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Bobby Blaze

Other past and present tags include: B0bbYBLaZe,fatmatt
Real name: Robert (Or Bobby or Bob) Cowling

Bobby started life as an irritating wigger, posting on the Xbox forum of MKO along with the other retards from the MKO Xbox Community. The graphics below give you some idea of how he spoke then.

Bobby Blaze the Retard

Bobby Blaze Server Trash

As you can see from the second graphic, Bobby would substitute plus signs for spaces as well as refer to himself in the third person a lot. Why is anybody's guess. Maybe he enjoyed looking like a twat. The way he talked was dumb for a black kid from the ghetto, let alone a white redneck from Michigan.

Most of the threads Bobby started were about him 'owning' people, even if he only beat them by a few games. As a result, no one really liked him.

Around this time, Bobby invented someone called 'fatmatt' who got banned when it was worked out he and Bobby were the same person. This thread is Bobby's feeble attempt to persuade Crow they are friends.

Anyway, by the end of 2006, most of the MKO Xbox Community had managed to get themselves banned due to their disrespectful punk mentality. Neither Bobby nor Gerchap nor anyone else did anything about it. It was up to a player from the PAL community, JTF to rescue Bobby and his server trash friends by creating MKAC.

When everyone moved to MKAC, Bobby now had a reason to live. Whereas before he just used to post on MKO, now he lived on MKAC. Ten to twelve hours a day he would sit in the shoutbox and, well, that's about it. He didn't do much apart from just sit there.

When MKAC was eventually closed down due to the server trash nature of Bobby and his MKO Xbox clique, JTF asked Quest2be1 if he wanted to be admin of the new site MKC. Quest turned down the offer and surprisingly, JTF offered the role to Bobby. This was done, not so much because Bobby had any real skills or motivation, but the fact he was on the site more than anyone else at least meant he could keep a good eye on it.

It would be a chance for Bobby to prove he could rise above his sordid past and for the first time in his life, he was given, by JTF, a position of power on a high quality website.

Bobby was told in no uncertain terms not to show favouritism towards his gang of web punks, but, (along with most other promises), he broke this one and did exactly that.

He showed total bias towards his old MKO Xbox clique, people like Pig of the Hut and L0rdoftheFLY in allowing them to run roughshod over the site rules, highlighting the MKO Xbox Community punk mentality that rules that applied to everyone else didn't apply to them.

Bobby happily admitted to JTF that he couldn't discipline any of his friends at all if they broke rules. He refused to discipline Gerchap for not even turning up and doing his mod job. He couldn't deal with a situation that arose with Quest's girlfriend that JTF had to then deal with. Worst of all, he wouldn't stop his friend L0rdoftheFLY who went on a rampage on the last day of MKC, breaking pretty much every rule on the site. In fact he actually supported him when the things L0rdoftheFLY did would have been instantly stopped and warranted a mute/ban if carried out by anyone else.

Aside from this favouritism showed to his old clique, Bobby simply was not very good as admin. He rarely did any work, rarely cleaned up the site or disciplined trouble makers. It soon became clear that all Bobby really wanted was to swan around the site in a different colour to everyone else and be seen to be important.

In order to keep MKC running smoothly, JTF was forced to take over Bobby's duties, which only served to undermine Bobby's authority.

One comment Bobby made to a female site member gives us a good insight into Bobby's outlook on life. When she wondered aloud what path her life might take, Bobby advised her to get pregnant (and then live off the government, as he did at the time). She, naturally enough showed disgust at this, but it highlights Bobby's ambition in life, which is basically to be a parasite.

On MKC, Bobby continued to show his support, not for his boss, site rules or the decent members of the site, but for the trouble makers, the scum bags and his old crew of MKO dickheads who, between them, had managed to get banned from pretty much every site they had ever been on.

This disrespectful mentality of Bobby's together with his natural server trash mentality came to a head on the day MKC was closed down.

Bobby utterly failed to do his duty as admin and discipline someone repeatedly breaking site rules just because that person (L0rdoftheFLY) was his friend. If anyone else had come into the shout box, started flaming, refused to shut up and sat there and attacked the site owner repeatedly then Bobby would have had no trouble silencing him.

But the fact the person was one of his friends meant that instead, Bobby actually attacked JTF, the site owner and defended his friend! Even after JTF gave the repulsive L0rdoftheFLY 20-30 chances before silencing him.

You can understand why JTF closed his site when not only were 90% of the users disrespectful punks, but his own admin was too. You can read more about the last day of MKC here.

This incident illustrated, once again, the breath-taking punk mentality of the MKO Xbox Community members who feel that rules that apply to everyone else should not apply to them.

This hypocritical mentality of Bobby would be especially highlighted on MKU. Every time one of his clique had gotten themselves banned elsewhere for not shutting the fuck up when told to by a mod, Bobby and his friends would whine the mods were 'trying to get the last word' blah blah blah. Bobby even resigned from MKC when L0rdoftheFLY was rightly muted after copious warnings.

