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Other past and present tags include

Versa, L7 Zero Cool, rebel with a cause

Personal Details

Name - Chris

Versa the obsessive compulsive moron

Versa started life posting in the Playstation forum on MKO. He quickly established himself as an arrogant, immature prick with a bad attitude. As he was only 16 at the time some leeway was afforded him. Sadly, 5 years later, he was still the same arrogant, immature prick with a bad attitude only he no longer had his youth to use as an excuse.

There is no doubt that back in MKD Versatile was a good player. He was less good in MKA however and by the time the community had moved onto MK vs. DC he was rubbish. He was part of the L7 clan that was prominent in MKD but faded to nothing soon after.

Unlike many of his server trash contemporaries, Versatile at least acknowledges his personality problems.

He once posted on MKO that he had obsessive compulsive disorder so people should stop replying to him because he couldn't bear not being able to get the last word.

This affliction is very common in the MK community, popularised by such individuals as MKF30, L0rdoftheFLY, Juggs and Maverick. It is of course not a medical condition or a real mental problem, it's just a shitty personality trait, but Versatile, like most Americans is unable to take responsibility for his behaviour and prefers to make excuses for it, pretending he has some sort of disease.

The graphic below gives you some idea of how Versatile was viewed by many in the MK community.

Versatile the arrogant twat

As the graphic illustrates, Versatile's arrogance would manifest itself by him telling everyone on the boards that none of them had any right to an opinion on how the game should be played or what characters were what tier etc. apart from him and the few people he deemed worthy. Not surprisingly, this attitude didn't exactly endear him to many people.

Server Trash Highlights of Versatile

  • Keyboard warrior trash
  • Obsessive compulsive idiot
  • Immature, arrogant and unlikeable

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