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Other past and present tags include

mkflegend, Fujin Windgod, themkgod, MKF, wtflegend, The ME 262, FujinMK10

Personal Details

Name - Peter Marisi

MKF the most hated man in MK MKF30 the world's biggest retard

This is it. Forget every other scrub, keyboard warrior or piece of server trash you have met in the MK community. None of them compare to this guy - Peter Marisi aka MKF30 aka mkflegend.

To get an idea of just how bad MKF is, think of the worst aspects of Internet scum then multiply that by 1000 and you still don't have MKF. It's hard to put down in simple words just how truly pathetic, vile, hated and loathed this piece of human vermin is.

On the game server he is famous for being a cowardly, running, hiding, pulling scrub too scared to play anyone good and who boosts his rank. On the message boards he is known for being an obsessive poster, amazingly ignorant about everything and for writing huge long rambling posts that don't actually say anything, as well having a really stupid writing style that involves over-use of 'lols' and smiley emotes.

He's also known for never being able to admit when he's wrong, for being a rabid fanboy and for being an obsessive compulsive keyboard warrior who has to try and get the last word in everything he writes.

He obsesses about people for years, makes up lies to hurt their reputations and claims he's beaten people he hasn't even played. In this sense he's similar to the likes of Sans Power, Mr Igotbass, MoRpH and DarkTrax, just worse.

Perhaps a small look at how the community over the years on various sites has viewed MKF will give some indication of what he is like.

What The Community Thinks of MKF30

Wherever MKF goes, the reception he receives is always the same. From MKO to MKAC to UltimateMK to MKC to MKU to TYM to every non MK site on the web...


MKF began, long ago during the MKD period, by posting on MKO using the name mkflegend.

He posted mainly in the Xbox Live forum. It wasn't long before his cowardly nature and long nonsense posts began to make him hated and the MKO Xbox Live forum quickly became full of posts ripping into MKF for being the cowardly, slimy, repugnant worm that he is. The post below is some indication of how the Xbox regulars felt about MKF.

Peter Marisi the lying, cowardly, rank whore puller

When it was often pointed out to MKF that the entire community despised him, he would reply that it was only the people who played the game online who had this opinion. He would tell everyone that in the offline forums he was really popular and everyone loved him.

This was not true. They hated him as much in the MKO offline forums as they did in the online ones and for the same reasons, as the graphics below illustrate.

MKF the retard

MKF the loser

Eventually MKF30 got banned from MKO for, well, for being MKF30.

Then he returned...and got banned again because he wouldn't shut up when told to by a mod - a trait that is the hallmark of the MKO Xbox Community and is well known for being associated with many server trash such as L0rdoftheFLY and Maverick for example.

MKF the retard

MKF the retard

After this happened, even the MKO mods jumped on the 'MKF is a douche bag' bandwagon. One of the mods there called Jerrod made up this graphic to warn other users not to behave in such a way as to get them banned.

MKF the retard

On MKO, as it would be on every site he ever visited, the name MKF became a code-word for 'retarded clueless obsessive moron'.

MKF the retard

MKF the retard

MKF the retard


When the entire MKO Xbox Community got banned from MKO, they moved to MKAC. MKAC had an adult forum and one day MKF posted in it that he fantasised about fucking a dead girl, a comment that unsurprisingly everyone found disgusting. He also posted in this forum that he thought about sucking himself. All of this just added to his creepy persona.

MKF was eventually flamed off MKAC by the whole community when JTF highlighted MKF's mental problems and inability to even address a simple question in a couple of threads. The rest of the board all jumped on MKF and condemned him for being the sad, pathetic keyboard warrior he is and first he tried to hide behind the mods but when that didn't work, he ran away from the board to escape the constant jeers and put-downs of the rest of the community.

Here he became bitter and obsessed with JTF and spent much of the rest of his life making up lies about him and slandering him on MKO. As the population of MKO had dwindled to just MKF, DarkTrax and GhostDragon, no one really noticed.

MKF (together with DarkTrax) tried to hatch a scheme to bring down MKAC using Gerchap and Quest2be1. They failed and just became even more hated.

While at MKAC, JTF publicly challenged MKF to a game of MKA, first to 10. MKF of course refused, ran away and made his normal cowardly excuses, knowing he would not only lose, but lose big and have it recorded.


