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Personal Details

Name - Jeroen Meuleman

Vainqueur the scrub

One of the slimiest creeps from the MKD PAL server. As a player, Vainqueur was average with most characters and excelled with none of them.

His hypocritical scrub mentality meant he liked to lecture for hours about how this was a broken game and there was no such thing as 'fair play' but when he was beaten fairly by moves he didn't like, he would whine and throw insults like all such scrubs do.

'Fuckface' was his favourite.

He wrote a guide on how to play Kabal in MKD, despite the fact his Kabal was weak and predictable and nowhere near the best on the server.

Vainqueur is another one of the scrubs from the PAL server filled with hatred for JTF who put up several videos of Vainqueur either simply losing or being a scrub and pulling, etc.

Vainqueur tried to spread a rumour that JTF had made up a website about Vainqueur filled with all sorts of lies. Vainqueur displayed an email supposedly from JTF to 'prove' this. In fact Vainqueur edited this email and added things JTF never said just to make him look bad.

JTF (who kept all his correspondence) was able to show the REAL email that was sent and Vainqeuer was exposed as the lying creep he is.

The fact that not one single person in any MK community had ever seen any website about Vainqueur and in fact no one outside the MKO PAL community even knows who this guy is should be proof enough of this guy and his DarkTrax or Sans Power like mentality.

In short, Vainqueur is a nasty little creep who makes up lies about people who beat him at online video games. He fits into the same category as the likes of MoRpH and the fact the only people who believe what he says are nutcases like MKF30 and DarkTrax tells you all you need to know about this scrub.

Sadly, Vainqueur is also the kind of guy who can give the impression of being a decent human being - like Shujinkydink. It's not until you play him under secret IDs when he thinks you're not someone from his little community that you find out what he is really like.

Server Trash Highlights of Vainqueur

  • Run out of the PAL community for being a lying, cheating piece of server trash
  • Hypocritical scrub
  • Weak MKD Kabal
  • Fantasist prone to making up lies about people, fakes emails etc

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