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Personal Details

Name - Jason Sodano

Check the psycho scrub

Check is without doubt one of the most repulsive individuals in the whole MK community. His so-called 'hyper-sensitivity' has caused him to fall out with pretty much most of the community at one time or another.

With Check, he either loves you or hates you, there is no middle ground and he'll make that decision based on the most trivial of things. If you say you like one of his videos, he will be all over you, licking your boots like you were his best friend in the world.

If you ever mildly criticise anything he does or even say you don't agree with him on something he will act like you have severely wronged him and from then on he will hate you with all his guts claiming you're a backstabber or some such nonsense. Like all of his type, Check blames everyone else for his personality problems and never takes responsibility himself.

Check's tantrums always follow the same pattern.

First he starts a fight with someone over something trivial. Then he makes a big public deal about people not appreciating him and stabbing him in the back. Then he declares he is done with MK for good and he's going to leave the community. Then he makes up some crap about going to live in another state or starting a new job or something like that. Then he goes and lies low on another site for a bit until people have forgotten what an idiot he made of himself then he starts churning out his combo videos again because he has absolutely nothing else in his life apart from MK.

One example of this behaviour was back on MKAC (the best site for high level players of 3D MK games at the time) when Check managed to insult the entire Xbox community (no mean feat, considering what server trash they are). His rudeness and arrogance towards them meant he became a pariah in the community.

Check's most famous comment was directed towards another community member - Chaos Theory. Check told him that he would 'throw him in the lake behind his house' when Chaos disagreed with him on some minor issue.

The graphic below sums up how most people in the community thought of Check around this time.

What people think of Check

Later on, when MKAC had closed down and everyone was on MKC, Check added to his reputation by pissing off the few remaining Playstation members who still spoke to him. A thread was opened on MKC where practically everyone from both sides of the community washed their hands of Check, calling him a psycho and a nutcase. Even m2dave, one of the few people who still talked to Check couldn't find anything nice to say and simply begged Check to seek help and get his personality problems sorted out.

As usual for this community, it was down to one man to sort a bad situation out and that was of course JTF.

Back on MKAC, Check had been given unprecedented support by the MKAC Admin in showing off his videos. Special links were made at the top of the site to show them off and MKAC's Video Vault was full of Check's videos. As Check himself once said, the support shown for him on MKAC in 1 day dwarfed everything he had ever been shown on MKO. Despite this, Check and his 'hyper sensitivity' managed to foul up that relationship when he went off on one of his huffs for no real reason as usual.

By the time MKC came around, Check was spitting poison at JTF who had dared to question (privately to someone else) if, in one MKA video Check didn't do too many 3,3s. (A tactic the community would later declare illegal). When Check heard about this he set about making JTF out to be the anti Christ and spent most of his time taking pot shots at him from MKO. It just added to his pariah status as the rest of the community pitied him.

The graphic below gives you some idea of the arrogance of Check and how he feels about everyone else in relation to himself.

Check the self-deluding fool

Despite Check's constant attacks, JTF's kind nature meant he ignored Check's constant insults and told him that if he behaved himself and stopped being so hateful towards everyone, he could join MKC and put the past behind him. Check agreed and was welcomed back into the community.

If you have enjoyed any Check video in the last 3 years plus, you can thank JTF for it, because if it wasn't for him, Check would still be abandoned by the MK community, in the wilderness, with his videos dismissed as the work of a lunatic. It is only because of JTF that Check is back in the community at all.

Despite the fact that Check's reason for living (making MK videos and getting patted on the head for them by viewers) had been given back to him, Check would re-assert his server trash mentality by starting to talk trash again about JTF after MKC got closed down. Clearly the man had forgotten who is responsible for his acceptance back into the MK community.

Funny that Check should label so many other people as 'backstabbers' when as history shows, Check truly is one of the biggest backstabbers in the MK community.

After MKC got closed down, Check then joined MKU and, surprise, surprise, he made himself a pariah there too and once again had to leave the community.

Jason Sodano the moron

Jason Sodano the scrub

The above graphics show just a small part of a long thread on MKU - but give you an idea of how Check behaves when not everyone agrees with him and bows to his (often wrong) opinion 100% of the time.

So, after alienating himself from MKAC, MKC and MKU, the next stop naturally would be TYM. Here he surrounded himself with adoring fans of his combo videos but still managed to throw one of his famous tantrums and show himself up for the ass he is.

As the graphics above show, Check firmly believes himself to be the best ever MK player but sadly reality shows us that Check is not - far from it.

The problem is that his show-off combos may work well against a stationary practice dummy but against a high level player using proper tournament tactics like abusing glitches and spamming projectiles, they are pretty useless.

Before MK9 came out, Check went to an offline tournament event and took part in a small MK vs. DC tournament. Despite being the only person on the planet to play the game 24 hours a day he still managed to lose.

He couldn't face up to the fact he'd been beaten publicly so he made up a story about some matches he won in casual play being deleted from his laptop when no one had been near it.

Then he whined in his typical scrub-like manner about the glitch abuse that the other top players used.