MKF claimed to love 2D games more than 3D games and to be better at them. Every time someone challenged him at a 3D MK game (which he played all the time), he would decline and challenge people to play him at UMK3, which he knew the 3D community members didn't play, so he would have a chance of winning.

At the time, the best site for players of 2D MK games was UltimateMK. Here, if possible, they hated him even more than on MKO / MKAC. They hated him so much that they even started a campaign to get him to leave. First they offered him money to go, then, when he wouldn't, they started a campaign in their signatures as the graphics below show.

MKF30 the hated

MKF30 the dickhead

MKF30 the moron

Here, as on every other site, MKF became more than just an Internet retard, he became an insult in himself. To call someone an 'MKF' became the worst thing you could do to anyone.

MKF30, an embarrassment to MK

Eventually, just like on MKO, MKF was banned from UltimateMK to the joy of every other human being who posted there.

MKF30 the world's worst MK player

We could go on and on about how they felt about MKF at UltimateMK but there is only so much space on the Internet. The following graphic basically sums up how everyone felt

MKF30 the Internet Retard


Despite the fact MKF had tried to get MKAC closed and had done nothing but verbally attack him, JTF once again showed his amazing forgiveness and generosity by allowing MKF to join MKC. However MKF refused, knowing that he was so hated there by everyone, he would never get a day's peace. Instead he just stayed on MKO talking crap that no one was there to listen to.

Once again, here on MKC, JTF challenged MKF to a series in MKA. Once again MKF showed his snivelling cowardly nature and refused, knowing he would lose 10-1 or 10-0 and have it recorded for everyone to see.

(Neither MKAC nor MKC exist any more, hence the lack of screenshots for these sites.)


Even on MKU, the site created by people who hated MKF the least, it became clear very quickly that no one liked him there either. A poll was opened only a few weeks after the site was created, asking people who the biggest trouble maker was and who people would like see gone the most. Surprise surprise, MKF came out top.

MKF30, no one likes him

The fact MKF30 gets twice as many votes as Maverick gives you some indication of how truly hated this guy is.

Later on, MKF would get banned from MKU - even on this site, run by his fellow keyboard warrior server trash, he was so unpleasant and obnoxious, he ended up getting banned multiple times.


Here MKF was hated as much as everywhere else. He spent his time being ridiculed in the shoutbox and being ignored in threads.

One day after taking constant abuse about his perpetual cowardice and never turning up to play people, he opened a thread calling out anyone in the NY area to play.

It sounded too good to be true and was. Aside from hilariously threatening to knock out another site member, the thread was full of normal MKF lying BS, no concrete meets were arranged and the thread was soon deleted with nothing coming of it but more ridicule for MKF.

MKF had shown his true nature once again.

As on all other sites, MKF was banned for a while from TYM too.

Other sites

It really doesn't matter which site you look on, whether it's any of the above or GameFAQs or whatever. MKF gets the same reaction on all of them.

Don't make the mistake of thinking it's just in the MK community that MKF and his mental problems are known. People feel the same way about him all over the entire Internet. He can't even post on some random board about a Super Mario baseball game without people telling him what a twat he is.

MKF the fanboy moron

Even on a comic site he has the same reputation as everywhere else.

No matter where he goes, what the subject is, who he speaks to, he always gets the same reaction. People telling him to shut the fuck up, stop writing stupid long rambling posts, stop being so ignorant, admit when he's wrong and stop being so obnoxious.

MKF The Player

Just like MKF has no clue how to have a discussion or talk to people, he has no real clue how to play any MK game. He is various shades of crap at all of them.


In MKD, MKF had a weak Ermac and even when he subsidised that with a shitty top tier broken Dairou he still lost to any half decent player. On one occasion he managed to lose 30-0 to Aldagod giving you some idea how awful he was at the game. It was in MKD that MKF developed his reputation as a rank whore and a cowardly runner who wouldn't play top players if he could help it. MKF also developed his reputation around this time for being a cheat and a puller as the graphic below shows.

MKF30 the cheat


In MKA he mained Fujin and was pretty awful with him, losing to most of the other players. He also used other characters but MKA was spent mostly hiding from people who, when they managed to catch up to him, always beat him easily.

A good example of this was with G-roy, who spent a year trying to trap MKF under a secret ID JTF bought for him. When G-roy finally trapped MKF under the secret ID, he beat him easily. Red Saleen also made up a secret ID and beat MKF with it.

