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DJ Dreddy

Other past and present tags include

O.W.G Dj Dreddy, EXILE911, The Oracle, wwwdjdreddycom, Djdreddy, Shotta, Patrick

Personal Details

Name - Patrick

Dreddy is best known for making up an Internet persona, one which is a whacked-out, gibberish-spewing idiot who makes no sense and who thinks he is some sort of inter-galactic emperor.

The guy spends most of his time spamming boards with his ludicrous get-rich-quick schemes. Need to buy a house on Pluto? Want to travel to the Horsehead Nebula in comfort and style? Book a meeting with Dreddy - he will make your dreams come true! In reality his real name is Patrick and he's one of life's losers. He is also perfectly capable of talking normally when he wants to.

Dreddy's only real claim to fame is making MK's shittiest clan - Outworld Gods, a bunch of some of the worst server trash in the whole community.

Dreddy has never knowingly contributed anything useful to any MK board - all he does is talk nonsense, spam his ridiculous get rich quick schemes and make up shit about people for no reason.

He once told JTF on MKAC he didn't care if he banned him. When JTF replied he would not ban him (because he wasn't the admin and couldn't) Dreddy just tried to make out that he could if he wanted to because he was the admin. Just another member of the MKO Xbox Community retard brigade - you simply can't deal rationally with people who will insist on living in fantasy made-up worlds.

As a player, Dreddy is not very good. The video below gives you some idea of his level as he is caught on tape trying to win with an infinite in MKD but still loses.

Infinites were banned in MKD because they were so common and so easy to do, the game was unplayable with them.

When confronted with his cheating and scrubby behaviour, Dreddy would happily admit it and say he was just doing what was necessary to win. Dave Sirlin must be very proud.

However, the rest of the server were not impressed with his antics which led to many threads complaining about him on various sites.

Eventually even other server trash like Bobby Blaze abandoned this moron and left the OWG clan because of him.

Server Trash Highlights of DJ Dreddy

  • Talks like a spastic retard
  • Known infinite user in MKD, known scrub in every MK game
  • Spams forums with stupid get-rich-quick schemes
  • Started MK's shittest clan - Outworld Gods

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