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Other past and present tags include

vVv-Krayzie, BMF KrayzieBone, BMF_KRAYZIE_BONE, thuglifeg86, bwsthegamegunot, EGP Krayzie

Personal Details

Name - Glend Galdamez

Galdamez the idiot

One of the most arrogant and unlikeable individuals from the NTSC Playstation side of the 3D community. KrayzieBone began life posting on MKO in the Playstation forum there as well as some of the offline forums.

He would spend his time dispensing his own personal opinions and portraying them as fact then call anyone a scrub who disagreed with him or who pointed out he was talking nonsense. KrayzieBone's main problem is that he views himself as some sort of guru, some sort of gaming god. In fact, he's just another elite-wannabe who has never actually achieved anything in video game circles.

KrayzieBone became famous for his butchering of the English language. He would say things like 'alwaist' for 'always', 'carachter' for 'character' and 'helment head' for God knows what. Some might say he spoke like this because he's of Mexican origin and can't speak English very well. Others would say it's just because he's very stupid.

When MKAC opened, a deal was struck between the MKAC Admin and KrayzieBone. Krayzie would bring over people from the NTSC Playstation side who posted on MKO and in return Krayzie would be made a moderator.

KrayzieBone jumped at the chance. Now he would actually get the chance to BE an important person. He would have a position of power on a website, even have a name in a different colour so people would have to respect him!

People did come over from the Playstation side who posted on MKO, but KrayzieBone's part in this was actually minimal. Word was spreading about the new site MKAC and how much better it was than MKO and people were coming of their own free will to check it out. Nevertheless, the MKAC Admin kept his word and KrayzieBone was made a mod on the site.

Around this time, KrazieBone wanted to play on the Xbox as well but, being a penniless bum, for whom computer games are his whole life, he didn't have enough money to even get a 3 month Xbox Live ID. So out of the goodness of his heart, JTF bought an Xbox Live ID for KrayzieBone so he could play on Xbox. Just one of the acts of kindness shown towards KrayzieBone from both JTF and the MKAC Admin which would later be repaid with the punk-like disrespect and ingratitude KrayzieBone would become famous for.

While still on MKAC, KrayzieBone's arrogance and superiority complex, along with his inability to accept other people didn't think the same way he did, was really beginning to annoy people. At one point, the following graphic was made to illustrate KrayzieBone's behaviour concerning 3,3s (which were later deemed illegal by the community)

KrayzieBone the idiot

When MKAC closed down and everyone moved to MKC, the site owner JTF kept on KrayzieBone as mod, even though he didn't like him very much. It was on this site, that KrayzieBone would show his truly disrespectful mentality.

Every MKC mod had to obey a few rules if they wanted the job, as all mods do on any site. KrayzieBone, however, did not think that rules should apply to him and broke the main rule which was that mods shouldn't post on MKO.

This rule was created simply because MKAC was founded out of a disgust for the way MKO did business and it would have looked hypocritical to have mods posting there.

When it was found out that Krayzie had broken the rule, he was talked to, reminded of the rules and the matter forgotten when he promised not to do it again. But he had lied and just carried on doing it. He was spoken to again and again and he promised to stop but he carried on and eventually there was no choice but to strip him of his mod position. The rules that all the other mods had abided by, KrayzieBone had decided did not apply to him.

For a short while, KrayzieBone contained his bitterness at his well-earned demotion but soon after he exploded on the site, attacking both JTF and the MKAC Admin and swearing to destroy the site.

It was clear the guy was not stable and he was banned indefinitely from the site. He went back to MKO and set about trying to destroy the community, trying to tear it apart, divide people and get people back to MKO. But he was told in no uncertain terms by his Playstation comrades that they had absolutely no desire to return to MKO so he was left on his own to rot there.

JTF should really have left him there as an outcast, but, due to his kind and forgiving nature, worked to get KrazieBone back on the site as a normal user. Thus KrayzieBone was integrated back into the community, but he had given everyone a glimpse of what he was all about, something they would be reminded of later on. (Highlighting his immense hypocrisy, when Krayzie became a mod on TYM, he didn't want TYM mods or TYM news contributors to post on MKU - what a complete and total hypocrite!)

Anyway, when the server trash mentality of the community got MKC closed down, KrayzieBone was made a mod again on the MKC clone site MKU. Here he would go back to being his obnoxious and condescending self, twisting Sirlin's words and using them to attack anyone who didn't play with the mentality he wanted them to.

He would also become famous for deleting people's posts whenever they said anything he didn't agree with and for closing thread so people couldn't contradict him after he got the last word.

History would repeat itself when KrayzieBone was sacked as mod from MKU for showing the same sort of disrespect towards the MKU mods and their site that he had shown on the earlier sites. Behind the backs of the MKU mods, Krayzie was helping to develop another site so he could yet again try and split the MK community to satisfy his own selfish needs and desires.

On this new site MKE (which would change its name to TYM later on), Krayzie became a co-admin.

From MKO to MKAC to MKC to MKU, Krayzie has shown no respect or loyalty for the community or site staff that have rewarded him with positions of power. He has shown himself willing on more than one occasion to tear the community apart, split it between sites just to pursue his own lust for power.

Now Krayzie is part of the clique that runs TYM where he sits and deludes himself that they are the ones who made the community great, when in reality they are all on that site only because they couldn't exist peacefully on any of the other sites they were on.

