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Muffin Muggers

Other past and present tags include

Muffinmuggers, KHAOTIC_ZOOM, psychosis5354, dgebs2589, EMPEROR PSYCHO, EMPEROR_PSYCHO, EMPR Psycho, DGOD PSYCHO, Daniel Gebert, Reppymc, Betterthayouality, mooms, ELECTRO TYRANT and about a million others

Personal Details

Name - Muhammed Shaikh

There are few people in the Mortal Kombat community who one can genuinely say are top tier nutjob whackos. Muffin Muggers is one such individual.

Muffin Muggers came to public attention in MK9 with an online Reptile that essentially abused the poor netcode to get wins against weaker opponents. Although when he came up against good players he usually lost, as the video below illustrates.

Muffin Muggers would often give out technical advice about Reptile (and later on in Injustice: Gods Among Us, about Flash), but this tech was usually dismissed by the better players as limited in its usefulness or flat out wrong.

Muffin Muggers quickly established himself as a shit-talking scrub of the worst kind who did all the usual things associated with such people. He would make a big deal of winning 1 game against someone not playing seriously, only put up videos when he won, make up multiple IDs and defend himself on forums, fake pictures and videos to make himself look good, attack and insult people but demand mod protection when anyone said anything to him, lie about losing, lie about people he'd played, lie about people he hadn't played, lie about scores, lie about anything and everything in fact. Nothing this person says should ever be taken at face value.

Most server trash lie at some point but this one takes lying to a whole new level. He made up a fake Facebook account and posted on it like it was real.

That wasn't enough though. He also made up a fake girlfriend and gave her a Facebook account too.

Then he made the fake him and the fake her talk to each other as though they were a real couple.

(Note the fake mother profile he also made up in the conversation above). The girl above is real and has a Facebook account of her own - he just stole it and gave her a new identity as his girlfriend.

Like with most psycho online trash, he makes so many IDs and has so many profiles, he can't even keep his lies consistent.

On this YouTube video he posts as Betterthayouality to say how great Muffin Muggers is:

However on THIS video he admits that he is Betterthayouality:

He doesn't just do that sort of thing on YouTube though.

Here he is on TYM telling people he is mooms:

And here he is posting as mooms saying how great Muffin Muggers is:

Speaking of TYM, it is here that Muffin Muggers became most famous for talking to himself, especially under his Reppymc name.

Eventually, even Muffin Muggers got tired of Muffin Muggers talking to himself and told himself to shut up.

Muffin Muggers really came into his own when he decided to attend an offline event in Florida. Afterwards he told everyone that he won the Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament at the event and there had been around 80 people taking part.

Sadly for Muffin Muggers this was a lie like all the others. He had actually placed 3rd and a grand total of 22 people had taken part, not 80. Source

When he was confronted about his behaviour, he gave a heart-rending excuse for lying - his mother had just died.

This would be very sad and reason enough to excuse his odd truth-bending if it wasn't for the fact that he claimed back in MK9 his mother died when he was confronted with some BS he pulled back then.

Yes, you guessed it - another Muffin Muggers lie.

As with every other Muffin Muggers lie, he was found to have contradicted himself with this one too when he sent the following message to the tournament organiser expressing his happiness at his 3rd place:

When the Florida tournament lie was exposed, Muffin Muggers (AKA EMPEROR PSYCHO) was kicked out of THE EMPERORS clan for bringing their reputation into disrepute. Seeing as their reputation is that of a load of Xbox keyboard warriors who shit-talk all day on MKU while writing barely literate 5th grade insults, often all in CAPS, it gives you some idea of how low Muffin Muggers is viewed amongst his peers.

The simple fact is, Muffin Muggers is just incapable of telling the truth when it comes to any match played. In yet another example, he told the community he beat Rico Suave. Here's what happened when Rico really did play him seriously - he lost 10-1 and 8-0:

Muffin Muggers has not been content to keep his server trash behaviour to the Mortal Kombat community. He managed to transcend fighting game boundaries and get a reputation as a twat on SRK playing Street Fighter X Tekken as well. He was caught putting up a video where he beat someone, claiming to have only played the game for a month when in fact he had played for about a year.

So why does Muffin Muggers act the way he does? One can only speculate. Perhaps he is mad. Perhaps he is just another piece of online server trash. Possibly those looking to blame his behaviour on a mental condition are looking for answers at the wrong end of his body. This post of his on a YouTube video entitled 'How to Cure Hemorrhoids : What Causes Hemorrhoids?' may provide a clue as to his permanent rage and anger at the world:

How fitting that someone who is considered a huge pain in the ass should have this particular ailment...

For those wondering which of all the profiles is the real Muffin Muggers, it is apparently the Muhammed one above according to this individual who placed 5th at the Florida tournament and thus knows what he looks like.

There's little more to say about this waste of human flesh. He should automatically be banned from any community website and excluded from any tournament on or offline. There is no point wasting time even talking to him and certainly nothing he says should ever be believed. His only purpose in life is to give people like redeyes a chance to hone their detective skills when revealing the truth behind his lies.

The psychotic way Muffin Muggers lies compulsively, only puts up videos that favour him, attacks anyone who points out his behaviour, claims to be better than he is, makes up thousands of IDs and defends himself on forums etc., puts him on a par with MKF30. To give him his due though, he does at least turn up and compete at offline tournaments.

Server Trash Highlights of Muffin Muggers

  • Compulsive liar
  • Huge amount of IDs he uses to talk to himself
  • Makes up fake Facebook profiles
  • Keyboard warrior idiot
  • Known for dispensing useless tech advice in relation to characters
  • Banned on TYM (under at least 172 of his IDs)
  • Kicked out of 'THE EMPERORS' clan for being a lying piece of server trash

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Muffin Muggers you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Muffin Muggers

17:51 Sunday, January 18 2015
by wopwopwop

Wow small world. The girl he stole pictures of to make a fake profile for lives in the same city as I do. What a weirdo

07:25 Wednesday, October 23 2013
by TomLulsSuave

Muffin Muggers is the most psychotic individual I have come across in over 2 years of being active in this community. He makes people like Arez look completely normal. His history of being a compulsive liar is so big it's almost impressive. Don't be fooled by him saying he's not how people make him out to be or that he's changed. Just wait about a month for something else to happen.

02:18 Monday, August 12 2013
by Slurpie

Muffin muggers is beyond help

23:45 Sunday, August 11 2013

muffin muggers is now trying to say i found his address and phone # and im giving it out to people. he posted a picture about it but if you look at the picture the way he spells my name is the same way MM spells it on MKU. odd?

14:55 Friday, August 09 2013
by DrZ

smh fools like this just hurt the fgc

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