Then he did another one of his famous 'I'm leaving and never coming back' speeches.

Jason Sodano the loser

He went to MKO for a week, hypocritically proclaiming his love for the site he claimed he'd 'never left', then skulked back to TYM to carry on showing off his combo videos when the MK9 demo came out.

Along with his so called 'hyper sensitivity' Check also has most of the keyboard warrior and e-Thug traits associated with the scumbags from this community. He can't bear the fact people don't agree with him on issues in the game, can't understand that his opinion doesn't equal fact and views most arguments on the 'net as wars he has to 'win'.

Check deludes himself into thinking he has performed a valuable service to the MK community for much of its existence. For most of his time in the MK community this has been nonsense. Because of Check's obnoxious personality, he has no real social life so he has traditionally spent most of his time in the community in his bedroom trying to find glitches and exploits in 3D MK games (when he wasn't making combo videos).

When he managed to find a glitch or bug, he would make a big deal of videoing and displaying it like he had made some big discovery when in fact 3D MK games are so broken he might as well have spent his time looking for fish in the sea or stars in the sky.

Who didn't think 3D MK games were broken and full of glitches? No one needed Check to tell them.

Check helped in no small way to ruin MKA for people by pushing for 3,3s and air cancels (air infinites which over-rode the game engine) to be a part of the game. Just because he personally likes doing combos.

Check goes round telling everyone that no one gives more to the community than he does when all he does is make combo videos and find brokenness in already broken games. This arrogance is a slap in the face to all the people who have REALLY contributed to the MK community. For example, the people who have created websites for people like Check to post his self absorbed crap on.

None of this stops Check believing that his combo videos are the most important part of the MK community. While in exile on MKO, he wrote this one day in a post:

"till then, im out. i have another long week ahead of me of doing combos for this community. i wake up 8 am, work till 3 or 4 pm from mon-fri doing combos for this community, then spend my weekends editing all of it. thats my commitment to this community, and youll only find it here on the best MK site on the web."

The phrase 'get a life' is over-used and often unfairly levelled at video gamers. Anyone directing such a comment at Check however, could be said to have a point.

In the lead up to the release of MK9, it was revealed that Check had been invited to visit NRS along with a bunch of other people to test the game.

While this in itself is no bad thing, it shouldn't be made out to be more than it is.

Check wasn't part of the development of the game - for that NRS invited a number of respected high level testers to advise them as the game was being created.

When the game was finished and ready to be released, a bunch of people (including Check) were invited to test the game and see what they thought of it. Then they were sent home. That's the sum total of his involvement with NRS.

As a player, Check is not the god he makes himself out to be.

In fact, Check is a scrub, as defined by all of the so called 'elites' of the community. Check's main problem here is that in a real match, most of his flashy combos are pretty useless against glitches and other 'high level' tactics.

Check cannot stand the fact that cheese and glitch-abuse beats skill (especially in 3D MK games). He publicly tells people not to pick high tier broken characters and has admitted to pulling against people who used characters like Flash or Shao Kahn in MK vs. DC.

That's if you can actually get a game against Check. Most of the time, Check will refuse to play 90% of the community. He restricts himself to mostly playing Jago and a few others who will play by his rules. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with making up your own rules on a video games console. People are free to play whomever they like and how they like.

But if you duck and refuse to play most of the top players then you have no right to call yourself the best. And if you can't accept that cheese will beat skill in a dumbed down game like MK (especially online) and bitch if people play 'cheap' then by any definition you are a scrub. There is no exception for Check.

Check should stick to making his combo videos because he doesn't have the mentality or the skill to compete seriously at tournament level. Although it should be borne in mind that he's arguably not even the best at combo videos any more (if he ever was). During MK9, other people like Tony-T started to prove they were just as good or even better at making combo videos than Check.

Check embodies the worst aspects of the online punk mentality - he thinks the whole world should spend all its time telling him how wonderful he is and if anyone stops doing that for a second then he hates them.

For the most part, Check has been treated with nothing but respect by the community and in return has given nothing but hatred and vitriol to many community members who did nothing but help and support him.

The guy is a piece of shit and should be treated as such, no matter what combo videos he produces.

If Jason 'Check' Sodano is to serve any practical use to the community at all, it's as a living illustration of what spending a decade alone in a basement doing video game combos can do to you physically.

In the space of 10 years, he went from:

Young Check


Old Check


Server Trash Highlights of Check

  • Has a REALLY shitty personality
  • Threatened to throw another site member into a lake
  • Has no social skills so spends his whole life making MK combo videos
  • Massive backstabber - ungrateful and disrespectful towards those who have made it possible for him to do what he does
  • Has traditionally spent most of his time trying to find exploits and glitches in MK games which has invariably shortened their life span
  • Has a scrub mentality

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Check you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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00:38 Friday, July 12 2013
by Jasmin Jade

proof that devolution is real...

06:20 Tuesday, July 02 2013
by copypasta

check has serious problems

12:24 Sunday, June 30 2013
by noobhunter

lol @ getting old

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