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Other past and present tags include

GerChap, NeMeSiS-Gerchap

Personal Details

Name - German Noel Fuentes Escobar

Gerchap the fraud and the thief

Gerchap began his posting life, like so many from the Xbox community, on MKO. While on MKO, he established a reputation as being one of the lesser pieces of server trash. He rarely caused that much trouble on the boards or on the game servers. Sadly for Gerchap, the same could not be said for most of his MKO Xbox Community friends. One by one they got banned from MKO until there were very few left. Eventually Gerchap himself got banned from MKO although he was reinstated at a later date.

Gerchap fancied himself as the 'Godfather' of his community. He would go round telling everyone how cool he was and what an important figure he was in the community.

But when the majority of the MKO Xbox Community got themselves banned from MKO due to their disrespectful, punk-like behaviour, their Godfather Gerchap did...absolutely nothing. He didn't make them another site to post on, he didn't give them a place to live and meet online. He did NOTHING.

That was down to someone from the PAL server they hadn't even met - JTF.

When JTF and his friends set up MKAC and the MKO Xbox Community came over, Gerchap was one of the people given the role of mod on the site. Neither JTF, nor the MKACAdmin knew Gerchap but he seemed nice enough and he was obviously well known and liked in his community. So for the first time in his life Gerchap was given a real position of power on a website and now he could really mean it when he went round telling everyone how cool and important he was.

Sadly, Gerchap would not justify the respect and faith shown in him. After only a couple of months, he would abuse his position as moderator to allow 2 of the sickest freaks in the MK community, DarkTrax and MKF30 to pursue a plan of revenge for getting themselves exiled from the community.

Gerchap was stripped of his mod title and the whole MKO Xbox Community should have been banned from MKAC and the site closed down then. However, due to the forgiving nature of the MKACAdmin and despite the fact Gerchap had tried to sabotage his site and ruin his reputation, the MKACAdmin showed his incredible kindness by forgiving Gerchap and the others involved and Gerchap was actually given his mod position back and the incident put behind them.

From then on, Gerchap generally behaved himself as mod although he didn't really do much to warrant the position. It was very obvious that he was not interested in actually doing any work, he simply wanted to be a different colour name to everyone else and be seen to be more important than them. Gerchap is a 'Latino' and apparently they are famous for having a temper. Gerchap was no exception. On one occasion, he had to be reprimanded for threatening to assault one of the site members. Not what you expect from a mod. His temper would also get him into trouble on the game server as we will see later on.

When MKAC closed and everyone moved to MKC, Gerchap kept his mod position but soon resigned as he was so busy with his job he was just never on the site. A while later when he was less busy he wanted the position back but was turned down. Instead, the admin of MKC, Bobby Blaze, gave Gerchap a token position of Top Contributor'. It had no power but was in a different colour and Gerchap could still pretend he was important.

Gerchap the Thief and the Fraud

Gerchap's real sin was committed when MKC was closed down. A few days after this happened, Gerchap opened up a vastly inferior clone site of MKC, called it MKU and passed it off as his own work. You can read more about this sickening act of plagiarism here.

Gerchap's naivety and gullibility in falling for the machinations of the likes of Trax and MKF30 is one thing, but stealing another man's work and passing it off as your own - there is simply no excuse for that.

Gerchap is not a 'Godfather'. JTF is the true 'Godfather', because without him, the MKO Xbox Community would still be in the cyber wilderness when they all got banned from MKO. Without JTF there would have been no MKAC, MKC and thus no MKU (or TYM).

Gerchap is nothing but a fraud and a shameful thief.

The one good thing about MKU was that it showed Gerchap in his true light - it showed him up for the power hungry delusional little man he is.

As the graphic below shows, Gerchap never stopped believing in himself as some 'Godfather' character.

Gerchap the Napoleon

As reality would show us, Gerchap was more like Napoleon. He made no secret of the fact that the only people he cared about was his little MKO clique and everyone else could go to hell. He even said as much in the secret staff forum they had at MKU. This was confirmed by one of the MKU mods Crystalcage when she left.

In fact, pretty much every mod at MKU left - it became a standing joke there. Most left due to disagreements about the way Gerchap was running the site and most hinted at, if not spoke out about his power-mad mentality.

Those who believe in karma would have appreciated it when several of Gerchap's mods on MKU one day revealed they had been working on a rival site - one that would eventually become the dominant MK site and leave MKU trailing in its dust. Not surprisingly, Gerchap wasn't happy at this.

As a player, Gerchap is average at MK games. His biggest claim to fame is probably being part of MK's scrubbiest clan - Outworld Gods. Gerchap's temper at losing often causes him to have tantrums that do not work in his favour. In MKA, Gerchap got so mad after one game that he smashed his pad and couldn't play any more. After that incident, this picture was created to remind him of his tantrum-throwing behaviour.

Gerchap - anger management problems

As befits the low IQ, redneck mentality of so many of the MKO Xbox Community, Gerchap is a pretty stupid human being as the graphic below shows.

His rationale for evolution not existing is that he's never seen a monkey spontaneously turn into a human being, like it's some sort of instant magic trick. With people this stupid, it's hard to reason with them.

Gerchap the redneck moron

There's a reason in-breeding is illegal. Seems Gerchap's ancestors had no respect for the law though.

Noel Fuentes the inbred idiot

Gerchap is also a closet racist, viewing whites as inferior as illustrated in this message to Pig Of The Hut.

Possibly it burns the Guatemalan thief up inside to know that everything he has ever achieved in the Mortal Kombat community in the last 7 years is because of a white man.

Server Trash Highlights of Gerchap

  • Thief and a fraud - stole someone else's community site and tried to pass it off as his own
  • Imagines himself to be a 'Godfather' yet has made his reputation off the back of the community's real Godfather JTF.
  • Member of MK's biggest server trash clan Outworld Gods
  • Bad tempered loser
  • Backstabbing mod who helped to try and get MKAC shut down
  • Very stupid person

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Gerchap you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Gerchap

22:31 Friday, July 12 2013
by Blaze420

Gerchap is a racist?!

00:33 Friday, July 12 2013
by Stoink

Never did like Gerchap to be honest.

19:12 Monday, July 01 2013
by icestorm

Stealing your work is despickable

19:11 Monday, July 01 2013
by damnation

looks like gerchap is photoshoping some fakes to make you look bad according to mku thread just a heads up

15:54 Saturday, June 29 2013
by Starry

wow this is some bs right here

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