JTF twice publicly challenged MKF to a series in MKA and both times MKF backed down and ran away, knowing he would lose probably lose
10-0 and have it recorded.


As mentioned before, MKF claims to be better at 2D MK games. He often refuses to play the 3D people at 3D MK games, telling them to play him at UMK3 which he knows they don't play. This pathetic mentality is illustrated in the following graphic in a message to G-roy:

Peter Marisi the sad, pathetic retard

What a pathetic loser, refusing to play this guy at a game they both play and demanding to play an MK game he knows the guy doesn't play. One day, a good player from the 2D community DID play MKF at UMK3.

MKF lost 51-0.

Strangely after that MKF never mentioned how good he was at UMK3 again...

MK vs. DC Universe

When everyone moved to MK vs. DC, MKF mained a top tier character Raiden, but again managed to lose to most people he didn't hide from.

The video gives you some idea of his playing ability as he loses to another rather average player.


As with the other games, MKF spends most of his time in MK9 hiding from the really good players and just playing nobodies in KotH mode. As you can see from the video below, his laughingly crap Ermac is as low tier as all his other characters. All he knows how to do is spam fireballs over and over. Here are a couple of videos of him losing as he usually does.

And here's a video of him getting babied in MK9 - something that happens very often.

As illustrated below, MKF is a compulsive liar and often makes up he has beaten people he has not even played.

If you ever see MKF say he has beaten anyone, don't believe it unless there is video proof from someone else or the person admits to it. The chances are he is lying and just making it up.

MKF's Obsessive Personality

As well as being an obsessive keyboard warrior who has to reply to everyone, MKF has also demonstrated his obsession with certain people through the years. Probably the best example is JTF. As mentioned above, MKF began his obsession with JTF after the whole community flamed MKF off MKAC. This occurred when JTF asked MKF certain questions he couldn't bear to answer because he knew it would mean had to admit he was wrong about certain things.

From then on, no matter what the topic was on MKO (or anywhere else), MKF would find a way to bring JTF into the conversation and insult him. Repeatedly MKF had to be told by his fellow players to stop this as they found it tiresome.

When JTF challenged MKF twice to a series in MKA, MKF of course refused as he knew he would lose heavily and have it recorded for everyone to see. MKF instead waited for JTF to leave the community, then he created a fictitious post on MKU about beating some random person on the MKA Xbox server and it must have been JTF because the person used Kobra as well as other characters like Tanya.

Of course he hadn't played JTF - in fact he hadn't played anyone.

By then JTF had sold his NTSC Xbox and couldn't have played if he wanted to.

And never mind that Kobra was JTF's main in MKD, not MKA. Or that JTF would never use a character he didn't know like Tanya against MKF.

MKF's ignorance due to being excluded from the MK community at this time meant he couldn't even lie convincingly.

Even worse, the gamertag MKF claimed to have played didn't even exist - it's easy to check these things on the Xbox website.

In truth, the only 1 time JTF and MKF ever did play was in MK vs. DC in a one off ranked game. JTF (playing under a secret ID) won and MKF pulled at the end.

MKF also used to spam JTF's email accounts and YouTube accounts with hundreds of the same message. Not just under his main ID but under his alternate ones.

You can read more about MKF's YouTube accounts below.

In response to MKF and his ridiculous obsessions, the following video was made to encapsulate all that is MKF so that future generations may learn for themselves why he is the most hated, derided and pointless human being on the face of the Internet.

This was back when MKF mainly posted under his name of mkflegend. If for some reason the video doesn't work, you can inform us here. Please note, the web address at the end of the video no longer exists.

mkflegend aka MKF30

You may download a copy of this video to play locally on your computer here.

People are encouraged to put this video on their YouTube or other video site account if they wish.

MKF The Creepy Weirdo

Throughout his existence on the various MK boards, MKF often shows his truly weird and creepy side.


On MKO he would constantly open up posts about sex. It got so bad, one of the mods even commented on it.

It is no secret that MKF is 30 years old and has never had a real girlfriend - the fact he still lives at home with his parents plus the fact he is short and ugly all contribute to him being your typical stereotypical Internet virgin.


On MKAC, as mentioned above, MKF once replied to a post with a beautiful woman in by saying he would love to fuck her if she was dead - but only just dead so her body was still warm.

Later in another thread he asked people how often they thought about sucking themselves.