KrayzieBone was associated with the clan BMF, a gang of the worst keyboard warrior punks on the Playstation side of the MK community. BMF stands for 'Bad Mother Fuckers' and along with KrayzieBone's YouTube ID, thuglifeg86 and his multiple other IDs with 'thug' or some other tough-guy word in them, it's clear that KrazieBone fancies himself as some sort of hard, 'gangsta rapper' type that no one should fuck with. Sadly, on the Internet, this is called being an eThug and people tend to view you like this.

KrayzieBone the eThug

KrayzieBone looks even more ridiculous trying to adopt this persona as in reality he is tubby and only about 5' 6", about the same size as MKF30.

KrayzieBone's punk-like mentality and disrespect for those who have given him everything is just one of the more unpleasant aspects of this particularly repugnant member of the community.

As a player, KrayzieBone is not anywhere as good as he likes to think. For most of his 'career', he has been just an online player of broken 3D MK games. He preaches the words of Sirlin, but like many in the MK community, twists them to apply to situations that Sirlin almost certainly did not mean for them to be applied - like 3D Mortal Kombat games played online. In essence, KrayzieBone is a tournament scrub. More generally, he's just an arrogant nerd who thinks his opinions are fact, that everyone should hang on every word he says and that he is some almighty gaming guru that knows everything.

KrayzieBone has said on various occasions that he and his clan should be the ones to make the online rules for the community. This is laughable as his 'rules' are mostly stupid and serve to please him only. He has no more right to force rules on other people than anyone else.

Back in MKD, KrayzieBone was an average player. In MKA, he was less so and had to rely on maining the most broken reg character online (Sareena) and using illegal 3,3s to win games. In MK vs. DC, he never amounted to anything, but that never stopped him giving his lectures on how to best play it.

In MK9, as a member of TYM, Krayzie continued to underachieve, repeatedly failing to win at any significant tournaments. Despite his limitations, at one point he was taken on by vVv.

One other aspect of KrayzieBone's online game that should be mentioned is his awful lag, probably brought about by his inability to afford anything more than a 1Mb connection.

Like many tournament scrubs KrayzieBone is a tremendous hypocrite. He spends all his time preaching playing to win and how not to restrict yourself with rules, yet cries like a scrub when people don't play by the rules he likes.

For example, back in MKA, Bobby Blaze beat him with Jade using tactics he didn't like and he cried and cried for days about it in the shout box. This despite the fact KrayzieBone used loads of non legit tactics with Sareena. Typical hypocritical scrub mentality. Tells everyone else that rules are for scrubs but whines when people beat him in ways he doesn't deem legit.

Krayzie has most of the known traits associated with scrubs. He only puts up videos on his YouTube that make him look good, he makes excuses when he loses, he makes up scores, he claims to have beaten people he hasn't, etc.

In short, Krayzie is a nasty little piece of work - a scrubby player, a power-abusing mod, a disrespectful, selfish person who would tear apart a community for his own selfish reasons and so on.

Krayzie likes to give the impression that the community has achieved things because of him. It hasn't. It's achieved things despite him.

Like many in the community, KrayzieBone owes everything he has ever accomplished in the MK community to JTF. Without the creation of MKAC, KrayzieBone would have been stuck on MKO, preaching his philosophies to a community that cares less about 3,3s and more about which character has the prettiest shoes. The sequence of events that has led to Krayzie being on TYM is solely down to JTF.

Thanks to JTF (and the MKAC Admin), KrayzieBone was given a position of power that started a chain of events which led to him being mod on 4 boards (MKAC, MKC, MKU and TYM). KrayzieBone has nothing else in his life except computer games - they are the only thing that can make him feel important. And it is thanks to JTF, KrayzieBone has been able to realise his dream of being important over the past 6 years or so. Yet, true to his punk mentality and just like all the other server trash, KrayzieBone does nothing but insult and talk crap about the very people responsible for everything he has had.

If there is one thing the community can learn about KrayzieBone's personality, aside from his arrogance and superiority complex it's that he cares about no one but himself. On several occasions, as described above, he has tried to rip the community apart to satisfy some petty personal grudge. He pretends to care about the community but he only cares about himself. He does not respect rules or his superiors and thinks he is above everyone else. He is a punk kid from a punk clan in a mostly punk community.

Krayzie has spent his whole life fantasising he's some sort of professional MK player, lecturing on 'playing to win' and forcing his opinions on how to play onto anyone who would listen.

His entire life is playing MK games so you'd think he'd make a good showing at Evo.


He went there to play MK9 and went out early and, (par for the course for Krayzie), instead of simply accepting his losses, spent all his time blaming his pad.

Perhaps one day Krayzie will realise that he is simply not a very good player and certainly not good enough to win at somewhere like Evo.

He should really go back to MKO and be a big fish in a small pond, but sadly he will probably continue with his self-denial and carry on through his life believing that he is some sort of good player who actually has a clue what he is talking about.

Server Trash Highlights of KrayzieBone

  • Arrogant, condescending, has a superiority complex
  • Sacked as mod of MKC for betraying site owner
  • Sacked as mod of MKU for betraying site owner
  • Tried to rip the community apart on multiple occasions due to selfishness
  • Member of one of community's biggest keyboard warrior clans
  • Has a punk mentality
  • Has a low IQ and often says stupid things

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about KrayzieBone you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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16:01 Wednesday, July 10 2013
by Zippy

helment head lmao

22:06 Tuesday, July 02 2013
by mktodd

i beat him in mka and he cried about lag

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