So you'd think a website run by Bobby and the rest of the MKO Xbox Community scum would never ban anyone, right? Yet people got banned there all the time for exactly the same reasons the MKO Xbox Community did - continually flaming and not shutting the fuck up when told to by a mod.

This more than anything shows what a sick, pathetic hypocrite Bobby is.

So just as MKO had done, just as UltimateMK had done and just as MKAC had done, the owner of MKC was not prepared to look after a bunch of disrespectful turds who could not abide by site rules and who had no respect for fellow site members, site staff or anyone else and MKC was thus closed.

Bobby's part in MKC's closure was as big as anyone else's, perhaps more. Both the MKAC Admin and JTF had done nothing but be kind and respectful towards Bobby, given him a virtual home to live on for years and even given him undeserved power beyond his dreams. And in return, he had repaid this with the same punk mentality that got his community banned from every site they ever went on.

When MKC closed down, Bobby, together with Gerchap would commit an act of disrespect that topped everything they had previously done. Deciding they would open up another site, they simply stole MKC - everything from its look and feel, its functionality, even its buttons and opened it up under another name, MKU. They even stole the countdown to the release of MK vs. DC that only JTF had on MKC!

You can read more about this disgusting act of plagiarism here.

They passed MKU off as their own work (whilst making it so much worse in terms of quality and attitude) and continued to trash talk both JTF and the MKAC Admin, the very people responsible for rescuing their shitty little community from self destruction over and over again.

Bobby was as poor an admin on MKU as he was on MKC. Not only did he not do much, but he even began to show signs of being the odious little creep he was back on MKO.

For example, when one female member joined MKU and was hassled to put up photos of herself, Bobby, rather than do anything about it, joined in! Harassing a girl to put up photos of herself so fat, stupid, nasty little creeps can leer over them is something you wouldn't even get on MKO.

Yet Bobby in his twisted manner thought that was a perfectly normal way for an admin of a site to behave.

All it showed was that nothing had really changed from the days of MKO, when Bobby did threads like this. After multiple complaints, Bobby would finally agree to stop harassing her but he did nothing to prevent his mods like Tim Static doing the same thing.

Bobby would eventually resign as admin on MKU (along with most of the other mods). Supposedly this was because he was busy but as he continued to spend just as much time on the site it became clear that, like most of those other mods, he simply didn't agree with the power hungry Gerchap and the way he ran the site.

As a player, Bobby is nothing special. He is one of those people that MK games can make look good by having stupidly broken characters that require less skill than a brain dead monkey to get wins with.

In MKD, Bobby used mainly Scorpion but it was in MKA that he really developed his reputation. 99% of the time he would pick Sareena and use all the glitches, including a few dubious ones. In addition to this, due to the fact Bobby is an inbred redneck who comes from a small town in the middle of nowhere where a 1mb connection is considered fast, he plays on a really shitty connection that makes it seem like he lives on Pluto.

Naturally enough, with all this, Bobby got quite a few online wins against weaker players.

But as the video below shows, Bobby's skills are pretty average, especially when made to use other characters. This is part 9 of a 9 part series (use YouTube to search for other parts). Here we see Bobby losing 23-9 to Doohoo.

As befits an MKO Xbox punk, Bobby is also something of a scrub. Although he loves to glitch and spam and 'play to win' etc, he hates it when that is done to him. In one occasion in MK vs. DC, Bobby attacked fellow scrub PLAYING TO W1N for re-picking a top tier character and spamming moves.

Breath-taking hypocrisy from someone who spent his whole MKA career doing just that with Sareena.

When MK vs. DC came along, Bobby was not able to reproduce his MKA level of success. (Probably due to the top tier characters not being broken and glitchy enough for him).

The way Bobby has spent the last 6+ years plus of his life is down to one man - JTF. Without JTF, there would have been no MKAC, no MKC and thus no MKU.

Without JTF, Bobby would have had no virtual home to live on for the last 6 years, no shout boxes to sit in, no community friends to be with and no positions of power to make himself feel important.

Without JTF, Bobby would have been abandoned on MKO when the rest of his community got banned and he would have been forced to spend his days fishing instead.

So, like everyone else in the MK community, the fish of Michigan also have something to be grateful towards JTF for...

Bobby's actions over the last few years have shown that he is the lowest form of life on the Internet.

If someone looks after you and your friends for years, gives you positions of power and whatever you ask for and helps you be together as a community and in return you attack them, destroy their gifts, trash talk them, make up lies about them and steal their work and pass it off as your own you don't deserve to exist with other human beings.

Server Trash Highlights of Bobby Blaze

  • Reputation for talking like a retard back on MKO
  • Made up a fake friend back on MKO called fatmatt
  • Hypocritical scrub
  • Helped to get MKC closed down
  • Backstabbing punk with no respect for those who have given him everything he's had
  • Creepy little Xbox nerd with no respect for female posters
  • Helped Gerchap steal JTF's site MKC and reproduce it as MKU

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Bobby Blaze you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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07:03 Thursday, July 11 2013
by Lucifer

so Bobby was fatt matt?

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