On MKU, MKF did a post wanting to know how often people took a shit. He was also his normal creepy self to a female on the site who left the site immediately after he spoke to her.


On TYM, MKF posted a video of a girl eating shit, continuing to show his obsession with such matters.

Wherever he has posted, MKF has caused people to be revolted by what a repulsive, creepy, vile little man he is.

MKF's YouTube Channel

MKF's YouTube channel is worth a special mention on its own because it highlights just how sad and pathetic the man is.

Take this video for example. It shows MKF winning 1 game against Bobby Blaze. Except Bobby and MKF played a series which Bobby won about 14-1. MKF just uploaded the 1 single game he won.

Then there is this video. MKF has a series with Crazy Dominican who beats him 5-3 or something but MKF just puts up a few of the videos and makes it look like he won 3-2.

This video shows more obsession with JTF as well as MKF's video editing skills. Some 14 year old American child called MoonDOGxbl is educating MKF on how to play UMK3. MKF makes this video in response and calls the kid JTF for no reason at all. The really sad part is, he KNOWS the kid isn't JTF because in the video description he talks about him being 14 when he knows JTF is an adult. Not to mention anyone can check the ID belongs to an American, not a Briton.

Plus the fact JTF has never played anyone in the community at UMK3 and speaks out about how boring he finds the 2D games now. He would certainly never presume to teach anyone else how to play the game.

Just another example of MKF's delusional, obsessive mind - constantly looking for reasons to obsess about JTF.

But it's the video itself which is even more sad. In it, Miss Spin beats MKF, but MKF cuts off the video at the end so we don't see him lose. Then he goes on to blame the battery dying. Funny how often it dies in games MKF loses...

He pulls the same sort of shit in pretty much every other video in his collection with people like REO and Juggs.

Basically he will only ever upload a single game of him winning or him winning a series and claim that's all he had time to film.

The rest of his pathetic video collection is him making MK themed cake decorations and reviewing silly putty etc. in his child molester voice.

A general point to note about MKF and YouTube videos is that if anyone puts up a video involving him, MKF will then make up 100s of YouTube IDs like 'Fujin Windgod' and attempt to rate the video down, report it to get it removed and talk to himself in the comments section 'defending' himself in all his various IDs. He does this also on message boards like GameFAQs.

With all his videos, MKF deletes any comments that he doesn't agree with and then usually blocks people. He is of course not the only one to do this - many of the MK community do, such is their intolerance towards anyone who doesn't think the same way they do. But MKF is the worst of the lot by a long way.

MKF The Man

MKF likes to make his own MK related costumes and wander around his house in them pretending he is the character. The images below are from when he made his Scorpion costume which, rumour has it, he still sleeps in from time to time.

MKF the idiot

MKF30 the most hated in the MK community

mkflegend the douchebag

MKF30 the scrub

Simply put, MKF is a stereotype of the worst kind of Internet gamer. He cannot bear the fact other people don't agree with his (usually ignorant) opinion, he can't ever admit when he's wrong, he can't bear the fact he can't get the last word, he's an enormous coward who cannot bear losing at a video game and so on and so forth.

As you can see from the proof above, MKF is despised and hated wherever he goes. On every site he is known as a scrub and a pathetic loser by both users and mods alike.

He is a sick, sad, pitiful little man who has devoted his whole life to Mortal Kombat, despite the fact he's useless and low level at every single Mortal Kombat game he has ever played.

MKF calls himself a 'fanatic' but he is too stupid to realise that fanatics are close-minded, ignorant people who are incapable of rational thought or seeing other people's point of view. Yet he's proud of describing himself as this!

MKF's failure as a human being is not just restricted to MK games. He is also the worst kind of American stereotype - insular, ignorant and clueless about the world around him, preferring to make up bigoted ignorant shit in his head rather than learn about the world around him. He's an embarrassment, not only to the MK community, not only to the USA but to the human race.

