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Personal Details

Name - Daniel Cotterill

DACNinja the virgin

DACNinja the moron

DACNINJA the scrub

There was probably no one as despised and ridiculed on the Xbox MK vs. DC Xbox server than DACNinja. Number 1 on the leader board, he got there by spamming the Superman infinite over and over again. That's all he did (at least under his DACNinja ID). Two or three hours a day for months and months, spamming the Superman infinite.

More than once he would claim his ultimate ambition was to get to #1 on the rankings list - like that actually counts for anything. Spending several hours a day from midnight to about 3am for months and months spamming the same infinite against all other characters to try and get ranked on a video game ranking list made up mostly of boosters and cheats.

As the graphic below shows, he couldn't even bear the fact he had a few losses on his account from before he started infiniting and wanted to erase them.

DACNinja the joke

The reason DACNinja spent all his life spamming the Superman infinite is because if he tried anything else he lost, as the video below shows.

A more pathetic human being you'd be hard pressed to find on this particular game server.

Towards the end of MK vs. DC, DACNinja stopped cheating with Superman and instead switched to using Flash, although he was not averse to using the Flash infinite also when it suited him.

The reasons for DACNinja's scrubby, nerdy behaviour are evident for all to see in posts he made on Yahoo Answers a while ago.

DACNinja the virgin

DACNinja has a small penis

DACNinja the loser
Source (plus rest of post)

For those that think someone made these questions up to frame him, look at the dates by clicking the source links above. He did the questions a long time ago, before he became known on Xbox. This is really him, these are really his questions...

Even on his Bebo page he was not averse to whining about not having a girlfriend.

DACNinja the virgin

One would think the answer to why girls don't like Mr. Cotterill is obvious. It's for the same reason no one else likes him. He's a nasty little creep with a shitty personality. Besides, even if he did get a girlfriend, what would he do with her if he spends every night between midnight and 3am boosting his Xbox Live gamer tag?

Server Trash Highlights of DACNinja

  • Thousands of games all doing the Superman infinite
  • Weak player
  • Frustrated virgin (almost certainly his reason for the way he behaves in MK)

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about DACNinja you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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