serious reputation as a high level tournament player. In other words, he's just another one of these online warriors who talks a lot but can't actually back it up.

Server Trash Highlights of THTB

  • Contributed to MKC being shut down
  • Repaid kindness of 2 site owners with disrespect and punk mentality
  • Known for a really poor connection that is barely above dial-up
  • Known for making really shitty quality videos of his matches
  • Never achieved anything of note as a player

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about THTB you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about THTB

09:13 Wednesday, October 09 2013

its irritating how content this guy is with his own dumbassery. i don't think he knows one damn thing about mk9 or injustice.

06:19 Tuesday, July 02 2013
by A hobo

THTB is a piece of filth, for sure. Ungrateful little man. Schadenfroide at its full extend.

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