Server Trash Highlights of MKF30

  • Being the biggest coward in the community - always running from people and never playing them yet claiming he's better than everyone
  • Writing huge long rambling posts that never manage to actually say anything
  • Only putting up videos where he wins a single game or wins a series
  • Having a really stupid, moronic writing style that involves excessive 'lols' and smiley emotes etc.
  • Never being able to admit when he's wrong
  • Being incapable of forming a logical or coherent argument - just repeating the same crap over and over like a stuck record
  • Bans anyone on his YouTube who disagrees with him and deletes their comments
  • Being an obsessive compulsive keyboard warrior that has to reply to everything everyone says because he can't bear not getting the last word just like Maverick or L0rdoftheFLY
  • Being a compulsive liar - always making up he has beaten people he hasn't even played or he has loads of friends (which he doesn't)
  • Being tremendously ignorant about everything - whatever the subject, he has an opinion on it and it is always a stupid one or he is just factually wrong
  • Being very very low level at every MK game he has ever played
  • Being a rank whore
  • Known for pulling / quitting
  • Making up imaginary friends and pretending it was them that people played not him, as well as making up multiple profiles and defending himself with them on places like YouTube
  • Refusing to play people at the MK game they both play but telling them to play him at an MK game they have never played so he can have a chance of winning
  • Being obsessed with JTF - always talking about him and making out he is the reason no one likes him when no one liked MKF before JTF even met him
  • Always tries to hide behind the mods and get them to fight his battles for him
  • Dressing up in a Scorpion outfit made of yellow toilet paper and thinking he looks great in it
  • Attempting to impress girls online by showing them his online profiles and his 'extensive knowledge of MK'
  • Being the worst kind of ignorant American stereotype, totally clueless about other cultures and countries as well as being completely clueless about things like politics and world affairs
  • Banned from MKO
  • Banned from UltimateMK
  • Flamed off MKAC then banned when he tried to destroy the site
  • Scared to join MKC because he was so hated
  • Voted person most wanted to leave at MKU. Later on, banned from MKU
  • Lost 30-0 at MKD
  • Lost 51-0 at UMK3
  • Admitting to fantasising about fucking dead people and sucking himself

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about MKF30 you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about MKF30

20:05 Monday, May 28 2018
by 03FKM

Guy shilled MKX but said he dropped the game because muh zoners got nerved. An absolute idiot.

20:49 Saturday, September 27 2014

He is a fucking joke now he is running around under new accounts like he does on his YouTube channel trying to play people cause the mkf30 profile is at a 33 ts which I'm sure he cheated to get cause he is like really a 25 or 26 at best SMH at this tard

20:20 Friday, March 28 2014

The ultimate noob hunter, ranked #2 in the world underneith FOREVER SWAGG a known cheater. MKF30 is shit, his Ermac sucks ass, he spams bombs with Cyrax never using the reset andhe rage quits a lot too,

18:41 Friday, July 26 2013
by FetusStomper

I had MKF added on 360 to play UMK3, he used a weird voice modulator and never actually fought me, but would send me messages while he was drunk about how he's "swear to god kick my ass if" and then ramble out an excuse....I was always amused.

14:55 Monday, July 22 2013
by Sadold Scrubs

Haha MKF30 & his shitty lying videos. Dude,for one thing I'm not JTF and for another, my video about the dancing little girl is taken from a news report and the link is in the video description. I'm speaking out about stuff like that cos I think it's wrong, you're sitting on your silly-putty videos chatting to 8 year old girls like a creep. Anyway sorry you hate the fact you got exposed for the coward you are and everyone can see your weak Ermac get owned and babied. Hey I just found a plastic action figure in my cereal and I gonna go and do a review on my Youtube channel. :D BTW here's my YT channel: please guys come and subscribe please im begging you, i wanna be like MKF30 and have many subs on my YT channel so I have a reason to live PLEASE sub to my YT channel, hey MKF30 am i doing it right? lol

17:05 Friday, July 12 2013
by Eu Oblivia

Love the outfit. Reminds me of Mr Hanky from Southpark.

01:08 Friday, July 12 2013
by Masterbatman

He'll just look at this page and declare it's only a few people who hate him and most people think he's great.

00:24 Friday, July 12 2013
by Jasmin Jade

WOW..this guy if you can call him that is one total emperor jerkoff dik head..i wonder if he has ever considered hari kari

08:01 Thursday, July 04 2013
by Scoobie

Someone likes this page lol

19:48 Tuesday, July 02 2013
by m0s

Oh man, I remember going many a round with MKF on the MKO forums, consistently exposing his idiocy at every turn. Being a mod there when he got banned, I vividly remember the great pleasure we all took in the hidden staff forum. Good times.

16:01 Saturday, June 29 2013
by DrunkenFist

Understand now why everyone hates him

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