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Tim Static

Other past and present tags include


Personal Details

Name - Tim Lanning

Tim Lanning the fat faced moron

Tim is one of the biggest keyboard warrior dickheads in the whole community. He is a message board stereotype, one that is instantly recognisable on every American message board.

He is intolerant of everyone who doesn't think the same way he does and inevitably starts arguments with them. He cannot bear not being able to get the last word like most of his ilk. Many of his message board posts are just crappy captioned pictures or videos someone else created. His vocabulary is so small he often finds it easier to talk in cat memes.

Tim's unpleasant personality follows him wherever he goes. As the graphic below shows, he was banned from the official Midway site for not respecting the mods who told him to stop his obnoxious behaviour.

Tim Static the fat faced loser

Not only does the above graphic highlight Tim's intolerant and disrespectful manner but it also highlights his huge hypocrisy as he himself is one of the biggest 2D fanboys in the MK community.

On the 'serious gamer' website SRK, Tim has been given multiple infractions for his shitty personality:

Tim Lanning the retard

Tim Lanning the moron

Eventually the senior staff there got so tired with his constant flaming that they...made him a mod. Says all you need to know about the type of twat mentality that SRK embraces.

Even on non MK sites, Tim has a reputation as a tantrum throwing keyboard warrior bigot who can't get on with anyone who doesn't think the same way he does.

Tim Lanning the moron

Tim Static the douchebag

Tim Static the twat

Tim, with his intolerant attitude and 2D fanboy mentality is a typical piece of server trash from the 2D fanboy site UltimateMK. He is part of the UltimateMK clique of losers and is probably the worst of the bunch along with Juggs.

Tim, like many of those in his little clique, is a mod on most of the so-called 'high level' MK websites and abuses his powers to silence or ban anyone who doesn't think the same way he does. As well as that he edits and amends people's posts at will and has no respect for any user of any site. He believes that it's his right to use his mod powers to do as he personally wishes and it speaks volumes for the sites who employ him as a mod that they allow him to behave like this.

Any site that has on it him as a mod becomes a worthless site because of it.

Tim constantly lectures people they should respect mods and follow site rules. However, in keeping with the hypocritical nature of people like Tim, whenever he breaks rules and attacks people and is silenced on a site he isn't mod on, then he screams and rants about censorship or freedom of speech. Example.

In other words, he wants to be the one in charge telling everyone else what to do and silencing everyone who doesn't agree with him but he can't bear having to follow rules on anyone else's site. Typical punk mentality worthy of the MKO Xbox Community.

When UltimateMK got shut down, Tim moved to the MKC clone site MKU where he was fittingly made mod - a trash mod for a trash site.

Here in addition to his other transgressions he would harass the female posters to put up pictures of themselves for him to perve at. Luckily for Tim, this was something that everyone, mods and users alike were encouraged to do at MKU.

However, it wasn't long before even the other server trash who ran the site got tired of his antics and Tim was sacked when it was revealed he was secretly working on another site with someone else.

Through his connections, Tim has managed to get himself a mod position on most of the higher profile MK sites although he spends most of his time on TYM.

Like all his UMK3 brethren, Tim is obsessed with playing UMK3 offline at tournaments and like them, the fact that UMK3 after 15 years is still not accepted as a tournament worthy game by all the leading tournament organisers hasn't stopped his fanaticism nor dimmed his delusions about the game.

As a player, Tim himself is very average as the video below shows.

As a human being, Tim is as much as failure as he is a player. True to the web loser stereotype that he is, he was still working at a bowling alley at the age of 30.

Tim Lanner the loser

Tim is what he is, a pathetic, fat faced, Internet nerd with all the charm and sophistication of a pubic louse. A sad little man who can't bear the fact everyone doesn't think the same way he does and who has spent the majority of his gaming life obsessed with 15 year old MK games that no one else in the wider gaming community takes seriously.

Server Trash Highlights of Tim Static

  • Pathetic keyboard warrior message board stereotype
  • Awful mod who abuses his powers on every site he is mod on
  • Weak player
  • Banned from Midway site
  • Sacked as mod on MKU
  • Loser in life

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Tim Static you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Tim Static

20:04 Monday, May 28 2018
by MKTrunks

Tim at least was human scum. His personality and ability to sympathize or at least understand a person is nil. This page describes him to a T because the history and proof is all there. This is the last person I would ever grant moderator powers to, so when he became a mod at SRK, you know he had to bs his way into it.

09:13 Wednesday, October 09 2013
by fansuch dueberry

he once infracted and banned someone from srk because they said mk9 sucked lol. he also stalked me on tym for about a week because i said i didn't want to get mk.

20:55 Monday, August 19 2013

His TYM profile says "The Face of Mercy". Then I look at the face on top of this profile....... yo Really?

16:28 Monday, July 15 2013
by BanMeStupid

Yup. He's intolerant of everyone who isn't his view of "tolerant".

17:10 Friday, July 12 2013
by Eu Oblivia

A total loser and waste of space. Best thing about Tim is this profile

15:53 Saturday, June 29 2013
by Starry

tim static sucks and so does tym!

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