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The Biggest Server Trash In The Mortal Kombat Community As Voted For By You Is... MKF30  (Cast your vote)
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Other past and present tags include

BOOYA123, BMFBOOYA, XAkumaLordX, XBOX KILR BOOYA, XAkumaX, ShoryukenxD

Personal Details

Name - Brandon DeAlberts

Booya the nob end

If one was being charitable, one would describe Booya as a harmless dickhead. A loser by nature, he almost managed to kill himself by his early 20s due to excessive drinking. A jobless bum who spends all his life playing computer games and talking shit in website shout boxes.

A stint in prison failed to buck up his ideas and his self destructive ways will probably ensure he is dead by 30. Not much of a role model for his child.

Booya was an on/off member of the BMF clan, the MK community's biggest gang of nerdy e-Thugs.

There isn't really that much else to say about Booya. He is known for spending most of the day in website shout boxes talking crap, attacking people for no reason and generally being a twat until he gets a temp ban. Then he comes back when the ban is over and just picks up where he left off.

He's been banned from MKO, MKC, MKU and TYM multiple times.

As a player, Booya is not that good. His connection is awful and he may well be the only person playing MK games on a wireless, unsecured dial-up connection. The video below gives you some idea what you have to put up with playing Booya.

Booya is not a good loser and often makes tiresome excuses when he loses. Often he will leave a series early, quit when he is one up or even pull.

Server Trash Highlights of Booya

  • Banned from most MK sites multiple times
  • Awful connection
  • Scrub that can't take his losses
  • Often leaves a series early or quits when 1 up, pulls etc.
  • Spends all his time talking shit in MK site shout boxes

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