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Personal Details

Name - ?

Delprev was best known for leading the PAL server's crappiest clan - the DA clan. The clan was a bunch of huge scrubs who all bitched and whined and pulled and cheated and cried back in MKD and MKA when anyone didn't play the way they liked. These are the guys who Dave Sirlin probably modelled his essays on.

Anyway, Delprev used to post only on MKO and began back in MKD. There he had a crappy clone Kabal that was weak and easy to beat and he never got any better in MKA or MK vs. DC.

Delprev liked to hide under many other IDs so he wouldn't be caught losing under his main ID - typical DA coward.

Server Trash Highlights of Delprev

  • Lead the PAL server's worst clan - DA
  • Cowardly and known for ducking challenges on his main ID
  • Weak MKD Kabal

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Comments about Delprev

00:38 Friday, July 12 2013
by kade

German web plonker

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