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Pig Of The Hut

Other past and present tags include

AK Pig Of The Hut, @bambamguitar

Personal Details

Name - Brantley A McCaskill

Brantley A McCaskill the twat

Pig started life posting on MKO and became a fixture of the MKO Xbox Community. When they all got banned from MKO for being disrespectful keyboard warrior twats, Pig was offered a position as moderator on the new site MKAC despite him having no previous experience or proving himself in any way worthy of the job. However the MKAC Admin trusted him enough to give him the position.

As a mod, Pig wasn't very good although he did make an effort to clean up the odd thread here and there. Perhaps more importantly he didn't try to sabotage the site or get it closed down which for someone from the MKO Xbox Community was quite an achievement.

While at MKAC (and MKC), Pig did show he was prone to obsessing about certain members of the community and even as a mod would harass them over and over in threads or PM until he was warned to stop.

Pig took pride in being a 'detective', having the MKO Xbox Community's obsession with finding out personal details about people, digging into their backgrounds, stalking them and invading their privacy. In one instance (not connected with the MK community), he went round posting a 15 year old child's personal details all over the 'net and boasted about it.

It's good that McCaskill understands the concept of exposing bad people on the Internet by revealing their real details, as this site goes some way to giving a dose of their own medicine to those who spent all their time digging into other people's personal lives.

Anyway, Pig eventually resigned as mod due to pressures of work.

Around this time Pig got interested in UMK3 and started posting on UltimateMK. He lasted about 2 days there before being banned when once again he would display the MKO Xbox Community punk mentality that site rules didn't apply to them and they shouldn't have to shut up when a mod tells them to.

When this precise mentality eventually got MKC shut down, Pig became mod again on the clone site MKU. He resigned after a while and actually made public his feelings of hatred for the site due to the fact people kept getting banned there.

He also spoke out about the power hungry Gerchap and the way he was running (ruining) the site and about how all the mods had resigned from MKU.

Pig speaks out about mods leaving MKU

Eventually Pig became mod on MKU once again after pretty much every other mod left due to disagreements with the site management.

Here Pig began to show why he is one of the most hypocritical people in the community - even for a community of hypocrites.

Back on MKO, Pig would rant and rave (along with all the other MKO Xbox morons) whenever a mod edited a post or closed a thread etc. He would get hysterical about it.

Yet when he became a mod on MKU he had no problem editing posts or closing threads when other people wanted to argue.

Brant McCaskill the massive hypocrite

Brant McCaskill the enormous hypocrite

These two graphics alone illustrate to such an extent the sickening hypocritical mentality of Pig and his MKO Xbox Community buddies.

The fact they would get literally hysterical back on MKO, MKAC, MKC and UltimateMK etc whenever they had a thread closed or a post edited etc due to their flaming yet they happily closed or edited threads of others not in their clique shows their punk mentality at its worst.

For a community famed for its tantrums when mods did things like this, the hypocrisy is truly breath-taking.

However this next example should in all honesty win Brant McCaskill some sort of award for hypocrisy such is its magnitude.

Brant McCaskill the enormous hypocrite

MKU was created and opened up by stealing the code of MKC and all the MKO Xbox Community has ever done is divide the greater MK community yet Pig has the audacity to be offended that TYM came into existence, especially as none of TYM's design or code came from MKU.

With people this deluded and hypocritical you can't reason with them.

The only thing Pig has ever been honest about is that he is a truly shitty mod on any site he has ever been on.

Pig the shitty mod

One incident that is worth mentioning here is Pig's infamous stint as 'MKU hacker'. One day MKU was hacked into and posts / threads were deleted and the site was fucked up and Pig was blamed. It's hilarious that anyone could think that Pig could be capable of something like this, when the guy is so PC-illiterate he could take computer lessons from the Amish. In fact, Pig had been framed by one of the community's nastiest characters DarkTrax - (you can read about that on Trax's profile page).

Throughout his MKD and MKA days, Pig was only ever a crappy online player. Through his time on MKO, MKAC, MKC and most of MKU, his life revolved around talking shit on MK websites, being in a shitty online MK clan (Outworld Gods) and playing broken 3D MK games online.

However, when MK9 came out, Pig decided he would drop being a piece of online Xbox trash. He became an offline, Tom Brady ass-kissing 'tournament scrub' instead and spent his time sneering at people who played online, (even though it's what he himself has done most of his MK life). Just another example of his hypocrisy.

It only goes to show the laughably low quality of the MK 'high level' community that someone like Pig Of The Hut can be considered a high level tournament player. Could anyone seriously see this guy winning Evo at Street Fighter IV for example?

In the first couple of weeks of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Pig won a little local tournament with a character that he had belittled and dismissed as rubbish in a long thread on TYM before the game even came out. When he realised the character wasn't actually bad like he had made out he picked him up and won his little tournament.

There are few people, even in the Mortal Kombat community who can makes themselves look like a total ignorant idiot by winning a tournament, but that's Brantley 'Pig Of The Hut' McCaskill for you...

Mentality-wise, Pig still retains his Xbox server trash mentality, even as an offline tournament player. He has a reputation for being a 'salty' bad loser, just like he was online and has the drama-queen element that most MK tournament players have that makes them write long, melodramatic posts about quitting the game when things don't go their way.

There's also the nasty, obsessive, stalker element to him as mentioned above.

Pig likes to make out he earns a living being a rocker. He does play with a few bands, but also has to hold down several jobs as well. The cynic might say it is the jobs that earn him his living while he plays rock star with his friends as a hobby.

Server Trash Highlights of Pig Of The Hut

  • Banned from MKO
  • Banned from UltimateMK within a few days
  • Spent most of his MK life being server trash in a server trash Xbox community
  • Member of worst MK clan
  • Self acknowledged shitty mod
  • Bad loser

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Pig Of The Hut you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Pig Of The Hut

03:26 Sunday, March 01 2015
by FuckPig

Dude you need to update this bully, calling people losers on FB, and since almost winning A major has become super cock sucker, also leaking out injustice info after signing a NDA

03:26 Sunday, March 01 2015
by cloudst

Lol, this trash got himself banned from all East Coast tournaments. His server trash mentatily finally caught up to him.

18:53 Monday, July 01 2013
by cloudst

He complains about broken characters when he used Kenshi in MK9, lol.

19:16 Sunday, June 30 2013
by lupin

pig is a douche sorry but its true

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